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Bethesda hasn’t decided on Next Skyrim DLC

by William Schwartz on June 26, 2012

Bethesda Game Studios hasn’t decided what to do next with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as far as DLC goes. The recently released Dawnguard expansion for Skyrim is what the developers are still concentrating on, according to the lead artist for the RPG.

In a recent interview, Matt Carofano explained to Eat Games that their first priority is making Dawnguard as good as it can possibly be.

“When we were looking to do the Dawnguard DLC we were just looking to see how we could make the game even better, how we could add to Skyrim but tell this specific story. It was something we didn’t plan when we were working on Skyrim, it actually happened afterwards. You know, we kicked around a lot of ideas so we could see what would be a good fit. For future DLC maybe we’ll do something like that again,” Carofano explained.

“We tried to add a bunch of things to the game to just make it…better. We looked at it that way, but also as “Hey how can we tell this interesting story about Vampires?”, however we added things based on fan feedback too. For instance we added a character to the Thieves Guild who can change your appearance. So let’s say you’re tired of playing your character after all these hours, you can go to him and change all your facial features and hairstyles,” Carofano continued.

“Right now we’re completely focused on Dawnguard. Everyone is working on this. Once it’s out we’ll see how it goes and see what could happen in the future.”

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  • Adam

    For the next dlc for skyrim I think there needs to be put in the ability to craft arrows because I don’t like me running out of arrows so fast an there is only one major place just for arrows which is in solitude.

  • ardatlil

    I don’t understand how this isn’t common thought between them..They should make dlc following up on the war, now that the stormcloaks and Imperials have finished their quarrel (for now?) Its time to face the aldmeri dominion. Weather it be as simple as taking over their bases, or going to a small section of Summerset isle. Something the size of Shivering isles, or smaller–but what matters is the continuation of lore, not-I’m sorry, but following this lame trend of vampires vs werewolfs… just my two cents anyway.

  • Required: Name

    I think in the next one we should return to Cyrodill and take the war to the thalmor themselves like it should be the whole cyrodill even seeing the rebuilt kvatch and the arena would be epic to and katanas and throwing stars as well with a morning star

  • Dazzling

    Ummmmmm my be you could make a follow to skyrim, I dunno call it something like skyrim 2 :-). I’ll preorder now

  • Bigones

    I think there should be a small yet big add on where you become jarl of a new city built somewhere. But to become jarl you need to takeover the city from bandits,thieves, criminals, misc. Basiclly a bunch of criminals who took over the city. But they are very strong and to play on the add on you have to be level 25 or 50. New treasures are hidden in it too like chainmail armor, Imperial dragon armor, and all sorts of great weapons with names and are actually good. Seems like every weapon you find is bad. and to take the city over you can either kill the people urself which will be hard, or go around recuiting and getting a new kind of armor to everyone you recruit which will be challenging and when you become jarl you can built buildings, hire guards from raiders who attack. It definitly would add 10-20 hours of gameplay and wont be as hard to make as something like shivering isles. Price around 10-15$.

  • Adam Lane

    I think they need to start making prototypes for a multiplayer add-on in Skyrim. My idea isn’t the best, but I think it would be a lot of fun. It’s basically two rival forts on each end of the map and a plain or forest in-between. Within each fort spawns ten or more players, each player starting their multiplayer experience with a set of steel armor, steel weapons, and a few basic spells. The last team with members still standing wins, and if you are successful in battle, you are given gold that you can use to spend on in-game items.

    Most people might not like the idea, but I think it would be way to implement both multiplayer and large scale battles into the game. It would attract people because it would be an easy way to make gold and an easy way to play the world’s greatest RPG with their friends.

  • The 12th Doctor

    I think you should be able to marry Serana

  • Vindicta7

    The ability to divorce your wife? maybe that could be an update though…

  • Pleasepunishme

    Well looks like Ive got at least another five millenia for the next dlc.

  • davidbarnett

    I know mine won’t be the best, but I think they should have an update/add-on where you can have a kid, where he/she can grow up and you can decide to train him/her to be a warrior, mage or thief. and maybe have it pass a few years and you have new missions with your kid, like your kid got into trouble with the wrong crowd and you have to help him/her get out of it. then he/she can become a follower maybe.

  • davidbarnett

    also would love an add-on to help rebuild helgen and become jarl for doing so and have to help citizens with problems like arresting and sending guards to battles and sentence people to jail a fine or death

  • Jake

    I don’t know how anybody missed this. I mean, seriously. Give your character a voice. Have the same dialogoue options but make your person talk. It just kills the game knowing that you’re a mute. And for the new add-on/DLC…here we go. Make it to where you have to go to cyrodill and help the empire to stop attacking skyrim and defeat the Aldmeri Dominion. I know people have said stuff similiar to that many times before. But trust me on this, people will love it. You guys will make so much money off of it that it won’t even be funny. But anyway, make it to where you have the whole continent of both cyrodill and skyrim to roam around in. Make your character have black powder guns or something. Make another war. And please, in the name of God. Make the blades come back.

