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Crysis Compared on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

by William Schwartz on October 13, 2011

Crysis Compared on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

The Original Crysis recently released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as a downloadable title.  For the first time, console gamers have their chance to experience the original Crysis in all it’s glory.  Well, not all it’s glory, but it’s an excellent looking title given the fact that it’s four years old.

Our friends at Lens of Truth recently put both versions of the game up against each other in a Head to Head Screenshot feature.  You can find the full breakdown over on the Lens of Truth site (link below) which has a wide array of screenshots, comparisons, roll-overs, and more.

For our Crysis review head here, for the full comparison hit the source link below.

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  • Cool dude

    Oooo CRYSIS!!!! The pc benchmark!!!

    • Cool dude

      For EVERYONE TO SEE. The console graphics wars are now officially over. The graphical difference between consoles in 95% of ALL games that are being released only have 2.5% graphical difference.

      SO EVERYONE just rest it. Lets just start the graphics wars next gen

  • Gman

    Uh don’t you mean “Crysis Compared on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3″, not Crysis 2?

    • Cool dude


  • Adam

    I don’t really understand the writers here sometimes. You guys complain of all the arguing fanboys, and yet you post stuff like this? All this is going to do is piss off this stupid community as they nit-pick and fight over the consoles.

    Seriously people, LOOK AT THE SCREEN SHOTS. Who the hell cares? They are for all intents and purposes identical.

    I’m sure this is going to get thumbed down because of the stupid PS3 fanboys and Xbox 360 fanboys, but come on guys. What does it matter? The game looks great on both consoles.

    • Allen

      Sorry Adam, out of my hatred for you I automatically thumbed you down but I then read your comment and actually agree with you.

      These days most games are just about perfectly equal with lighting differences that can be adjusted your self either in game or on your TV.

      Now if you are going to compare graphics quality you have to go to exclusives.

    • adam

      Thanks for that.

      Also in response to you Allen, I don’t hate you man. I don’t even KNOW you. I just don’t really understand why you rant so much, that shit would get so boring. Don’t you get that you’re mainly arguing against teenagers 24/7 who seriously don’t know their ass from their elbow? I get that you like the PS3, but it just seems so fruitless O_o


    xbox version is beta

  • Jason

    ? Its the first one they just finally released it on consoles! It is better than the 2nd one IMO!

  • AKA Zzz

    360 looks better.

  • josh

    stupid stupid video.

  • Black_Napalm

    ATTACK OF THE SHITTY PORT!!!!!!!! ……. yeah everyone and i mean EVERYONE here knows that the PS3 can do way better then this not saying it would be better then the Xbox version but its like they didn’t even try. just another half assed port i am not sure why they even bother……

    • Cool dude

      Yes its a very crap port. I agree. Ps3 should have 1.5% better graphics!! It so important to get that 1.5% out of the System so we can smack talk towards the 360! ZOMFG 1.5% difference will tell the winner of the console wars..

      Erm… How little difference does it make if the ps3 version was better?? Obviously 360 wins this one but what if it was vice versa.. is it the end of the world??? i don’t think so…

    • Black_Napalm

      Look at RAGE it’s almost identical on the consoles. I am just saying if there not going to try to at least make the two versions close then why bother making it at all.

    • Cool dude

      OMG, you don’t get it do you??

      What differnce does it make??. Ohhh, that shadow is on the Ps3!! And xbots don’t have it!! ZOMG my game play experience is so much betterer!!

      RAGE doesnt even have identical textures. Xbox 360 wins that game but does it make any difference?? No, no they don’t.

  • Heard it here first

    I hate Xbox, but i give the graphics win to it. The textures look better and less muddied.

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