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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will probably release during Eclipse

by Bill Hess on April 22, 2012

Activision has been quiet about what to expect from the next Call of Duty game, which is undoubtedly set to arrive later this year.  Early rumors suggested that Treyarch would be doubling down on the Black Ops franchise, with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Retail marketing materials have surfaced that point to a May 2nd reveal date for the franchise, but something else has also popped up at GameStop.  New marketing materials have outed the project as Call of Duty “Eclipse”, and Activision has gone as far as to label the game with the Eclipse moniker prior to its official announcement.

Did Activision go through all this trouble just to save the reveal of Black Ops 2, so that they could do it on their terms?  It’s hard to tell.  Later this year though, more specifically on November 13th, the Earth will see a full solar eclipse.  That just so happens to fall right in line with Call of Duty’s traditional release window.

We’ll all probably need to wait until May 2nd for the official announcement from Activision to see what Treyarch’s been up to, but it looks like our questions will be answered in just a few short weeks.  Below you’ll find some of the imagery that’s been spotted in retail stores across the country.

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  • Bryant

    I’m looking forward to this. There is no denying that treyarch are the only people that even attempt to innovate in Activision. Infinity Ward is finished

    • Bobbyjjim

      I agree with you 100%. At first, I loved black ops, then I began to hate it and took a long break. I decided to skip out on MW3 because I realized that it would suck. 

      Recently I went back to Black Ops and I am really liking it again. It is soooooooooooooo balanced and has many new things in it (possibly borrowed from Halo Reach but watevs). 

      It is a shame that people hate Treyarch for eliminating sniping,  but it’s very fun to have a game where everybody uses normal guns. I am kinda pumped for Black Ops 2 even though im a battlefield guy.

      And zombies is great

      • Frank

        It’s because you suck at mw3. Treyarch is TERRIBLE. IW makes real games. BO looked worse than CoD 2 and 4. That’s pathetic. Unless they use something OTHER than the World at War engine again, I’ll pass and wait for next years cod.

        • Franpardo97

          Wow, I really sounded like an idiot in that post. All I’m saying is that playing and treyarch cod feels like a step backwards. People hate cod because it’s the best selling game every year. Does it get boring? Yes. Could they improve some stuff? Of course. But the foundation of the multiplayer element is PERFECT. Easy to pick up and play, but tough to get good at.

  • UnknownUser28

    Ikr, theres alot of black ops haters, but i like black ops. 

    It has better balance, and i like the currency system more.
    Like in black ops, the quickscoping was balanced, the people that really knew how to consistenly sniped, didnt complain, while the people who want 99.9% Infinity ward autoaim a.k.a ”Quickscoping” bitched about hit detection.


    Treyarch is the better of the two dev parties. Maybe it won’t suck this time.

    • Frank

      Everyone hated BO, now it’s okay? Again, you guys are all trash, that’s why you like BO. All the good players are no longer playing, so you guys destroy newbs. Sounds fun…

      • Roach

        @Frank with Cod (save 4) everyone hates the new edition (W@W, Mw2, Black Ops, Mw3) and laments on how the older version was so much better than the last. They then move on to the new edition, hate it, but a year later, comment on how great it is.


      Where the HELL did i say I liked black ops? Black Ops is easily tied with mw2 and cod3 for the worst cod released. I respect treyarch because they took some ballsy moves with blacks op and tried to shake things up. it obviously didn’t work, but at least they try. 

      • AIRFREAK

        *black ops

  • Wh1pL4shL1ve

    I just want zombies!!!!!!!!!


    Nah way better games to buy than this

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