  • Jake

    Honestly…I think the kid and helgen thing are pretty wicked. That’s an awesome idea. Never thought of that. But yeah, go along the lines of making the game more life like. For example, allow your guy to learn some kind of martial arts, or some fighting skill. make it to where if you have a wife, when you come home she’ll give you a kiss on the cheek or something. MORE LIFE LIKE.

  • Jake

    Ok, sorry about all of these ideas, but you guys got me hooked. I appreciate you guys getting clues from stuff like this though. Make your guys do flips too while you’re at it haha.

  • sean

    Basically what skyrim really needs for a dlc is just a mixture of what happens after the civil war all depending on wether you chose to side with the stormcloaks or the imperials. Dawngaurd wasn’t a bad DLC at all but the only problem is that most people ran through it quickly. There needs to be a dlc that actually satisfies everyone and people wont be able to run through and say the finished everything the dlc had to add in a couple of hours. Especially when a guard says we are in dark times my friend , things cant get better why not just add more termoil to the whole situation. At the end of the day all there needs to be is more stuff to do in skyrim .

  • christian

    personally i think they should add like 75% or all of that stuff on that skyrim game jam video on youtube, and then they should add some stuff from assasins creed and fable as far as purchasing property, renting out, getting profit, buying landmarks, have trainees, assasins vision, all that good stuff

  • christian

    and then they should add executions with hand to hand combat.

  • davidbarnett

    I think an add-on of you as a kid growing up and choosing like warrior or mage that stuff would be awesome

  • davidbarnett

    like you as a kid and showing how you grew up

  • jake

    What does everyone think of black-powder weapons? I don’t care if you like the idea or not, just throw some stuff at me.

  • jake

    Honestly what Bethesda should do, is take 3 ordinary people, such as Davidbarnett, Sean, and myself, and bring them to the Bethesda company building to have us creat the next DLC or Elder Scrolls Game. It doesn’t have to be us three but what do y’all think of that idea? Just take 3 people and let them create the game?

  • jake

    Ok, I mentioned this on a different website and nobody said if it was a good or a bad idea. Keep in mind that this is for the next Elder Scrolls GAME not add-on. What I think they should do, is make your story line have three seperate stories to it, you should have the choice of having 3 seperate characters or just one to play throughout the whole thing. The first storyline needs to take place back in the oblivion crisis with the same main quest line except you can rebuild Kvatch, become the next emperor and Martin Septim lives. The second storyline should be during the great war where you can either side with or against the Aldmeri Dominion. After a while playing that, the third storyline should take place in Skyrim’s era and you can either start, finish or not let the civil war happen. The only way to not make it happen, is that throughout the three storylines your character needs to have a journal/diary with him/her that you can write your own personal notes in as proof that the Dragons are returning and that the Aldmeri Dominion are the real enemy. After you finish all three storylines (main questline), there should be a portal leading to each of the three time zones. Bethesda should call it The Elder Scrolls Legacy or something like that. Make the game have one and two handed spears, one and two handed swords, one and two hand crossbows,and one and two handed staffs

  • jake

    I wasn’t finished. Make it to where you can choose everytime you turn on your game system that u can choose to have your game be a multiplayer game or singular (as it is now). Make your character be able to form his own guild or group and they can be good or bad or both. Oh and for the first add-on you can become a Divine, a Daedric Lord, or just stay human if you want. I’m telling you guys, this game would be the turning point of RPG video games. Also make it to where when you fight somebody or something it isn’t just “swing and miss”. Make it to where you ACTUALLY fight them like you would in real life. Make your guy able to learn some sort of made up martial arts or just street fighting skills. And please in the name of God, make the blades come back.

  • jake

    Allow your person to be able to customly create their own armor and weapons, and (if they have one) their own guild’s armor, weapons, and banner.

  • Marx

    Rise of the Falmer – An evolved Falmer begins to organize Falmer in underground ruins found in different areas on the map. Since they have lived so long underground they would have access to never before seen dwarven weapons & armor. They could have also tamed some nasty creatures that could also be found deep below. There would be standard Falmer & advanced Falmer. Towards the end you would fight the Falmer lords & finally the king.There would be underground cities similar to the one found in the main story but w/different architecture. You could even claim your own territory. There could also be underground routes that lead to different areas found in the main game.

    Talk to me Bethesda……

  • Jake’s a douche

    Quit leaving retarded ideas. Werewolves vs vampires suck. Oblivion crushes skyrim

  • Christian

    This should be added as an update but, I think they should bring back unarmed and add weapons like claws and sutch. Ain’t the best idea but I would like it.

  • Nick

    I believe you should be able to wear 2 rings at least. Were are the spell making alters? Also need to add a sort of forge for mages to make staffs. ( other than the one under the college of winterhold). Spell that level up as you use them. And a war between the daetric princes and the divines. You could choose to help the one take over the other. And if this messes with future game ideas then just add a book in the next installment of TES explaining how it returned to normal.

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