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Crysis 2 PC Multiplayer Demo Now Available

by Bill Hess on February 28, 2011

Been waiting patiently for the Crysis 2 PC demo?  Wait no longer, because the demo is now available courtesy of EA.  The PC Demo will give you access to two multiplayer maps: Skyline & Pier 17.  You’ll also be granted access to two of the game modes from the full game.  Team Instant Action, which is a deathmatch style affair, where you main objective is to kill as many opponents as you can in the alloted time.  And then you have Crash Site, which is more akin to a King of the Hill style game where you will fight for control of alien drop pods and rack up points in the process.

It was said to be coming on March 1st, but Crytek and EA gave a small early surprise.  The file is 1.6 GB so get downloading.  You can download the beta from link below.

Crysis 2 Beta – PC

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  • Gabriel


  • geezer

    its a virus!!!

    • William Schwartz

      Come on man. It’s not a virus it’s from EA.

  • BMAN

    where the hell do you do download it from? cant find it anywhere.

  • patriotaki

    coool thanks ! maxspeed =D

  • Cpt.Crash

    Finaly the moment has arrived can’t wait for download to be finished!!!!!

  • Cpt.Crash

    To download it click on the {Crysis 2 Beta-PC} That’s above the crysis 2 pictures

  • rovim

    can’t create account :(

  • Liquidignition

    It’s a virus. Avg picked it up while downloading.

    • William Schwartz

      It’s a virus from EA then, EA I highly doubt is sending out viruses for the world to download. I think that would be a bad PR move.


    Looks legit to me. Also in my opinion, AVG is rubbish, uninstall it.

  • sahidusmaximus

    If u want u can also get it at

  • ezra448 will kill you

    i finished the download but i cant find it i look for it in on my computer butt its not there and i deffinitly downloaded it please help me!!!

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