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Battlefield 4 is on the PlayStation 4 is a considerable upgrade, and its one of the only cross-generational games to make such a large leap in terms of both fidelity and gameplay. Battlefield 4 November 27, 2013 4.5

Battlefield 4 PlayStation 4 Review

The Verdict on Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 is on the PlayStation 4 is a considerable upgrade, and its one of the only cross-generational games to make such a large leap in terms of both fidelity and gameplay.

Launch for Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4 has been rocky to say the least.  For almost a week and a half, the game has been broken.  Recently, a patch remedied most of the issues plaguing the PS4 version of the game, making it arguably the must-have shooter for the new console.  Short of a high-end PC, Battlefield 4 on the PS4 is the best Battlefield experience around.  Higher resolution than the Xbox One, this is the definitive version for console players to own.

Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4 is a better all-around game than its counterparts on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  The Frostbite Engine is an absolute beauty on the new console.  It makes for a better single player and multiplayer experience.  Higher player counts on modes like Conquest and Rush are something that console players have yet to experience, and it’s easy to see why PC players adore Battlefield for its size and scope.  There’s no better showcase for a game that relies heavily on vehicles than large, sprawling, dynamic maps — Battlefield 4 has them in spades.

While the single player campaign may still be a throwaway affair, it’s absolutely stunning on the new console.  Battlefield 4 is not going to win any awards for its story telling, but the added visual upgrades make it fun to trek through yet again.  And with DICE’s flair for the visually dramatic, it’s better the second time through.  The Battlefield 4 single player campaign might be the best looking game on the PS4 at launch.


As we said in our Xbox 360 review of Battlefield 4, this game does nothing out of the ordinary to set itself apart from the legions of other Call of Duty wannabees in single player.  It takes you down a largely forgettable 6-hour time sink, that never really hits any sort of emotional highpoint or lowpoint.  The graphics definitely improve the experience, and there’s a lot to marvel at in Battlefield 4’s campaign.  Playing it a second time was more enjoyable on the PlayStation 4, because of the graphics, and nothing more.  Many of our comments from the last gen review hold true here.

“It falls into all the traps that bad shooters do.  It uses excessive gating, you’re are constantly waiting for your AI squad mates to show up and open a door for you.  It introduces broken mechanics that are supposed to be pillars of the gameplay.  The single player works around a squad mechanic that allows you tell your AI squad who to attack and when, but it doesn’t work half the time.  The AI is bad on both sides.  Enemies will just stand there, mindlessly firing round after round at you, and your team will fire back for minutes without hitting anything.  The end result of most firefights is that you just end up going in and killing everyone, yourself.  Your team just ends up being a group cheerleaders, telling you nice shot after you’ve completely decimated a small army on your own.

That said, the Battlefield 4 campaign has zero replay value.  Unless, you are coming from the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 to the PS4 version.  There’s plenty of reasons to play through it again, if you want to see the next-gen system in all its glory.  But once you’ve gone through it on the new hardware, there’s very little reason to do it all again.  The story is lackluster, and never really builds into anything more than series of spectacles showcasing the power of the game’s engine.


Battlefield 4 PS4 Multiplayer

Now that the online issues have been ironed out in Battlefield 4, this is probably the best online experience out of all offerings across the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 launch titles.   First of all, it looks better.  The Xbox One version of Battlefield 4 can’t hold a candle to the higher resolution on the PlayStation 4.  It’s instantly noticeable how much cleaner the game looks on the PlayStation.  Where the Xbox One looks slightly better than it did on the Xbox 360, it’s night and day between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4 is the way the game was meant to be played.  It’s as close as you’ll get to a high-end PC experience, without spending high-end PC money.  Increased player counts and larger maps are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what console players have been missing over the last few years.  But it’s the most noticeable.  The popular Conquest Mode is a whole different beast with higher player counts.  There are more objectives on the map, more enemies to shoot down, and more chaos.  It lets the Frostbite Engine spread it’s wings, without the confining specs of the last-gen hardware.   It’s absolutely beautiful.   Battlefield 4 multiplayer on the PlayStation 4 puts other shooters to shame in both the visuals and gameplay.  So many players, so much destruction, this is a game that really takes advantage of the new hardware, and not just from better resolution.  There are just better effects.  The destructible elements of Battlefield 4 are a big part of the game, they look far better on the new console.

Since the release of the patch, things have gotten exponentially better for Battlefield 4 on the PS4.  Connection issues seem to be a thing of the past.  The issues that remain seem to be isolated to non-game breaking bugs, like graphical glitches when using certain scopes, and sound cutting out occasionally.  While that keeps Battlefield 4 from being perfect, it’s pretty damn close as far as online multiplayer shooters are concerned. The gap has been closed between Battlefield 4 on the PC and consoles with the PS4 version. The Xbox One version just feels like there’s a little more distance between the two platforms, but better nonetheless. If you’ve never played a Battlefield game before, and didn’t own Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you can check out our last-gen review of the game for more of our impressions on the core game features like Levolution, the progression system, and other facets of the multiplayer experience.

The Verdict

Battlefield 4 is on the PlayStation 4 is a considerable upgrade, and its one of the only cross-generational games to make such a large leap in terms of both fidelity and gameplay.

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  • RoadShow

    That’s what I’m talking about. Good review.

    Must have game on the PS4. Enough said.

    • Lacerz

      I know people are dogging the SP, but if you don’t jump at every command from your squad mates (“Call the elevator Reker”), they start conversing with themselves in pretty humorous fashion. Take a look at the “In bed” video for a sample. It helps make Pac and Irish likable.

    • Wizard of Peace

      May get it during spring.

    • jaskdavis

      Good stuff, Im glad it’s working now and William went back to review it again, it truly is a wonderful experience, especially coming from current gen to next!

      • dave mcnair

        What do you think of the kinect features mate do they help or what?

        • John O’Gara

          its cool but you have to be sitting perfectly upright to use it… which is not my normal gaming position on the couch lol

          • Cleveland Steamer

            No. The Kinect features are broken at best. Returned this game to Gamestop after two days.

          • John O’Gara

            Returned over turning a feature off, just because you can’t lean? Smart. People also turn off the six asis in the PS4 because it doesn’t work well laying down. These features are unreliable on both systems.

          • Jeff

            Kinect, Watch TV. Kinect…Watch TV Kinect!!!! Watch TV. Aww fuck it. Picks up remote.

