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Bioshock Infinite sees another delay

by William Schwartz on December 7, 2012

Bioshock Infinite has been delayed yet again, pushing the game back from the already delayed date of February 26th to the new date of March 26th.  Irrational Games has issued a pretty standard reason for the additional delay, citing that the shooter will benefit from the month of extra polish

Irrational Games recently announced that they would be focused on single player in Bioshock Infinite, as the competitive multiplayer that was introduced in Bioshock 2 would not be returning for this installment of the  franchise.

The most recent media for Bioshock Infinite can be found below, which includes new screenshots released from a preview event for the game, and the Beast of America trailer that was released back in October. Look for Bioshock Infinite this March on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


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  • djmagnumb

    Oh my f*kin god. damn hell b*tch. I was getting so close to busting a n*t…now I gotta hold it another month? It better be worth it.

  • djmagnumb

    I never heard/saw of that trailer before. That’s fu*in badass.

  • Allen

    BTW – Bioshock 2 is free for PS+ members in the US right now.

    • FlopStation 3

      BTW – Bioshock 2 is not good and PS+ is a ripoff. Pay to play demos and out of date rentals.

      • djmagnumb

        You gotta be kidding me, Bioshock Rocks Out with it’s Co*k Out!!

    • jason

      Get it! Great game, Got it on Xbox when it came out, especially if it’s free!

  • Allen

    Really? I don’t remember hearing Bout that. Wish this site would list monthly PS+ stuff

  • djmagnumb

    And 2013 GOTY goes too….? Bioshock Infinite? or GTAV? Your thoughts?

    • Allen

      The Last of Us :-)

      • djmagnumb

        I really want to play that game but I don’t have a PS3…Allen can I borrow yours?

    • Strong

      GTAV all the way

  • That one guy

    I’m gonna be pretty torn betwixt GTA and Bioshock, what will I play first?

    • djmagnumb

      Well GTA prob won’t come out till late April or May at the latest. You should have plenty of time to play Bioshock….pending they don’t delay fu*ing AGAIN!!

  • LetTheWookieWin

    Wow, there are some good games coming out in 2013! This looks incredible.

  • Krispykleen


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