Get 12 new Street Fighter X Tekken characters for $20 on July 31

by Ethan Powers on July 8, 2012

    street fighter

    If you’re still upset over Capcom’s highly controversial decision to release Street Fighter X Tekken with on-disc characters that could only be accessed by paying, how’s 12 new fighters for just $20 sound?

    The 12 characters were originally set to  make their debut in the PS Vita port of Street Fighter X Tekken, which were to be sold to console players after the game’s release in October. However, it appears Capcom is eager to make console gamers a first priority, announcing that the 12 fighters will become available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on July 31 for $19.99 (1600 MS Points).

    The added characters will bring the roster of Street Fighter X Tekken to a total of 50 fighters. Check out which ones will be added to the mix from each respective game:

    Street Fighter
    – Blanka
    – Cody
    – Dudley
    – Elena
    – Guy
    – Sakura

    – Alisa Bosconovitch
    – Bryan Fury
    – Christie Monteiro
    – Jack
    – Lars Alexandersson
    – Lei Wulong

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