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Borderlands free to PlayStation Plus members in September

by William Schwartz on August 27, 2012

If you need to get up to speed on the Borderlands franchise prior to the release of Borderlands 2, you can do so on the free if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber. September’s Instant Game Collection update includes the shoot and loot title on September 4th.

Borderlands 2 arrives on September 18th, so there’s ample time to trek through the game’s campaign and familiarize yourself with the original vault hunters. If you do make it through, Plus subs can also pick up the exceptional Borderlands add-ons at a reasonable 50% off as well.

We’re still waiting on more details about the expansion of PlayStation Plus coverage to the PS Vita, but Sony had previously announced that PS Vita owners would be seeing some benefit prior to the end of the year.

Look for Borderlands on the PlayStation Store in the September 4th update.

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  • Cool dude

    According to Allen, MS payed AOTF to post this article…

    I agree with him, you guys are sell outs!

  • Allen

    Fuck you Cool Dude. They are sellouts for only posting US sales figures. They are sell outs for posting a new article every other day about fucking Halo. Hype hype hype, then we got William, someone I respect but he’s an xbot too. Pays M$ each and every year..something that’s coming up again in just a couple of months and I”m sure he’ll just pay them again..just like you. Just a waste of money and supporting ass holes that sold you crappy overpriced, limited hardware.

    I cannot forgive someone that says they are a true gamer then looks the other way while they support ass holes like M$ ass raping the gaming community.

    There is no logic in supporting 360 at all. They don’t do shit for you and you STILL to this day have not given me 1 real reason why you support them as well.

    Boarderlands, sweet title and one I haven’t picked up yet. Glad I hopped on the PS+ bandwagon. I already made up my $50 from selling all my old copies of games I got for free. I’ve also been collecting free games from playstation exclusive content.

    • Cool dude

      What? I said I agreed with you dint I?


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