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Breaking: Bears Coming to Kinectimals

by Bill Hess on July 26, 2011

Panda Bear Kinectimals

If you fall into the category of a gamer that really wants to play more Kinectimals but just weren’t happy with the title because there weren’t enough bears in it, you’re in luck, Microsoft has heard your call.  One of Kinect’s best selling franchises, Kinectimals, is getting an addition called “Bear Island”.  You’ll get to snuggle up with these cozy critters and have plenty to choose from to boot, so far Microsoft has announced the Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Cinnamon Bear, Polar Bear, and Glacier Bear.

The content will be available via Xbox Live Marketplace as an addition to the game for 1200 MSP, or they’ll also be re-releasing Kinectimals with the new Bear Island content at retail under the title Kinectimals Now With Bears!

Note:  Bears will rip your face off then eat you if you see them in their natural habitats no matter how nice and cuddly they are on Kinectimals… just so you know.


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  • Dunny_Lufc

    also note that panda’s breath fire when intimidated…

  • John Kirby

    Stephen Colbert is awesome.

  • Silenthawx

    In other news Sony is the last remaining hardcore console as others start assimilating into the casual market

  • Allen

    I knew it and I love seeing I am right. Star Wars is huge, I mean HUGE with a freaking capitol H.

    Kinect Star Wars is going to be extreamly hyped up, well I stumbled upon a nice review, I’ll give you the link to as well. But one sentance standed out for me.

    “Lightsaber lag, clumsy motion controls, below par graphics and the limitations of scripted on-rails levels were a sad indication that Kinect Star Wars isn’t really working yet. It felt awkward to use, but most importantly it didn’t make me feel like a Jedi”

    Now this is where I think Lucas Arts have gone wrong, first off they chose the wrong Motion Controls. I mean look at Move, it’s accurate, it doesn’t lag and it never misreads commands. Plus that freaking glowing ball is perfect to help you pretend it’s a light saber!

    I remember when Star Wars The Force Unleashed came out, all these kids in the stores talking about how the Wii mote is going to make it like a real light saber and bla bla bla.

    Guess what? Wii couldn’t do it. But from the games I’ve played on Move like Start the party and Sports Champions and The Fight Lights Out and Killzone 3 I know for a fact that you could use your controller as a light saber.

    But instead we get this laggy unresponsive kinect crap because M$ paid big money for it. And it really is crap, no good games. you have to even go slow on the kinect star wars to get it to work correctly.

    Anyways I really want to see Star Wars Battlefront 3 and a bad ass Star Wars move game. Not this MMO coming out or The Force Unleashed that contradicts what really happend.

  • Allen

    Oh on a side note, the nearly $500 Kinect Star Wars 360 bundle does look cool. If I were stupid enough to buy a 360, that might be a weiner.

    But then again, laggy, unresponsive, pay to play crap. Better off sticking with Playstation, PC and even Wii.

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