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Crew Mode Returns In NBA 2K15 For PS3 And Xbox 360

by Damian Seeto on August 5, 2014

nba screenshot

2K Sports has announced that Crew Mode makes a triumphant return in NBA 2K15. However, the mode is only being featured for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Crew Mode was last featured in NBA 2K11 and was sorely missed in NBA 2K12, NBA 2K13 and NBA 2K14. 2K Sports listened to all the feedback from fans over the years and brought it back for NBA 2K15. However, it’s noted Crew Mode is back only for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. 2K Sports hinted the PS4 and Xbox One versions has something similar, but won’t be sharing details yet.

2K Sports added this to current-gen consoles in order to make PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers feel special. They mentioned they didn’t want to be like other game publishers that forget about the older consoles.

During 2K Sports’ twitch stream, they also showed the first screenshots for NBA 2K15 on PS3 and Xbox 360. The graphics look the same, but it still looks decent. Obviously the PS4 and Xbox One versions will look better like last year, but the visuals are decent for the aging PS3 and Xbox 360 hardware.

It’s also worth mentioning Crew Mode in NBA 2K15 is back in full. Everything featured in NBA 2K11 is there, plus they added more awesome features to the mode too. If you loved the mode back in NBA 2K11, you’ll be nuts if you don’t pick up NBA 2K15.

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  • Johnny gg


  • Paul G


  • JaredBanks

    Something similar= Park 2.0

  • dfella504

    why da hell da graphic’s can’t get a lil better? i men they look even more real in 2k11 hell come on…i agree wit @johnny gg this shit weak

    • atrain

      they cant make em better tho they maxed out wit 13. i agree o 11 looking better tho. atr

  • dametreas

    Uhhh this article is wrong, crew was in 2k14 for 360 and ps3

    • J

      No it wasn’t dumbass

  • wsjune34

    2k is trash…. why put crew on last Gen but not next Gen who gives a fucc bout that old shit…. this why I never been a fan of 2k sports cuz they always on some bullshit

  • Dennis Crosby

    I’m so done with nba2k. Every it fill like a disappoint after 2k11 came out. I remember last year they had all those guy make videos saying crew was back in NBA2k14xb360/ps3 and it wasn’t it was just team black top and I bought the next gen version hoping for better things and it ended up have less things then the last gen version. The only way I can even consider buying the 2k15 is if they have full crew like 2k11 and instead of the park the all player to watch crew vs crew from the stands

  • 2k really

    I skipped buying 2k this year. I even voiced concerns on bleacher report and 2k forums. I think 2k is going downhill 2k10 was the last good version. Since then they have over complicated the controls dumbed down the graphics and added some much nonsense! People who buy this game play online and quick match and 5vs5 should be the focus if they want to reboot there high ratings. Until then they are doomed with declined user adoption. I make sure to tell everyone at game stop it’s not what it used to be.

  • R

    Crews WAS in nba 2k14 on Xbox 360 and PS3. It was on the online mode.

    • Boss

      If u think that was crew then u never played 2k11

  • Indian Jay07

    Why cant they ever do anything right? It should be on both systems! If you have to pick one then develop it for the Xbox One Idiots! Can they develop it for Atari too?

  • Aundre Hayes

    This exactly why I sold my xbox along with 2k. Xbox and 2k is trash now

  • Brooklyn Jayy

    Stop complaining so damn much be thankful for them bringing it back

  • Israel Gordon

    This is bull shit put my crew on next gen to why are treating new consoles like shit

    • Fairness

      It’s fair. Next gen gets all the better graphics and a small story line to go with it. PS3 and Xbox 360 gets shit graphics and no story line. Next gen has their benefits and so does regular gen. Stop being such spoiled pieces of shit complaining about it.

      • Boss

        No it is not fair. The new consoles have been out for a year now. I’m pretty sure all the teenagers and kids that has the ability to use paid for wifi from their
        homes has the ability to save up and buy a ps4. They should focus more on the ps4 and Xbox one since they are the better and newer consoles and not the older consoles. Y’all should be grateful that they are still even releasing games for y’all anymore considering that the current gen consoles are burnt out but yet y’all still bitch about graphics? FOH time to upgrade.

        • Houd

          Grow the F up. Not everyone has the money or are in your same situation. Spoiled btch. Stop being so selfish and mind your own business. I WISH I had a ps4. You ungrateful bastard. I’m done with lil 12yo like you.

    • rico

      Because it is shit..

  • Israel Gordon

    We want my crew too

  • oh shut up

    They hinted that the next gen will have something similar. If you idiots read then maybe you would have seen that. Most likely it will be better than the current gen games.

  • lulzy pants

    not complaining in any way but sounds like this is the tradeoff for WWE 2k15 on next gen getting mycareer and not current gen, so I guess they’re kinda making even?

  • Rock Curtis

    yes thats what I’m talking about thanks 2k

  • JalilSwag_323

    this is the xbox 360

  • janvier88

    How tf do u not put crew on the new mf systems tho stupid goofy mf dumb mf stupid mf dumb mfs

  • janvier88

    I’m buying nba live 98… I mean 15

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