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Crysis 2 DX11 Patch is Coming

by Ethan Powers on June 22, 2011

If anyone thought Crysis 2‘s graphics weren’t up to snuff, they’ll soon be putting their money where their mouth is. Crytek has announced that the highly anticipated DX11 patch will be available after the PC patch version 1.9 releases next week. The patch will consist of high quality HDR motion blur, realistic shadows, real time local reflections, higher resolution textures and much much more. Patch 1.9 must be installed in order to enable the DX11 patch which will be a separate download.

In light of all the amazing visuals coming from DICE’s Battlefield 3, will Crysis 2‘s new coat of polish give DICE a run for their money? (Oh yes, I managed to squeeze a BF3 reference in there.)

[imagebrowser id=314]

Source: MyCrysis

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  • nick

    bout time. Crysis 2 is a very well designed shooter, that does most things right. The graphics were disappointing though considering Crysis 1 screenshots look identical to real life photos. This should fix that.

  • John

    Why the sh*t wasn’t this available day 1? In the meantime they released 2 DLC map packs, their intentions are clear, to make money, they do not give a rodents rectum about the consumer.

  • Chad

    It’s EA, what do u expect…

  • Randy

    it doesn`t f***** matter now i`ve finished it already.

  • Donald Linaburg

    Just a quick ? If the game wasn’t up to par with the previous wouldn’t that be on the deve;per

  • Donald Linaburg

    Developer* Sorry for the bad spelling The ads on the side of te page get in my way

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