          • John O’Gara

            Thanks for admitting that you haven’t actually used it before as no command on the XB1 (or 360) starts with the “Kinect.”

    • John O’Gara

      This review is dishonest about the XB1and PS4 differences. I own both.

      • Cleveland Steamer

        The XBox One version of this game is broken turd. Don’t buy unless you want to stare at title screen.

      • dave mcnair

        Nope it ties in with what all the in depth analysis’s are saying. Its resolution & frame rate that’s meant to be better on ps4. Xbox will still look great & a big step up from last gen. Check the digital foundry final builds feature & review comparison. Its pretty thorough

        • John O’Gara

          Find me an “in depth analysis” that actually includes the frame drop that both consoles see when playing online, and then an honest discussion can begin. Campaign mode in BF4 is a throwaway, and every analysis done so far is 100% focused on single player, including Digital Foundary’s article on eurogamer. DF acknowledges the frame drop, but doesn’t explore it which is a disservice to BF players. They review only the part of the game that many BF players won’t even fire up.

          PS4 upscales 900P, while XB1 upscales 720P. It stands to reason that the PS4 has a higher and longer frame drop than XB1 as a result of higher res textures when both boxes are being pushed hard in 64 player conquest. I would love to see a technical review diving deeper in to this as consoles don’t let us fire up an FPS counter like the PC version does.

          • dave mcnair

            It wasn’t just digital foundy & Williams review i heard claim this it was from multiple sources since xbox multiplayer hands on or footage was ever available. That’s why they took so long to show it. COD ghosts online plays a bit smoother than PS4 because of the 720<1080 difference but they still say the PS4 version would be the one to choose if you had the choice.

            The frame rate on ps4 is meant to be better on the ps4 as they dropped it to 900p & as DICE have prioritised frame rate over resolution. Yes the difference is meant to be greater again for campaign but it's multiplayer I've heard most talking about when comparing.

  • mathMaticks

    I agree.

  • Whitbizzle

    This is awesome news and makes thing difficult for me. I have a voucher so I don’t know if I should get BF4 or Killzone at launch. Either way, I’ll have them both by Xmas

    • mathMaticks

      I would get BF.. KZ has the best story mode, for an Old School shooter/puzzle vibe.. but nothing comes close to BF online.

      • Whitbizzle

        Yeah I loved BF3 on Xbox but always wanted to play 64 player. Think I’ll watch some YouTube videos to get me hyped about it again

  • lolwhathaha

    If ps4 was that great it would be able to handle BF4 in 1080p, but it can’t even do that. native it’s only 900p.

    • Whitbizzle

      What does the Xbox One run Battlefield 4 on? Serious question

      • RoadShow


      • jaskdavis

        BF4 runs 720p upscaled to 1080p on X1 and PS4 is 900p upscaled to 1080p

    • RoadShow

      I bet 1080 native will be achievable on the next release of Battlefield.

      • John O’Gara

        Neither console will be able to do native 1080 at 60 FPS. Its a hardware limitation, not software. As it is now, neither can sustain 60FPS in multiplayer even while being upscaled from a lower res.

        • Cleveland Steamer

          Battlefield 4 on Xbox One does 0 FPS because it doesn’t work.

          • John O’Gara

            Good try. See my other posts on this thread. I own a PS4 and XB1, and the XB1 has been more reliable so far.

      • Cleveland Steamer

        Possibly on PS4. I doubt XBONE will EVER get to the futuristic goal of 1080p.

        • John O’Gara

          XB1 and PS4 run a very similar APU/GPU combo via nearly identical AMD Jaguar chips. The differences are PS4 went with faster ram, XB1 went with a faster GPU. The APU part of both consoles is similar in build to high end tablets, not PCs. NEITHER console will ever play a title like BF4 at native 1080P at 60FPS. NEITHER can even sustain 60 FPS in multiplayer while being upscaled. It will be another 5-8 years before console gaming gets to (or hopefully passed) the native 1080P/60 threshold.

          • CoolDw

            “XB1 went with a faster GPU” – Please do some fact checking. Not only did PS4 went with faster ram but also with a slightly more powerful GPU.

    • dave mcnair

      Even pc fans say there’s not much difference between high settings & ps4. 900p upscaled to 1080p looks great as you’re not sitting close to a pc monitor on console basically. Only reason to prefer pc is now only if you can only use keyboard & mouse.

      • John O’Gara

        Wow… this total fabrication makes your replies to me elsewhere seem comical. I take it you have no idea what native 1080P/60 or even 1440P/60 even looks like (and probably haven’t even heard of the latter) if you think a console can even touch a PC.

        PCs can play BF4 at NATIVE 1080P/60 and higher, and then also apply AA/AF on top of that, during multiplayer no less. Your precious consoles drop down from 60FPS and choke on 64 player maps while only pretending to be 1080P, and doing a poor job of it. Both so called “next gen” consoles are running AMD GPUs on their Jaguar SOCs that are literally what AMD had in the PC world LAST GENERATION (2 years ago!). The consoles are running 7800 and 7900 series GPUs. Right before the consoles released, AMD released their R7 and R9 GPUs. The R9s crush these consoles, and nvidia just released a card that outperforms the top end R9, making these weeks old consoles even more obsolete.

        Sure, PC hardware is pricey but please don’t try to pretend that these consoles even come close at all to what PCs were doing even 2 years ago. If they did come close, you would have native 1080P/60, but you don’t. Even upscaled, they can’t even maintain 60 FPS on large maps in BF4 which is a bad joke when they are supposed to be “next gen.”

        I’m running BF4 at native 5760x1080P across 3 monitors and never drop under 60 FPS with horsepower to spare. That would take 4-6 PS4s or XB1s worth of compute power to do. I still enjoy my PS4 and XB1, but I don’t lie about what they can (or can’t) do.

        • Landon

          ^^^Buttmad PC elitist^^^

          • John O’Gara

            I’m a gaming elitist. I own both new consoles as well as a gaming rig that can smash them both. Owning thenm all allows me to be honest about the differences. I’m sorry you’re “buttmad” you can’t say the same.

        • dave mcnair

          You come across as a typical pc master race elitist who get off bringing down console users & their games etc in order to justify all the money you’ve spent on an elaborate set-up. I know about higher resolutions as i used to game primarily on pc & BF2 etc was my game of choice. I know about limitations of consoles & that up until now you’re right in that consoles haven’t been able to touch what PC’s could do & have done even 7-8 years ago with 1942 etc.

