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Creator of The Last Guardian Leaving Sony?

by Bill Hess on November 30, 2011

Creator of The Last Guardian Leaving Sony?

The creator of The Last Guardian, Ico, and Shadow of the Colossus has allegedly left Sony.  Sources of Eurogamer suggest that Fumito Ueda has left the company and is one of the reasons that the game has taken so long to arrive after being delayed numerous times.

Just a few months back, a progress report was given by Sony Computer Entertainment asking fans to hang in there with the development process for the beautiful looking PlayStation 3 exclusive.  While games see issues that cause delays all the time, that don’t necessarily signal key developers leaving the company, this reasoning would make it a lot easier to understand why the game has been pushed to “an unspecified time in 2012″.

It is rumored that after the development of The Last Guardian, Ueda will move on to personal projects.  No statements have been made by Sony on the matter.

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  • bozmanbeyond

    Ahhh He has seen the light and said, “Hey I can make more money on my own. Thanks you Sony for getting me started.”

  • skapoo

    supposedly the VP of Marketing at Sony was let go and was escorted out by security… whats going on!

  • think about it

    ;) Sony is fallig apart, they never stoood too tall , avg azn is like a hobbit

  • Titan

    Probably joining up with the 720 team, best to abandon ship while sony becomes the next Sega.

    • therapist

      next sega? man you stupid.

    • Tbone

      Yup, I can see the PS4 being the next Dreamcast, soon Sony will switch gears and go multi-plat with their exclusives since it will be more profitable.

      Plenty of Sega fans back in the day that thought slightly better graphics, mature exclusives, and some additional features would carry the Dreamcast too, pretty stupid….

  • reality

    Sony is crumbling fast! I would like to say this makes me laugh, while it makes me chuckle that another exclusive gets pushed back (seems like acted don’t it?), I don’t want Sony to fold. Remember competition is key to us getting better products.

  • SonyFan

    Key word “ALLEGEDLY”!

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