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Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Arrives on Xbox 360/PC Next Week

by Bill Hess on June 21, 2012

Next week Xbox 360 and PC Battlefield 3 players will get their hands on the Close Quarters expansion. The fast-paced, highly destrucible environments of the maps of Close Quarters have been available for PlayStation 3 and Battlefield Premium members for a short time.

If you’re on the fence about the Battlefield Premium pack, which includes this and future DLC, you can pick up the content piecemeal as well. Close Quarters will run 1200 MS Points on Xbox 360 or $14.99 on the PlayStation 3 and PC.

The content features 10 new Assignments, 5 unique new dog tags, and 10 new weapons that can be used on all Battlefield 3 maps. The next scheduled content for Battlefield 3 will arrive in September with Armored Kill. Part of the five expansion set of content that comes with Battlefield Premium.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

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  • Gabe Collins

    I’m not sure about Battlefield Premium, but I will definitely get this when it comes for Xbox 360. Much better than that Call of Duty: Elite crap.

  • James Liu

    Can someone tell me how does this work?? Like do you have to buy Battlefield 3 and then buy Close Quarter bc close quarter is like the upgrader thing? Nvm idk. Main Question: Does Close Quarter have the same story line, maps, vehicle, as Battlefield 3??

  • njb

    U buy premium then u download the dlc ingame. It saves u £20 in the long run, u get 3 weeks early access on ps3, 2 weeks on pc & 360, u get skins, dogtags and a new knife, plus access to double xp events and special events. Plus u get priority when watin for a full setver. So if u like bf3 then premium benefits u in every way

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