          I chose to switch to console for social reasons as all my friends are on there & i was on my own on pc. I was having more fun with BC2/BF3 on console than i did at higher resolutions etc on pc.

          The truth of the matter is that consoles CAN now touch what the pc offers & it’s die hard BF/PC fans I’ve heard say that who have been invited along to DICE events during the build up. People like Jack Frags, Luetin & Levelcap to name but a few & theyve all said the same with PS4 being the best example.

          Considering how close an experience you can now have to the pc for only £350/$399 it makes PC’s look less worth spending all that money & people like yourself come across as people who don’t like that fact. There’s less messing around on console, piracy, its a level playing field & little to no hackers so it’s a much better experience imho.

          Considering the game & consoles are just out it’s a fantastic start & games will only ever run better & better. People on console will be comparing bf3 on old consoles to bf4 on new ones & they don’t even care or want anything to do with the pc anymore now they have 64players & a better frame rate.

          You can go on about how much the fps drops & resolutions being better on pc all day & again.. No one cares as it looks a lot better than it did before & these are only early launch games as well.

          Even now BF4 is being designed around abilities of last gen consoles & its never going to be purely designed around pc again. BF5 will be designed around next gen consoles & PC’s & we should all be happy that this will likely finally be the case.

          For me there’s still no point to get back into pc gaming as there’s no where near enough exclusive games for that system i like & they’re all on console.

          In summary Gameplay >Graphics all day long.

  • Facts First

    Game still doesn’t work for me. Needs more patch.

    • RoadShow

      On xbox? yeah it’s coming.

      • John O’Gara

        My XB1 is far more reliable in a multiplayer session than my PS4.

    • Shannon Novosel

      First you need a ps4 that helps

      • John O’Gara

        My PS4 craps all overt itself in multiplayer, even after the first round of patching. My XB1 is far more reliable right now, but not perfect.

        • Cleveland Steamer

          My PS4 craps on the Xbox One in all games. Weird that PS4 be crapping like that.

        • Ricker

          I don’t own a PS4 but BF4 is pretty much unplayable right now on Xbox One. I don’t know what you’re talking about it being more reliable. The game just boots me back out to dashboard everytime I try to play. In the game it looks good but I can’t find any games and it keeps doing odd glitches and such. I am very unhappy with this game and I would like a refund. This is not what I expected from the cloud servers and promises from Microsoft.

          • John O’Gara

            All systems have similar problems joining servers; the PC has only recently got this ironed out (or improved at least) and that platform had a jump on the next gen consoles. I should have qualified that my comment is centered around the stutter I get on PS4 when there is a lot of action in game, especially multiple explosions. XB1 doesn’t stutter the same way.

            Microsoft is not the villain here, nor Sony. The issue is with EA/DICE. Having been a Battlefield player for 10 years now, the sad truth is that this one of their better launches. There is a lot of revolutionary new tech under the hood in BF4 with the Frostbite 3 engine, so it will be worth the wait to patch no matter what the system. There is a price that comes with bleeding age, and this is it right now.

        • Shannon Novosel

          Ive had no problem with multiplayer on PS4 but honestly i haven’t had a lot of time to play it with 40+ hours of work and 40 hours of school a week gaming is not one of main priorities.

    • John O’Gara

      This is an honest comment. Anyone that is actually playing the game on PS4 like myself knows there are legitimate issues in multiplayer. I bet the people that downvoted you haven’t even played yet on either console.

      • Cleveland Steamer

        This is also an honest comment. Anyone that is actually playing the game on Xbox One like myself knows there are legitimate issues in multiplayer. I bet the people that downvoted you actually are just fanboys that can’t admit that the Xbox One version is a broken POS.

      • Shannon Novosel

        Facts goes around bashing anything Sony

  • GK15

    I’m enjoying it on XB1. I didn’t think there would be that big of a difference between 720p and 900p

    • RoadShow

      I’d like to see them side by side in real life but other than doing that I don’t think you would notice really.

      • jaskdavis

        Jaggies, you will. But besides that you would have to really nit pick like “that texture loaded faster” or something lol

    • Whitbizzle

      How you finding the 64 player modes? That is what I’m most excited about because I’ve never played BF 64 player. I’ve seen a YouTube video of the 2 side by side and I can’t really tell the different other than the X1 version looks a bit brighter

      • William

        Online videos don’t do it justice. This is my opinion, but the game just looks richer on the PS4. Colors are brighter. The game is sharper, more clean looking. If you go from PS4 to Xbox One, it almost looks blurry. This is my opinion. Now, I have friends that play the game on the Xbox One so I’ve been trying to play that version, but I can’t bring myself to do it when I’ve got what appears to be a superior version sitting right next to it in my entertainment center. It’s not like Xbox One players are missing out. My friends are really impressed with the game on that console. Some of them are long time COD players who’ve seen the light because of the differences between the graphics. But I can’t get over that slight edge in fidelity for me to be wowed by it on the Xbox One.

        • Whitbizzle

          Yeah I think I watch too many gaming videos and then judge the graphics off that when I shouldn’t because I know its going to look a lot better straight from the console on my TV. I am yet to see a Next Gen console being played in person, I went GAME the other day and they had both next gen consoles and neither had games running on them.

      • GK15

        I actually haven’t tried the multiplayer yet, still finishing the campaign. I’m looking forward to it tho

      • Richard Yates

        I cant help but lol at people who crave 64 player…..I was playing 64 player battlefield on a Pentium 2 450mhz like 10 years ago! Back when bf hadn’t become so console perverted!

        • Whitbizzle

          Good for you Richard, I’ve never played 64 player so I’m looking forward to it.

          • William

            Unfortunately, 10 years ago it looked like this.

          • Whitbizzle

            I think ill stick to BF4 on the PS4 instead of getting a Pentium 2.

          • Richard Yates

            lol well its ea/dice mate so id hold onto that enthusiasm until they actually have 64 players working properly.

    • cl0id

      Do you notice a difference between a 1080p movie and a 720p movie?

