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$99 Xbox 360 available at Best Buy, GameStop

by Bill Hess on June 25, 2012

Earlier this year Microsoft revealed an interesting new way that they would be selling their Xbox 360 console. A console subsidized by tacking on a two year Xbox Live Gold agreement brought the Xbox 360 price down to $99. Problem was, it was only available at the Microsoft Store. Today Xbox Live’s Major Nelson announced that the $99 Xbox 360 will be available at Best Buy and GameStop, as well as the Microsoft Store.

The $99 bundle comes with an Xbox 360 console and a Kinect. The everyday price of this bundle would normally be $300, but when you sign up for the two year XBL Gold Membership at $14.99 per month you get the significantly discounted console.

If math isn’t for you, this bundle will save you some cash in the short run, but actually cost you more over time. Given that you can pick up the console for around $300 on a day to day basis, that’s actually cheaper than what you’ll end up putting out to “finance” your new console. With the upfront cost of $99, plus the agreement of $14.99 x 24 ($360) means you’re actually paying about 50% more for the console. Obviously that’s not including the benefits you see from your Xbox Live subscription.

Major Nelson says the consoles will be available at Best Buy and GameStop starting today.

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  • Allen

    Total Scam, so is the 4gb version (which I believe this is) only saving you $100. Then you gotta buy a $120 limited in size proprietary HDD unless you want to hack the 360 to use standard hard drive & have ugly cords hanging everywhere (my buddy just got a 360 (fking douch) and then hacked it as such..didn’t realize you could do that).

    • Ignorance LVL: Allen

      Yup, thats how ignorant i am. Just because I bought another machine. Im automatically liable to call that person a douche.

      F-ing Idiot.

    • Allen

      He’s a douche because I told everything there is to know. He’s also a fked in the head ex Marine that just got done shooting him self accidently in the chest so yeah…he’s a douche (still alive, walking next day but 2″ closer and he’d be dead).

      Then he also tried to steal from the company so….I can keep going on.

  • Cool dude

    Id rather have Ugly cords than Ugly Allens all over this website.

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