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What do you want to see at E3 2011?

by William Schwartz on June 3, 2011

This year I will be heading out to Los Angeles to represent Attack of the Fanboy at this year’s E3 convention. This will be a first for me, but just like you, this is something I’ve read about for years in magazines and websites. It’s a first for our site, and a first for myself, and since I’ll be making the trip by myself,  I’ll be working overtime to bring our readers content from the show floor, press events, and other activities surrounding the show.

You can expect that our coverage of the event won’t be as encompassing as the larger gaming sites across the web, but we’ll do our best to cover as much as humanly possible. This year’s E3 Press Attendees had more strict guidelines for consideration, and as much as I’d love to think it’s the excellent writing of our staff that made our attendance to this year’s show possible, it’s not. It’s our readers that come everyday to the site, to talk about the games they love and hate, that have afforded us the opportunity to attend gaming’s biggest event.

Because of that, I’m going out to E3 with the intentions of providing you with what you want to see. Barring some appointments that I’ve made to talk with developers about games that are popular on our site, my free time is your free time. I’ll be keeping in very close contact with Twitter during the show when not writing, so follow @FanboyAttack for consistent updates,real-time impressions of what I’m playing with, and I’ll be taking requests as well.  We’ll still have our traditional daily coverage if not more, but I just thought I’d throw that out there for those of you that read AttackoftheFanboy but don’t follow us on Twitter.

Being that this is a convention, it’s safe to assume that there will be swag involved and we’ll be giving it away to our Twitter followers and readers that comment on the site. What we’ll be giving away is anyone’s guess.  It could be a T-Shirt, or a keychain, or maybe I’ll steal a booth babe and ship her parcel post, there’s really no telling.  Followers just retweet the tweet below for entry or comment on this page for entry as well.  Users will be selected at random for this contest after the show commences on Thursday using

[blackbirdpie url=”!/FanboyAttack/status/76773136028274689″]

Most importantly, as the webmaster and editor of our site, I wanted to thank those of you regular readers for making it possible for us to go to E3 in the first place, although we hate you for your gaming preferences.  That was sarcasm, the hate part, not the thanks part.

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  • John

    Skyrim and Battlefield 3, the two best of E3. November will be a month of tough decisions…

  • dude

    MW3 vs BF3

  • Tyler

    SKYRIM and BATTLEFIELD 3 the best ever

  • SKIN503

    We better get our reserves in lol BF3 and Skyrim will be time and money well spent.

  • horsehunt

    deus ex: human revolution, pls. i’m playing through the first one now, and despite the late 90’s craptasticness of it, it’s a pretty amazing game. oh, and those other ones mentioned above, and mgs hd, and the rumored reboot of syndicate if it shows it’s face. pls and thank you.

  • bozmanbeyond

    Well first I want is more Gears, Beta was a tease. Then Bioshock, some Battle Field 3, a lot of Serious Sam and a bit of Skyrim and to top that off a shocker surprise that no one saw coming. Oh ya and lets not forget lots of super hot Booth Babes.

  • skapoo

    This e3 is gunna be big, i’ll be watching sonys conference on pshome, nintendo’s on tv, and checking for updates here. Hey if you see Ed Boon, could you ask him why MK9 doesn’t have custom soundtrack functionality on ps3? And if Jaffe is there, tell him… I love him lol

    Have fun and a safe trip!!!

  • Duke

    How about because you gave us this awesome site, we gave you your first time at E3, go there and see what you want. Enjoy yourself and give us some insight into some of the biggest games of 2011 and Sony/MS/Nintendo conferences, we will be happy and you will get to enjoy E3.

  • Xbox 720

    Sexy babes, what is Gears Exile? More babes, more Gears 3, and even more babes. Than everything else

  • ragglefraggle1

    when he comes back his new account will be called will&babes. resistance 3 if its there

  • moyshirow

    lets hope E3 get better not worse

  • Tyler T

    Im at school right now but i’m anticipating the moment i get home and i see this website full of new details on new Halo HD, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 etc.!

  • Soviet Shark

    Halo 4… its going to have been a 5 year wait to continue the story. I cant wait to play it.

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