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Black Ops Map Pack 2: Escalation Due on Xbox 360 in May

by William Schwartz on April 5, 2011

Australian games retailer, GAME, leaked a flyer for the next Call of Duty: Black Ops Map Pack.  Titled “Escalation”, this second map pack will feature four new multiplayer maps, and a brand new zombies map.  As you can see in the flyer below, the multiplayer maps look to be called Zoo, Convoy, Hotel, and Stockpile.  The next zombie map will be called “Call of the Dead”?

The flyer also notes, as expected, that the content will be available once again on Xbox Live before anywhere else.  So you can expect a PSN and PC release shortly thereafter the advertised date of May 3rd, 2011.  Will Treyarch continue to follow the path of interactive maps in Escalation?  If they do, will we see animal attacks at the zoo?  That would be awesome..I’m just sayin.

Expect more news on the second Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Map Pack in the near future.  As this wasn’t a planned announcement, no other info besides the leaflet is available at this time.

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  • Damien

    So you’re saying it came out march 5th? Cause the other posters always did month first.

    • marco vega


    • Michael

      Well in German they do Day.month.year so 03.05.11 would me May 3rd and not March 5th

  • William Schwartz

    I think the date is written that way in the region the flyer was released. I do know the pack didn’t release last month…. pretty sure that is.

  • TheAllSeeingEye

    Freakin awesome, I can’t wait for this. CoD map packs are the best. You pay 15 bucks a couple of times and you get a whole year of entertainment. Why people hate on this game I’ll never know. The mulitplayer is one of the best, the graphics are pretty decent, its a ton of fun to play. Too many people hate on Call of Duty, just because its popular.

    • dill dock

      you ilumianti fuck tard. GTFO u NWO freack

  • marco vega

    II wish that zoo could be the new zombie map.LOL that will be cool dogs and monkeys killing you. The wonderwaffle could come back.

  • marco vega

    Im really good cause i hacked it and 15th perstige and old red guns. JK lol Im in TC that clan should get banned forever

  • Alex PS360

    Cool. Another zombie map…… but where do i go to get waw zombie maps for black ops.


    You need the hardened or prestige editions of bo, or you can buy the codes from ebay or amazon.

  • ke

    no they format their date different in AUS than in US, so its dd-mm–yyyy, not mm-dd-yyyy as you are probably accustomed.

  • no u

    no, its cuz of the 10 year olds and the little cheap things like the grenade launcher being abused by said 10 year olds

  • zeroaim1

    i think it is due for may 3, 2011 not march 5

  • Jacob Brickner

    as far as interactive maps animals in zoo is a possibilty but by looking at the poster my guess is that hotel will have cables to take you from floor to floor perhaps?

  • Travis

    yeah, in other countries its usually day/month/year
    I have a poster of a band that my friend from germany sent and thats how the date is. im assuming it must be the same for AU?

  • WOOLLEY 57

    convoy may have interactive veichles like in WaW with the tanks

    • Jacob Brickner

      Well as much as I would like tanks if there was going to be tanks in Black Ops it would’ve been on the disc.Most COD fans like infantry based games better.I bought WaW yesterday and I’m returning it today so I can buy some microsoft points so when it comes out I’m going to stay up till midnight and download it the second it comes out

  • Xdsdgf

    Having zoo animals attack me would be beast… No pun intended

  • alex

    in australia we go day month year this poster is off the australian website but always happy that people leak so many stuff proves how popular cod is no 1 can keep it a secret whether its the game its self or a thing in the game or its campain or zombies or map packs or weapions im just happy no 1 can keep secrets these days :P

  • Grayson

    If you get killed by Lions in Zoo, a hunk of meat appears and it says “Steaks were made.”

  • ps3man1222

    fuck zbox PS3!!!!!!!!

    • ps3man1222

      who do you think you are zbox its xbob…..god get it right

  • gomez

    you right xbox is for Faaaaaaaaggggggggsssss…..haha get it that means that all of you are gayyyyy!!!GO PS3

  • Redead142

    I thought firing range was gonna be the new zombie map

  • typhoon1234567

    It was leaked by an Australian company so it would be dd-mm-yyyy and anyway its will be a different date for PS3 owners.

  • omar m

    I wish there was a zombie map of my school because I dont like it . It would be a great zombie im with my friends talk a =bout it all the timeLOL its the best I have or else another map for multplayer. Replay if you would like to ahve a contest and tryarch picks the winner to make a map pack of his choice. I would ahve 2 zombie maps and 4 new amps.Zomibie maps are zoo and lakeview zombie school. The maps are “freeway “, “inside” where your inside an big plane while flying in the air “mansion”, and last but not least “mall”.

  • omar m

    Hi mom

  • riki

    its an EU poster

  • jreezex

    ps3 owns!

  • nick

    it says may 3rd not march 5th

  • YourDa

    F**K all u N0BZ

  • BFBC2

    Every where does the date like this, apart from America.

  • SKIN503

    Zoo animals and Zombies…..COD is a joke but its nice to see they are focusing more on our kids as thats all that play this crappy second to Battlefeild slowly dieing title.

  • Noble 6

    Activision is running COD into the ground. The COD games have been almost exactly the same since COD 4 came out. the multiplayer was okay at first, but i eventually lost focus because it was so repetitive.

  • Noble 6

    the PS3 controller is terrible for shooters.

    • bob

      Get over it and adapt to it

  • josh

    well its already past march so i guess your sources were wrong

  • Deadly_Rue

    If only you could make your own custom map to play. But then again there would prolly be too many people online creating too much. lol

  • Joe Moe


  • SoLoxDragonFist

    The new map pack will released in may then follwed up with the official trailer with modern warfare 3 . Thats how activision works. they always announce mid year with a new game.

  • John

    thats LGIT

  • Tyler

    Ok i guess

  • jack


  • jack

    this is totally shit!!

  • David

    there better not be another black ops game the last one was fucking shit man the only thing could on black ops was the zombie level the rest of it was shit

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