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Bungie’s next game will be Xbox exclusive, details uncovered in legal documents

by Bill Hess on May 21, 2012

Apparently Bungie’s next title is due to arrive exclusively on the Xbox 360 in 2013, according to recently uncovered court documents discovered by the L.A. Times. After leaving the shadow of Microsoft’s umbrella, Bungie signed on with Activision back in 2010, and has agreed to a four game deal, with four downloadable add-ons over the course of eight years. The first game in the franchise codenamed “Destiny”, is due exclusively on the Xbox 360 in 2013, with a possible release on other platforms at a later date and on the next generation Xbox 720.

Stemming from Activision’s recent legal battle with Jason West and Vincent Zampella, the court documents uncovered other details about what to expect from Bungie in their next game. The “Destiny Property” as is described in the contract  is a “Massively multiplayer, sci-fantasy, action shooter game”.

According to the contract, Bungie is set to release new titles in Fall of 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019 with DLC releases in Fall 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2020.  Bungie themselves have yet to announce anything specifically in regards to their next project, but if a 2013 release is on the calendar, it shouldn’t be long before we hear something from the Washington based studio responsible for the creation of the Halo franchise.

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  • GreenRings

    Wait a second. Wasn’t this supposed to be multi-platform? Wasn’t that the big deal when Bungie signed with Activision. Oh well… To bad, it looks like PlayStation fanboys will have to wait for the best stuff yet again.

  • bigjershby

    “Massively multiplayer, sci-fantasy, action shooter game”. that sounds exactly like dust 514

    • GreenRings

      Sounds like Dust but good because its Bungie.

  • Cool dude

    Wouldn’t that be nice.

  • NJ

    I think it’s only a timed exclusive, can’t see Activision cutting their profit like that. What interested me is that it said the first title (next year ) would arrive on the “Xbox 720″. A lot of things are coming out (job listings etc.) that are suggesting the next generation consoles will arive next year.

  • Allen

    Pure speculation

    • Ted

      If by speculation you mean legal documents that form a binding contract than yeah…speculation.


    God not another timed exclusive.

  • bigjershby

    it is in fact a timed exclusive *shakeshead* what a fail i wont be buying the next xbox unless they drop the 360 and do a 180

    dust 514 will be free is if it dont suck it could be epic

  • Frank

    Pffff, you xbots can keep whatever comes from Activision and Bungie. We all know EA/Dice love the PS3 more.

    • Cool dude

      No.. thry love the money recieved from certain companies idiot. Pfft.. typical fanbiy.

  • hoppsy

    Personally if i was an xbox fan i’d be saying, “hey microsoft, stop spending so much money on timed exclusives that are A) being made regardless and B) going multiplat anyway and spend some money making a brand new ip in house thats a true exclusive!”

    but hey, thats just me


      Why is everyone disliking him thats good advice

  • bigjershby

    i havent had my 360 for 10 months yet and ive already blown through everything it has to offer but yea i would also add to that a ip that isnt a shooter

  • Rick

    MS has plenty of money to throw around, just from their office products alone. It’s not like the sony camp where they support their tv’s by cutting investment on psn security.

    • hoppsy

      well then why are xbox exclusives as rare as rocking horse shit?

  • bigjershby

    i dont know where ur going with that rick but FYI xbl has goting hacked on average 2x a year the most resent being november 2011 when 20,000 acounts got stolen that 1 was called the “fifa hack” u just dont see much about it cuz that how MS throws that money around

    b4 u replie look it up save urself the time of a fanboy rage replie

    • Valhalla

      Fifa hack which was never a breach but a brute force attack with a captcha glitch.

      Just sayin.

      Atleast get some proof of REAL hacking not just rumours. Your just like allen.


    Allen won’t stop crying

  • bigjershby
  • bigjershby

    my names josh btw….i dont have the problem of not knowing what im talking about like some of u i see things for what they r not what i want to believe

  • Dan Radler

    I hope Bungie retains their quality of games with this new project, it’s always scary when a game studio tries something new. But I’m pretty excited to see what they have up their sleeve.

  • bigjershby

    this is not a attack at u dan

    “it’s always scary when a game studio tries something new.” thats the problem with gaming today without new things gameing would die simple as that and that way of thinking is new and need s to die b4 it takeover over more then it already has

    for me step 1 would be to cut cost by eliminating 100% voice acting in games it is a unnecessary add on that jacks developing cost witch further feeds the “new things r scary” thinking

    • hoppsy

      Voice acting is unnecessary? I think that’s an opinion and not a fact, i also think it would probably be an opinion that falls into the minority

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