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Transformers Fall of Cybertron Polarizes Critics

by William Schwartz on August 22, 2012

When High Moon Studios took over the Transformers franchise back in 2010, fans of the intellectual property got their first dose of what a video game adaptation of the franchise should be. Now on the third installment in the series, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron returns to the third person shooting precedent that has been set for the franchise. Continuing on the story told in Transformers: War for Cybertron, this new title focuses on the final battles of this legendary war on the home planet of the warring robot factions.

Fall of Cybertron tells the story of the Autobot and Decepticon war, and gives players a chance to see both sides of this war through large scale battles in both the online and single player varieties. Having just released earlier this week, game critics have had some time to sink their teeth into Fall of Cybertron, the response has been mixed to the latest from High Moon as crtical analysis ranges from fanatical to unimpressed.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Gameplay

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  • HighGuy

    I didn’t like the first one that everyone said is so good, so if this one is worse I should probably go ahead and pass. But the gameplay video looks ok to me. Maybe when it goes on sale in a month or two.

  • warforcybertronfan

    the only thing better than WFC is the depth at which you can customize the APPEARANCE of the characters. other then that, Activision and High Moon Studios, unforgivably, has trashed and mutilated everything amazing about a great transformers game like WFC. WFC defined what true transformers power in ur hand would feel like, and theyve demolished all the great aspects (too many to mention) and have thrown all the very different characters into a melting pot of the same big chunks of slow malleable metal that best fights by waltzing around in robot form and shooting at each other. You might as well be playing a first person shooter. In WFC, you can easily get around objects and around the various maps as a real transformer would, by double jumping doing a barrel roll transforming mid-air while shooting and transforming again, jumping barrel rolling the other way, transforming back and finishing off ur rival with a shot and melee. WFC felt like ur living the awesome action scene in transformers 3 as bumblebee on the highway. Fall of cybertron is a sad sad sequel that just proves how shitty of a company activision is and how they dont even kno where to begin on listening to the true gamers that kno the aspects of hat makes a few of their games amazing, bcuz its obvious that they cant just sit and play their own dam games n kno what makes them good. good job idiots, uve ruined ur shot at making the an incredible transformers game that can hook millions, now all us true gamers have to go back to WFC and hope that ppl will realize how awesome a game that is compared to this metal horse dropping of a shooter. there used to be advantages and disadvantages to the 4 playable types, but since these retards dont kno what makes a game great theyve trashed all the advantages of the 4, so now ur either a big chunk of slow metal or a small chunk of slow metal, and then theres also the flying chunk of crap metal. i hate u all, im returning FOC for WFC, and taking aggression out as a scout, im sry “infiltrator”

  • warforcybertronfan

    btw if ur looking for a good transformers game and cant wrap ur head around the fact that WFC is amazing, it means u have terrible hand-eye coordination/reflexes/judgement and more than likely suck at every shooter game u play. its ppl like u that make companies like them make a deteriorating sequel like fall of cybertron. FALL of cybertron is dam right. time to go back to the WAR FOR cybertron. WFC needs more players, finish the story mode if u care for such things for FOC, and return it, pick up WFC at ur nearest gamestop or order off amazon, should be less then $15. WFC ftw meet u on the battlefield.

  • Argonian Man

    Nice spelling man.

  • The Doofus

    I think Fall of Cybertron is a great game. I really enjoyed the variety in gameplay in this game compared to the lack of it in War for Cybertron. I think both games are great, but in my opinion High Moon did a much better job with this sequel.

  • stoltobot

    Third in the series? What was the second one?

    • The Duke

      You can take your pick of any of the other crappy cash grab transformer games that released this generation.

      2007, 2010, 2011, 2012 – Milk it like a juicy tit Activision.

  • SKIN503

    FOC is way better than WFC, I liked and have them both and beasted on WFC all the time but WFC seemed bland in the customization department, alot of balance issues and short campaigns, small maps. I enjoyed WFC very much but it seemed to be nothing more than a rough draft to FOC and FOC excels in every way, team balance, customization, decent campaign, more balanced classes, better maps and “PLENTY” of online players. A must for any Transformers fan and a must try for any shooter fans out there.

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