      • GK15

        I don’t remember the last time I watched a 720p movie, lol. I imagine it would be slightly dimmer tho

    • jaskdavis

      “Where the Xbox One looks slightly better than it did on the Xbox 360″ First off I went from BF4 on 360 to X1 and It does not… I have played both versions (PS4 and X1) First off to say that is silly, it’s night and day between the 360 version and X1 version as well. DICE has already confirmed that both PS4 and Xbox One versions of BF4 have the same Graphic settings (you can tell on even on you tube) and that only the native video resolution setting is where the PS4 has the advantage along with keeping up a few frames over the X1. The PS4 is the better looking version, no doubt with a higher 900p resolution, but if you are expecting better textures, explosions, character models, draw distance, etc. they are equal on the Graphics front. And yes I play on a 42″ LED 120hz so I can tell less aliasing on PS4 when my friend brought his over to the more jaggy X1 version that I have, but besides that they are similar.

      • William

        I don’t know man, there are a lot of games that look like crap on the Xbox One. Call of Duty looks like a stone cold turd on the Xbox One compared to the PS4. Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, etc. Then again, Ryse and Forza were pretty beautiful. I’m pretty much at the point where I’m going to play on the console where I think the game looks the best. I can already tell you if a game has a higher native resolution on a console, I’m probably gonna prefer to play it there.

        I sit really close to my television when I play games. So it really stands out to me.

        • GK15

          Assassin’s Creed is another one I thought wouldn’t have any discernible difference. I believe it’s 900p on the XB1 and 1080p on PS4. I haven’t seen the PS4 version except for on YouTube, but I thought the XB1 version looked pretty good actually.

          Then again, I sit a good 10ft from my TV and am not nit picking.

          • RoadShow

            I checked out a current gen VS next gen foilage video for Assassins Creed. Huge difference.

            Guess it’s time to stop saying it like that. I guess I meant current gen and last gen.

          • GK15

            I know, it’s still strange thinking of 360 and PS3 as last gen.

            I was playing AC4 a lot this weekend. It’s a lot of fun, highly recommend it!

          • RoadShow

            I wasn’t interested in Black Flag until I saw that foliage comparison. That’s what got me excited for AC again and for it on next gen. I absolutely loved the ship combat in III. Yeah can’t wait to play that one too now.

        • John O’Gara

          Assassin’s Creed looks like junk in general, even on PC. CoD looks like CoD, which has always looked like a turd no matter what the platform. I can’t help but notice you left out Knack, which looks like is what made for the PS2 rather than PS4. Forza is probably the best looking game on the consoles at launch.

          • Cleveland Steamer

            Assassin’s Creed on Xbox One looks like junk. On PS4 it looks good in 1080p (unlike the 720p garbage on Xbone). Even Call of Duty shits for PS4 shits on the Xbone. Sad Really. Forza looks like shit too, Knack drops a stinky particle turd on Ryse’s forehead.

          • Jeff

            It’s sad really. The bots are stooping to new lows. Justifying Microsoft’s clearly inferior and underpowered console by saying a game looks like junk in general instead of just admitting that a game looks better. I’ve played almost all launch games and Killzone is the best looking game available right now. Forza isn’t bad, but come on. A racing game? You can barely appreciate the graphics in that. Not like you can with Killzone, that is a game that truly feels next gen. Ryse and its 900p looks alright but its pretty much trash in comparison to Killzone. Sad Xbots, it’s ok bro. You can still get a PS4….wait no you can’t. They’re sold out everywhere. Maybe you can watch some TV until the PS4 comes back in stock

    • John O’Gara

      I have it on both new consoles and PC. The XB1 does more AA/AF than the PS4 before upscaling. So the graphics difference between XB1 and PS4 is barely noticeable. In fact there are times that gameplay stutters on the PS4 where its smooth on XB1 which to me makes the XB1 are far better experience.

      • Cleveland Steamer

        I have it on both consoles and the Xbox One version of Battlefield kind of looks like it would if they released it on Dreamcast.

      • dave mcnair

        Well you’re either trolling or something else but no one qualified to say so on the planet would agree with you it seems so I’ll believe the masses over yourself.

      • RoadShow

        The only game I know that has stuttering issues is COD on PS4 and that’s because the frame rate quickly increased to 90fps, not decreased.

        PS4 by far is the better console of the two. Better resolutions, frames per second and overall stability. Free exclusive content in AAA multi plats, no paywalls of basic features, army of exclusive studios, more video capture time, replaceable hard drive (without voiding warranty or getting banned), friend spectate/take over mode, streaming tech & great customer care.

  • dave mcnair

    I’m all over this like a dog eating beetroot come Friday! Great review William that’s more like it – glad it’s working better now (or at all lol) :)

  • michael

    This is the only game I’ve ever played, which is so intense at moments, I am literally at a loss for words cause I can’t believe what just happened.

  • Tim

    Are you playing the same online multiplayer BF4 on PS4 that I am? You have no idea what you are talking about. All of the issues still exist. This game release is a joke and EA/DICE should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Boz

    Dam game still crashes during story mode campaign. I had to start all over thanks to the prior save corruptions. So far on each level I have had a crash for a total of 3.

  • Viper3224

    After downloading the new patch, the game still crashes on me and the sound keeps on going in and out. BF4 IS STILL BROKEN :(

  • John O’Gara

    The comments by the author about the difference between PS4 and XB1 are total BS. I own both consoles and high end PC. The consoles look nearly identical, and the PC embarasses them both.

    XB1 does more AA/AF than the PS4 after upscaling from 720P. The PS4 does a higher res texture at 900P before upscaling but less processing of it. So in the end the graphics difference between XB1 and PS4 is barely noticeable. Multiple tech and gaming sites have confirmed this.

    If the author actually played the game on both, he would have seen that gameplay stutters on the PS4 where its smooth on XB1 during graphic intense scenes with multiple explosions and effects. The XB1 is a far better experience as a result as these scenarios are the core of BF gameplay.

    Remember: the PS3 had far more horsepower than the 360, yet most ports looked better on the 360. Right now BF4 is smoother on the XB1 whi h is a big deal in online play.

    However, if you also play on Ultra on a PC in native 5760×1080 across triple monitors, these “new” consoles seem like a bad joke.

    • William

      Digital Foundry just issued their final judgement on the games, and they disagree in nearly everything you’ve said.

      “On the visual side, HBAO is indeed added to the Xbox One version, as promised by DICE following its omission in the Stockholm build. However, the divide in internal resolution – which remains at 900p on PS4 compared to the straight 720p on Xbox One – is the big sticking point, even with the removal of the Xbox version’s sharpening filter which amplified the aliasing. Put simply, the assets and effects are identical for each next-gen platform, but the added pixel definition on PS4 spares it from the distracting edge-crawl on thin objects that proves to be an issue on the Microsoft side.

