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GOTY, Best Fighter of 2011

Here’s a clue, it starts with an M and uses K’s very frequently.

Best Fighter of 2011

by | @AttackFanboy | on December 26, 2011

Ed Boon and company did not disappoint the legions of Mortal Kombat fans with the series’ reprival.  The fighter which stayed true to the roots of the franchise with its brutal finishing moves, over-the-top violence, and all-around creepy environments, also added one of the better story components to a fighting game that we’ve seen in some time.  Add in the fact that the game had more unlockables than any reasonable gamer could expect to accomplish, and a wealth of modes like the Challenge Tower to keep you busy when not online duking it out, and that recipe led to what our editors believe is the best fighter of 2011.

Apparently our readers agree.  Our Reader’s Choice for the best Fighter of 2011 went to Mortal Kombat in a landslide.  Stacked against Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Fight Night, and  Super Street Fighter IV 3D, the competition was staunch to say the least.  Thanks to all who took the time to vote for our Reader’s Choice for Best Fighter of the Year!


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