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Call of Duty: Black Ops II Premieres on Xbox at E3. You’ve seen it all before.

by Ethan Powers on June 4, 2012

The moment Call of Duty fans have been waiting for is upon them. Gameplay footage of Black Ops II is now readily available for the world to see, and while we won’t say it was a disappointment, some fans may be wondering what Treyarch has changed, if anything, from its predecessor.

The demo began with the player in an armored car as the game’s protagonist is amidst Secret Service agents protecting the President. What follows is the same sequence you’ve seen countless times in CoD games: set-pieces are triggered, ending with a shellshocked crawl towards a companion who is screaming at them to move on.

Nevertheless, you’re thrown into battle on a Los Angeles highway. You then take the reigns of a tank anti-aircraft gun and begin taking down enemy planes. Soon after, you take a position as a sniper and provide your men with covering fire.

The demo jumped to L.A.’s downtown plaza in which the gunfight continues. If you’ve played Modern Warfare 3, you’ll recognize the “building collapsing” sequences as familiar territory. After you get into a jet, you rain fire upon your enemies on the streets of downtown L.A., where the demo ends shorty after showing you the utter chaos that you may or may not have seen before in a prior CoD installment.

We’re hoping Activision will show us something we haven’t seen before when our E3 coverage heats up throughout the week.

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  • JD

    Ah, another $60 map pack from Treyarch/Infinity Ward. Honestly, this series peaked at the first Modern Warfare. Everything after that has been a repackaged dud that everyone rushes to buy. Reminds me of Apple products.

  • WhatAToolsack

    Yeah, because EA hasn’t been doing it for years with their craptastic sports games…

  • Brandon

    I think this review grossly oversimplifies the series. It’s much like saying, “Madden is the same old thing, John Madden narrating and people running into each other with the same old oblong ball.”

  • njb

    I get what you mean bout EA’s sports games . but fifa is a yearly release and every two or 3 they changed and added features. Fifa just got more realistic and better. Sports have fans so video games are just part of the merchandise. COD on the otherhand has done nothing new since MW1 & WAW, And they say they change every game but it hasnt.

  • Frank

    The question is, what’s there to change? Gameplay has always been solid, as is the campaign and multiplayer. You guys want them to build an entirely new engine this late in the Gen, only to throw it out the next? Don’t get me wrong, I hate the fact that new CoDs are released every year, and I do believe if they wait two years to release em they’ll be appreciated more, but again, why fix what isn’t broken?

  • The Future of Sega

    What do Call of Duty games, EA Sports Games, and American vehicles all have in common?……They SUCK.

    • The Future of Sega

      Two people…SUCK.

    • The Future of Sega

      Don’t EVER give me a thumbs down!!!!

    • The Future of Sega

      8 people…fail. NO ONE gives me a thumbs down. OWNAGE!!!!

  • Brevs

    I hope you guys all know that IW has been working on the next gen cod title for many years now. But it is finally starting to become a full time project. This explains why they are releasing the same washed up game each year. Atleast Treyarch tries new things. But, I try not to bash IW. They have a lot on their plate. Expect a lot of old fans coming back to CoD when the release their next gen title because I have a feeling it will innovate.

  • njb

    I had no problems with IW.

    MW1 was just amazing, bread & butter. MW2 was a lil better, it wasnt perfect but it was better. My beef is with Treyarch, all their CODs have BIG & obvious problems and their not polished.

    WAW was fun, playing multiplayer & zombies with friends and the kill streaks made u forgive the bugs, glitches and unbalanced guns. But BlackOps on PS3 was just disgusting, it shouldnt have made it past quality control. BlackOps isnt a powerhouse in graphics and the engine isnt powerful so thats no excuse for saying its cause of the PS3, they must have ported it and changed the controls and the buttons and that is it.

    It was so laggy online on all platforms, Unbalanced and OP guns (AK74u), the frame rate dropped below 500FPS when an airstrike or napalm was used in the ps3 version. BlackOps did not run in 720 and it certainly was not 1080p.

    If they want sales and want to prolong COD, y not just release DLC and Expansions instead of printing and releasing a game yearly as “New” when its not. All so they can charge £54.99 RRP every time.

    And whts funny is that ppl say COD is bad but they just cant stop playing it and they buy it as soon as its out.

  • bored of cod

    MW3 is a discrace, Black ops looked like a Ps2 game ,as long as the fanboys lap it up every 12 months infinty ward & Treyarch will just pump out the same old drivel and make their share holders happy.All of us have played the next installment already,nothing new just revamped.Mw1 was a classic everything after it is boring and unoriginal . Im 41 now maybe im a cynical grumpy old git or maybe iv just seen it all before.

  • The Future of Sega

    COD…Madden football…it’s just a non-ending cycle of SUCK. Maybe if they put in the EFFORT in REINVIGORATING these games with some fucken dignity and passion…their sales would be truly phenomenal. Oh well…lazy asses can expect cheap purchases because I will certainly not be purchasing these games at full price!

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