      The PS4’s strong performance lead is the real clincher though; a wide 10fps margin flaring up for most of our campaign mode tests. The comedown hits, however, once you realise that neither platform can pull off a straight 60fps during the larger Conquest multiplayer maps, where most of the fun is to be had. Regardless, a clear-as-day recommendation still goes to the PS4 version, and while there are glitches on both consoles that need to be addressed, the embracing of seamless, behind-the-scenes updates should at least ease some of Battlefield 4’s growing pains.” –


      • John O’Gara

        I appreciate the reply. Stats and metrics do little to address the actual real world gameplay experience that people are going to actually have. On the PS4 I see better texture detail. On XB1 I see better lighting and effects. However, the difference there is negligible during actual play, to my untrained eyes. The nuance differences fade away. As we all know, neither can do 1080P/60, so there are different approaches to what to do with a frame before and after scaling that achieve near similar results.

        I’m a Battlefiled nerd. I can care less about the system I play it on, and only want the best BF4 experience I can buy. I own both next-gen consoles and built a high end PC (as that is where the “true” next-gen experience is). Most of my friends are on console, so I will play wherever my friends are. I am vendor agnostic. Sony and MS are both heroes and villains in their own way, much like nVidia and AMD.

        As far as the consoles though, the key is in a line that you quoted from the article you linked:

        “The comedown hits, however, once you realise that neither platform can pull off a straight 60fps during the larger Conquest multiplayer maps, where most of the fun is to be had.”

        What is relevant to me is the experience I have while actually in the middle of a multiplayer session. My personal experience is that the PS4 sees far more stuttering/lag/jitter/delay or whatever you want to call it, than the XB1 sees under intense action. I’ve been killed more than once on PS4 when I C4 a tank in parallel to another explosion going on nearby, and the stutter/delay effect keeps me from turning to fire on the next guy quickly. Its an issue I have yet to have on the XB1, whereas the PS4 has it happens rather regularly and almost predictably. My theory is this is happening because of genuine scaling issues on the PS4 combined with the amount of action on the screen. The PS4 probably is taking a bigger and more sustained FPS hit in multiplayer than the XB1 is because of the higher res textures. Also acknowledged by EA/DICE, the PS4 continues to have crash and stability issues with BF4. Many have been patched, but many remain as well. Maybe when this is resolved, BF4 will see the stability and smoothness on the PS4 that XB1 currently enjoys. (I won’t hold my breath though knowing the 360 consistently outperformed the PS3 in real world examples with BF titles during last gen as well).

        Both this review and others focus on the single player campaign for metrics and so-called stress tests. For the Battlefield franchise, the campaign is a throwaway! Multiplayer is what the gamer buys this title for. Right now, XB1 has a clear advantage in multiplayer because it is consistently smoother and more reliable based on my very UNscientific observations. My observations are closer to what the gamer is going to actually experience, versus a statistic about single player that is next to useless for multiplayer gameplay which takes a frame rate hit. So until there is a similar benchmarking effort made on exclusively multiplayer, your link as well as this review is disingenuous at best as to what the gamer is going to actually experience.

        • William

          Cool thanks for adding disingenuous to the already outstanding “bS, misleading, and claims that we didn’t play both games.” Welcome to the site.

        • Kevie B

          Sorry, guy on the internet. I think I believe digital foundry over you. The last gen is over. Microsoft released their poor Xbox One, and you better get used to games being shit on that console. #DEALWITHIT

          • dave mcnair

            Lol you said it mate where the f**k did they find this joker..

            lol@guyontheinternet btw

          • John O’Gara

            Believing Digital Foundry “over” me is comical when my core point is directly from the article that even the author of this review cited in his reply to me:

            “The comedown hits, however, once you realise that neither platform can pull off a straight 60fps during the larger Conquest multiplayer maps, where most of the fun is to be had.”

            – Neither console can sustain 60FPS on a 64 player map. #DEALWITHIT
            – XB1 does a better job than PS4 in keeping a higher frame rate in multiplayer #DEALWITHIT
            – BOTH next gen consoles are already obsolete compared to PCs. #DEALWITHIT
            – no reviews are covering online BF4 gameplay honestly on either console or on PC #DEALWITHIT

    • dave mcnair

      Xbox/pc/microsoft fanboy alert..

      • John O’Gara

        Let me guess…. can’t afford a real PC or XB1 along with your PS4? I can, and I am sorry that bothers you. If’ I am a fanboy of anything, its of the Battlefield franchise or gaming in general. I’ve owned every Sony console including this newest one, but I guess I am just an Xbox/PC/microsoft fanboy since I have an opinion you don’t like about something you own.

        • dave mcnair

          I don’t even own the game/ps4 yet but no one is a bigger fan of BF & I’ve read everything that’s been released or said about it from people who have had extensive hands on with it in these early days.

          What i notice is how you keep saying just like we seen with 360vsps3 etc & how some sort of precedent has already been set. The 2 consoles are very similar to pc now & if there’s any bottlenecks then they seem to riside on the xbox with its esram set up. Or so all the devs seem to be saying I’m no expert & don’t claim to be.

          But the only precedent that’s been set is that PS4 is more capable/poeerful at running games hence ‘Resolution Gate’ etc & the gap between the 2 is only ever likely to widen as time goes on. Yes BF4 on pc won’t ever look as good up close as an ultra spec pc that costs a fortune. But getting medium to high spec pc performance for the price of a ps4 is seen a serious result & Sony have delivered on their 10 times more powerful promise. More importantly they’ve listened to their fans & keep resources focused on it being a true games system first & foremost. That’s where cbox have went wrong & its muscle power deficiencies have only compounded this misguided approach. Great media pc. Not so great gaming machine.

          • John O’Gara

            “I don’t even own the game/ps4 yet but no one is a bigger fan of BF & I’ve read everything that’s been released or said about it from people who have had extensive hands on with it in these early days (across all platforms)”

            So you’ve trolled many of my comments yet have zero actual hands on experience yourself. I have both consoles. I like them both for different reasons, but own the, like you, to play with my friends and fam. If you are truly a BF fan, then you know the campaign is a throwaway part of the game and multiplayer is where its at. None of the technical reviews online go deep in top multiplayer… All they do is acknowledge a frame drop, but fail to go in to how it impacts the gamer. People are going to be disappointed if they buy BF4 for the console expecting 60 FPS and then realize it drops to last gen frame rates under action. In fact, it will piss you off once it happens to you. It happens more on the PS4 right now, and that is the reality.

