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Battlefield 4 Beta may be tied to Medal of Honor: Warfighter

by Bill Hess on July 14, 2012

Battlefield 4 Beta discovered on Origin

A recent discovery on EA’s Origin Marketplace listed the Battlefield 4 Beta as a pre-order incentive for EA’s upcoming shooter, Medal of Honor: Warfighter. While its since been scrubbed from existence, the Shooters page on the marketplace listed “Exclusive Access” for the Battlefield 4 Beta as a feature when purchasing the Digital Deluxe version of Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Since it’s not listed anymore, it’s safe to say that this was an error on EA’s part, even if it is just an issue of mis-timing. It’s a very real possibility that a Battlefield 4 Beta is on the way in 2013. EA has made no secrets about their desire to compete head to head with the Call of Duty franchise. Semi-annual releases for the Medal of Honor and Battlefield franchises would definitely put them in position to do just that, especially if Medal of Honor can continue to grow in popularity.

Battlefield 4 Beta advert removed later

Other things that point to the possibility that a Battlefield 4 Beta may be on the horizon include the fact that in 2010, Medal of Honor came packed with beta codes for Battlefield 3. It’s hard to tell where EA is going to go with this Battlefield 4 Beta promotion, and whether console players will get a chance to beta the new game, but with Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s October release inching slowly forward, we’ll likely find out soon enough.

Battlefield 3 was billed as a game that would last for years to come. This untimely announcement of Battlefield 4 comes at a time when Battlefield 3 fans were just beginning to get excited about the upcoming Battlefield Premium content that is due to arrive over the next few months. Recognizing their error, EA has since adjusted the the Battlefield 4 Beta page on Origin to advertise Battlefield Premium instead.

Recently EA went on the record to explain that the differences between Medal of Honor and the Battlefield franchises.

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  • GreenRings

    ?!?!?!?!?!? I just purchase Battle Premium


    O god no please can we get some original games coming out

  • OpGuns69

    i want Bad Company 3


    Id prefer Bad Company 3

  • e-ton

    They need to do moh, bc3, then bf4, release on each year like that way there’s 3 yrs between each iteration


    I see battlelog carrying over into the PC versions of warfighter and BF4. Maybe premium too? Thats a DLC bundle so probably not.

  • That One Guy

    No doubt BF3 will come in 2014… Don’t worry I’m sure dice is going next gen with BF4 on consoles…


    70 bucks? Pffft.


    DICE is being overworked :/

  • Jono

    You never know some stupid EA employee acidently typed in ‘4’ instead of premium …….lol anyways BF4 might come out in 2014 any earlier is insane and BC3 probably will get released when the new consoles come out OR vice versa, BC3 then BF4

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