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Black Ops “Call of the Dead” Official Movie Poster

by Bill Hess on April 30, 2011

To honor the Hollywood Style that has attached itself to the “Call of the Dead” zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation, Treyarch has released a movie themed poster for the map pack.  The DLC is set to launch on May 3rd on the Xbox 360 and will run you the standard 1200 Microsoft points to access the content.

Along with the movie themed poster above, Treyarch has released a handful of screenshots and video that revealed the new path that the Zombies mode has taken.  Forgoing the traditional cast of characters, “Call of the Dead” features a handful of Hollywood talent to play the survivors in the revamped mode.

Have a look.

[nggallery id=227]

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  • SKIN503

    Meh, more like left for dead/resedent evil rip off!

  • Mitch

    Do I see an AK47 or AK74u?

    • james

      its an ak-47

    • Waldo

      It’s an AK47 because the AK47u has the end of the scope closer to the wood part of the gun, and that gun has it farther away.

  • Aaron

    Skin503, so just because someone makes a zombie survival related thing they are automatically a left 4 dead or resident evil rip off?

    • SKIN503

      COD/BLOPS has no innavation, you would think they could come up with material not so played out. And it does look like a L4D clone.

  • the guy

    all i’ve got to say, is… Music by: Avenged Sevenfold.

  • Super Swag Guy


  • ZombieDuty


  • cod

    love famas, i use only automatic guns, claymores for runners, nova for campers, ninja for teh silence and me turtle beaches, crssbow ftw cams, doh cause i reload after every kill, im an all out rapefest on black ops. i havnt checked but i bet my kd is over 3.5

    Primary Gun:Famas
    Primary Attachment:Red Dot – mini x
    Secondary Gun:crossbow
    Secondary Attachment:
    Lethal Grenade:nova gas
    Tactical Grenade:semtex
    Perk 1:Hardline Pro
    Perk 2:Slight of hand pro
    Perk 3: ninja pro
    Game-type Used For:all

    u might like this app

  • http://balckops ryan

    i saw dual rangers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Li

    Is the Tralier Sarah who’s signature is SMG is holding n AK-74 which is what? an SMG coincidence? i think not

  • JaKe

    Uhm…I see a AK-47? Also if you look closely at the bottom you see
    Music By: Avenged Sevenfold,45 Grave…..Two songs? or One with two bands playing it?

  • kk358

    its round 2 and way the m16 is upgraded

  • Narj

    maybe one day they’ll actually have a female soldier in their so called “reality” “cotroversal” FPS single player game.

    i doubt it. developers haven’t grown balls yet in those regards.

    fine in Zombie games though, because that’s “light hearted”… yeah show a female soldier being blown to pieces in Call of Duty.

    Not going to happen, jeez.. activisions really lost some balls.

    • McFatty

      If you look on the site you will see that everything that would involve what the campaign is aroun (field infantry) is closed to woman. Maybe thats why??

  • Memoho1

    I bearly can survive 3 rounds on kino der toten call of duty black ops zombies ps3

  • max

    only to round 3 Kino Der Toten (theater of the dead)ive been to round 27 and the gun is a AK-47 not a AK74u ok itsw AK74u not AK47u and theres something up with the new charachters i mean what happened to the original people dr. Richtoven, Tank Dempsy, Nickoli, i cant remember what the russian guys name is. But this looks really cool with the new things i cant wait.

  • O.o

    um nikolai is the russwian guy???? so i dont no what ur on MAX?? anyway it seems pretty good but i like the old characters(and thats how u spell characters MAX?)

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