            I bring up 360 vs PS3 because it illustrates the point its not all about specs all the time. Both the PS4 and XB1 run nearly the same APUs under the hood, and made different decisions on how to present the game. What I am trying to communicate is that XB1 gives the more reliably smooth online experience, likely because of the lower res being upscaled. If it stays that way, they made a smart decision. The reviewers have yet to cover this, except for acknowledging the frame rate drop.

            The same logic you apply to me on PC resoltuoin and frame rate applies better to the difference between the XB1 and PS4. The consoles are far more similar to each other than either are to a PC. They both use antiquated GPUs, they both use tablet-grade CPUs, and they are both built for budgets, not for power. You have invalidated your own logic here.

            New gen consles are nice, but they are not the deal the masses pretend them to be when you consider total cost of ownership. You can exceed console performance for under $800 in the PC world. In reality, this is the same as a next gen console + several years of online service, but console only games don’t want to face the reality that they still subsidizing the cost for their hardware in the scam of an online service. In the real world, 5 years of an XB1 or PS4 w/ camera is going to ballpark 700-800, so if the lifespan goes beyond the 5 yr mark a PC is actually a better investment.

            Anyways I could go on and continue to pick apart your falsehoods, but what’s the point as you’ve not actually seen this stuff for yourself and want to believe what you want to believe rather than what actually happens. So, believe the PS4 is better than the XB1 in BF4, but enjoy your lockups, crashes and stutters. Believe the consoles can even touch what a PC can do, but in reality its an inferior experience. Believe I am a fanboy of one over the other, even though I own them all. Believe what you want in half-baked reviews like the above that don’t tell you the relevant story like what its like in multiplayer, and be disappointed when you actually get to finally play it yourself.

            Flame away. I own them all so I know what its like in the real world with them.

          • dave mcnair

            No flaming & zero trolling just me disagreeing with a lot of what you’ve had to say.

            At the end of the day like the other guy said, you & me are just some guys on the internet & i take everyone’s comments with a pinch of salt. All I’ve done is be honest with you regards all that I’ve heard & read to date but believe me when i say that’s extensive in that regard.

            All I’ve ever been interested in is the online functionality & its been that I’ve been referring to regards these comparisons from other people & all they’ve said about it. They have no reason to lie as they’re all reviewers & mainly have all been pc guys. Frame rate & resolution was mentioned & not one or the other.

            If you’re truthfully /well off enough to have a ninja pc & both consoles then good for you. But for all everybody here knows you could be being liberal with the truth shall we say.

            It may well be that the xbox version runs a little smoother initially before a few patches get both games running as intended. Having said that I’ve little to no doubt that once the dust settled it will not only look a bit better on ps4 online but it will also run better. Just like it did for all the early access hacks & youtubers etc that have had access up until now.

            Time will tell who was wrong or right but I’d be willing to put money on this even though I’ve yet to get hands on myself.

            Dice have already said dualshock4 is the best controller for their game & i don’t think they’d then cripple it by pushing the frame rate to something the machine couldn’t comfortably handle.

    • TheDeathStarsKeyFob

      Why do you comer on a PS4 review? Answer: to be a sad PC fanboy, really sad.

      • John O’Gara

        I’m a Battlefield franchise fanboy. Your point is invalid as I own a PS4, XB1 and a PC with BF4 across all 3. Work on your reading comprehension. XB1 is better than PS4 in BF4 multiplayer, PS4 is better than XB1 in single player, and a PC running a decent GPU crushes the consoles in every way except for it has a smaller online community. Those are the facts.

  • justicizms2099

    I guess that is the reason they say” fanboy”. Stop putting out this garbage in your reviews, I have seen both versions and they are both great to behold.And no, the XB1 version does not suffer from jaggies or is blurred.

    • KevieB

      Welcome to the 720p future of the XBONE #DEALWITHIT

  • GK15

    I was just playing BF4 on XB1 and had one of the worst gaming experiences of my life. First off, I don’t know how online multiplayer is so huge. I mostly play games for the single player campaign because I like being immersed in a good story and I’ve mostly enjoyed the single player campaign so far. I’ve wanted to try out the multiplayer though, so I fired it up.

    I got a few kills, but mostly got f*cked up. It just seems like random people running around and randomly shooting each other. I don’t know how people have so much fun with this. I guess I’ll just have to have patience and learn the maps, get better weapons, etc., but I still really don’t see what the craze is about as it didn’t seem like very much fun. I was pretty good at Halo online multiplayer back in the day and enjoyed that, so we’ll see. Maybe I’m missing something, but can someone please tell me what is so good about this?

    So I switched back to the campaign which I was almost done with and all of a sudden got booted out. This happened before a few times before, but I just resumed from my last checkpoint. Well what do you f*ckin know, I lost all my f*ing progress! Have to start all the way over again!

    So I’m not crazy about the multiplayer and I lost all my progress in the campaign. I’m gonna give both another shot, but if the MP doesn’t catch on for me and I lose all my progress again this is going back to the store. I’m pretty pissed at the moment, thanks BF!

    Anyway, happy turkey day to everybody.

    • dave mcnair

      Play the objective, join a squad & use voice comms. Persist with it then it will click. Try Rush or tdm if you don’t dig conquest straight away. Capture the flags/bases & have fun. Engineer & Assault is usually best. No kill cam on hardcore so try sniper on that.. Or stay behind people as support & lay down suppressive fire whilst giving ammo.. Good luck!

      • GK15

        Thanks Dave. I’ll def try that out!

  • Chuck Green

    This game has gotten nowhere since the patch. I have crashed out of games the same amount. EA/DICE is laughing at us while we try to play this broken game. It is like the great Joe Pesci said, kind of, They f**k you at the battlefield servers, they know u will have already dropped $60 on their game before you realized u got f**ked.

  • what du hell

    Xbox one and ps4 graphics look the same

  • justicizms2099

    Lol! Makes no difference to me kevin cause I am going to be enjoying the exclusives for both consoles! So bite me fan boy!

  • TheDeathStarsKeyFob

    I got my PS4 the same day with a friend, he got BF4 I got KZ Shadow Fall, he’s been bitching about the crap multi player on BF4 with all it’s glitches while I’ve been having some serious fun on KZ multiplayer, and KZ single player campaign is great too.

  • Savage

    A bunch of ps4 users are saying BF4 still crashes all the time

    • RoadShow

      Both still have some glitches but both will be perfect in short order just like with BF3.

  • RoadShow

    You are a huge xbox fanboy and I’m thinking I don’t believe you have both.

    Both consoles hold their own very well compared to a PC and without any of the headaches + luxury compared to PC on everything else. (exclusives, exclusive content, UI) for the living room.

    • John O’Gara

      *Yawn* … I’m a Battlefield fanboy with enough disposable income to let my nerd flag fly on all platofrms. You clearly have not ever seen what these games look like on a modern PC, which is why you chose to believe something that isn’t true. Not running native 1080P/60 is not running native 1080P/60, no matter how much you want to believe otherwise. The consoles hold their own compared to last gen consoles, but not compared to PCs from even 3 years ago. You just can’t handle that there are flaws with your precious new console. They both have strengths, and they both have problems.#DEALWITHIT. Consoles are budget boxes built to be accessible by the masses and can’t touch PCs. #DEALWITHIT

      • RoadShow

        LOL I have a gaming PC moron. I prefer my consoles these days.

        Back in the PS2 days PC could differentiate it’self. These days it’s only slightly better with far more headache’s.

        PC also sucks in the living room which is another reason why I enjoy my consoles better. Better UI and controls for the living room. I keep my PC outside in the office and use it as a home media server for my PS3.

        Then games like Red Dead Redemption and Destiny will never come to it. RDR is heavy contender for game of the generation and PC gamers can’t even play it.

        I prefer to spend my time gaming, not upgrading or playing with settings.

        • John O’Gara

          Well, if you don’t understand the differences and have to “play” with settings to achieve your results, you have a PC as old as last gen consoles and or have no idea what the heck you are doing. Considering PCs can uses controllers from consoles (PS4 already and XB1 soon too), your better control comment is further proof that you have no clue what you are talking about. Also, the idea you can’t easily play in your living room when there are solutions like nvidia’s Shield, HTPCs in general or in my case HDbaseT extending my PC from my office to the living room by running HDMI over CAT6 again showing you are less than informed.

          Again, I’m a Battlefield fanboy so I am interested in the best experience I can get there which is on a PC. I own the consoles for having fun with a wider variety of friends of family.

          • RoadShow

            OMG I’m dying laughing at you dude. You need to chill the fk out…you are completely wrong.

            A big argument against PC in the living room is the controls. While yes in game you can use a controller you still need to navigate to the game but that’s not the only thing. Doing anything else on a big screen TV other than gaming with PC mostly sucks. The icons are small and hard to read, you need keyboard/mouse for it and there just is no good place for it in the living room.

            I do keep my PC on the older side of things because it’s not my primary. It can still play any game out there but I don’t even bother. Just supposed xbox exclusives and the rare PC only game I come across which hasn’t been for a very long time.

            Basically no PC gamer has been able to show me anything other than Crysis as an example for power. I don’t care for that graphics whore, I got my own graphics whore and that is Killzone.

            Then PC gamers are all about their frames and resolutions. Well it will be a while before PC has any meaningful advantage in either case with the PS4.

            I love how idiot PC elitests get all pissed when I say I get more out of my consoles than I do my PC. Look I have my gaming PC, I like my gaming PC but mostly it only complements my PS3 as my home media server. I find myself playing it less and less and looking back at life I realized that when I got the PS3 PC just didn’t mean much to me anymore, PC used to mean so much more back in the PS2 days or earlier but anymore it just keeps losing it’s mojo to consoles.

          • John O’Gara

            If you think I am getting pissed you have a reading comprehension issue on top of your lack of understanding as to what resolution is and why frame rate is important, not to mention how the two are related in gaming. Also, I’m not the one sounding silly while making false assertions about things you clearly have no experience with so I have no reason to be mad. It’s funny to me to be called a fanboy of anything when I own them and fully understand where the technical differences are.

            Pretending that difference in capability of pushing frame rate at high, native res doesn’t matter is like saying there is no need to go from the PS3 to the PS4. The entire point of PS4/XB1 was to take the gamer in to real HD resolutions at 60FPS. The new consoles upscale 720P and 900P to 1080P. They can’t go native 1080P and run at 60 frames, which is why they upscale. In the case of a game like Battlefield, they can’t even maintain 60FPS once they go multiplayer because of how expansive it is (which is why both my XB1 and PS4 disappoint me). I’ve trolled this article because the author glazes over this when it directly will impact the experience of the player, more so than single player ever will.

            Consoles have technical limits as required by budget constraints. PCs do not. You get what you pay for.

          • RoadShow

            Apparently you just have a really high opinion about yourself when in reality you are just a pathetic POS loser troll.

            YOUR BIGGEST ERROR is that you are saying these babies CAN’T do 1080p native. Many many many games are already 1080p native on PS4. Battlefield 4 is only 900p yes but that’s just that one game and they prioritized fps over resolution and PS4 does a damn good job holding 60fps.

            So you can just kindly fk off right there because you obviously are just spewing disinformation or don’t know jack $hit.

          • John O’Gara

            You’re doubling down on the stupid at this point. Please work on your reading comprehension before continuing to respond. I’m saying that games that tax the consoles can’t do native 1080P/60, like BF4 which is the topic of this article. That “/60″ at the end is what matters as it is your frame rate. You don’t just get to omit it because you don’t understand it. PS3 and X360 could do native 1080P, but they couldn’t get playable frame rates at that resolution. Sure there are games that don’t tax the PS4 that can run 1080P native. They most likely will not run at a full 60FPS, unless they are graphically weak with simple textures. Examples are CoD Ghosts and Assasin’s Creed, which have garbage graphics compared to Killzone or BF4.

            Battlefield 4 taxes the consoles in a big way. On PS4 they can not hold 60FPS even while being upscaled from 900P during multiplayer. That shows you about the limit of the console under load. The PS4 and XB1 come in between what the PC calls medium and high settings at 900P at best. PCs can still go a tier further on ultra settings, run at true/native 1080P and higher. Many people run 1080P/120 now with the right monitors which is amazing to see. The fluidity of 120 frames per second is something that console only players can’t even perceive. Some are running 1080P/140. Other people are already PC gaming in 4K, which is literally the pixel density of (4) 1080P monitors in one 16×9 display. In my case I run triple monitors, so I am running 5760×1080 at higher than 60FPS while on ultra settings. To do that it would take the compute power of 4 – 6 of these new consoles.

            XB1 and PS4 are consoles made to reach the masses and be affordable. PCs can be cheap or expensive, or something in between. The problem with PCs is a smaller gaming community, which is why I own the XB1 and PS4, just like I had my 360 and PS3 before them. I like them all, but for different reasons. That also means I fully understand the differences between them as well. What you don’t realize is that PC components blaze the trail of what the next consoles will be. The AMD Jaguar APU in the new consoles takes tech from previous generations of AMD PC components, shrinks them down to be a single system-on-chip, and assemble it in a way where it is *affordable* the masses, all while improving on previous generation of console.

            For a $400 machine, the PS4 is bada$$. For $500, and XB1 w/ kinect is equally bada$$ for different reasons. Both use AMD GPU architecture from 2 generations ago in PC terms. Neither console can match the graphical power of a PC with a current generation GPU. AMD who again makes the APUs for the consoles, makes video cards for PC that cost more than the entire console. You do in fact get what you pay for. So, I am sorry if it bruises your fragile ego to know that your precious PS4 was obsolete by PC standards the day it was released. #DEALWITHIT

          • RoadShow

            It’s no secret that PS4 is equiv. to a mid range gaming PC. You are just being a troll because you “could” go out and spend $650-$1000 on a graphics card alone and really push a PC.

            What does it mean? JACK $HIT because you don’t can’t even give me examples to prove your point. Gimmie game names, tell me what you are talking about because right now Crysis is the only game I can think of that it even matters and that was comparing to PS3/360 which yeah…PC blew it away but then again that is compared to consoles with only 500mb of ram. It’s been like 12 or more years since I’ve played a PC game with minimum 500mb ram required. BF2 on PC (2005, not bad company 2) min. 1GB, recommended 2gb of ram that game came out on PS2 too (I never played it on PS2 but it prob. sucked) which only had 32mb of ram.

            You are also completely ignoring the fact that the launch games were developed over the last 1 to 2 years in which the final hardware specs probably were not known. What is for sure known is that they will learn more secrets and push the hardware further therefore achieving 1080p native at 60fps will do nothing but get easier for them.

            Also PS4 didn’t fluctuate much on fps on BF4. Coming from PS3 @ 30fps, targeting 60fps and sticking with it for the most part is damned nice.

          • John O’Gara

            So my .02 that I have added is mainly related to Battlefield 4, as is the topic of the article. Like I said, I am a battlefield fanboy. I’m not a platform fanboy… I bust my a$$ at work to have disposable income for my toys, so I have spent serious cash on a high end gaming rig. I do also own an XB1 and PS4, and like I have said many times over in my comments here, I like them both. They are great for what they are, and they let me play with friends that aren’t in to PC gaming.

            My issue with this reviewer in this article and the new consoles is the that they acknowledge a frame rate drop in multiplayer but gloss over it in BF4. The reviews are based on campaign alone. 60FPS in campaign is cool, but how low does it drop in 64 player conquest? My PS4 stutters under intense action, my XB1 does not. My theory is that the rate drop is worse on the PS4 because of the higher res of 900P vs the XB1’s 720P. To battlefield fans, campaign mode is throwaway. Write a damn review on what people are actually playing!

            The best example I can give you on PCs is Battlefield 4, and the best measure is frame rate at a specific resolution. The days of Crysis as the sole powerhouse is long gone, and many games are as pretty or better, with BF4 being one of them. Since you acknowledge enjoying 60FPS, just imagine what 120FPS looks like. PC players are buying GPUs and monitors that do that. You mentioned Killzone earlier. Think about playing that with (3) 1080P TVs to give you all that extra peripheral vision. That is what I am doing on BF4 on my PC right now. I am doing it at >60FPS, native 1080P, and on ultra which applies 4XMSAA and other filtering tricks the consoles can not do to make it look even slicker.

            I agree, a PS4 is equal to a mid range gaming PC. That is a fair assessment. But some of us are “graphics whores,” and want to go all in. To get my PC to run the way it does, I’ve dumped $1400 into dual EVGA GTX780 TIs. I also use my PC to render video and do photo editing for a side business I have in photography, so I can justify the price tag beyond just gaming. But, I would be lying if I said I didn’t chose these cards for BF4.

            I’m disappointed in this generation of game consoles. They were cheaper at launch than last gen. I wish they were a bit more expensive and could at least do native 1080P/60FPS in all game modes. Then you could really shut up the “PC gamer elitists” while running at the max performance of the average consumer HDTV.

            As far as game development, they will get more efficient at coding for the Jaguar APU, but not much more. They are extremely efficient already as this is AMD hardware that was basically in PCs a few years ago. Yes, the CPU is 8 core, but it is an architecture more similar to a tablet than to a PC’s CPU. AMD did some neat engineering tricks to squeeze out more performance, but at the end of the day it is limited by 8GB shared RAM, a 2 year old GPU architecture and a slow CPU. Unfortunately there will be bottlenecks as a result, and BF4 is already hitting them, at launch.

            Again, for $400 a PS4 is bada$$. But its not 120FPS bada$$. It’s not 5760×1080 or 4K TV bada$$.

          • RoadShow

            BTW I edited that to not curse at you. You gave some respect and you do have some good information so trying to show some respect back. This is the type of stuff I like to debate about but I would really like some of those names of games and such so I can look it up. I haven’t hard core PC gamed for years, my PS3 has mostly taken over as PC just hasn’t shown me any reason to go through all the hassle.

  • noobs

    We all know the graphics were going to be great,but you gotta talk game play. Tbh I hate the knifing now reminds me of call of noob. You can be fighting someone and they can slightly move to the left and knife you. What happened to actually pulling the knife out? Second the shotguns stupid overkill they all shoot fast,far,and with tons of damage. Third the halo jumping god what happened to only being able to jump over objects? Fourth why do i have to shoot a tank 6 times with anti tank launchers kinda stupid the slams/mines will put it down quick.However I will say the vehicles are better then the third(aside from anti air and rocket trucks all people do is camp in there base and you can’t get to them) the snipers and a major improvement all bolt action no more spray and prey with semis. Its still a good game overall but sometimes it feels like c.o.d

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