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Crytek has big plans for Homefront 2

by Bill Hess on March 16, 2012

When Homefront launched in 2011 critics didn’t take kindly to the shooter from Kaos Studios.  Worse yet, THQ sunk a ton of money into the marketing push for the game.  While that marketing might have paid off as far initial sales go (Homefront did pretty well), many saw the quality issues overshadow the massive hype behind the game.

Many critics echoed similar sentiments about Homefront.  It was an exciting premise that just wasn’t executed as well as it could have been. Enter Crytek.  The popular FPS developer is taking over the reigns for THQ in an attempt to bring the same level of quality that it has for it’s popular Crysis titles.

Crytek is hopeful about Homefront 2’s chances.  In a recent interview with Games Industry International Crytek head Avni Yerli believes that the game is positioned really well, and has already had a great marketing effort to make the title known among shooter fans.  “With Crytek quality attached to it and similar marketing attached to it, it can make a big splash at the time it comes out.”

Not much is known about the sequel to Homefront.  Crytek and THQ are both being tight lipped about the sequel, which is due out between April ’13 and March ’14.


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    Homefront was an attempt to take the best of cod and BF and combine them. Hopefully they’ll do it right this time.




      Bro, you know you’re either gonna get the next Battlefield or COD, you know you have enough already but that doesn’t matter. It will happen o_O

  • Silenthawx

    The offtopic, the ads on this site are getting annoying. Its one thing to have a visual queue but I always get a fell fledged animated video. Lack of subtlety much?

    • William Schwartz

      Can you explain exactly what you are seeing when you come to the site? We use third party advertisers and have no control over the content that is hosted in those spots. Can you tell me what type of video,brand, etc and maybe I can find the culprit. No non-user initiated audio is supposed to play on this site with advertisers that we use, but it does happen.

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    • Silenthawx

      Resolve stain busters and Lysol No touch kitchen system

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      Makes sense given no one spoke up much of it. I, for one, am accessing this from Canada. It was quite recent and unfortunately is occurring on every new page. Either I mute the sound on my PC or manually mute each video. Hope this’ll be resolved somehow


      Im using an adblock app on my galaxy tab. No ads for me!

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      Well that’s one way to do it. Although, the little money that we do make from showing ads to our readers allows us to actually keep the site running. But if you don’t want to see any ads you could employ an add blocking app on your browser, Silent.

      I tried to view the site through a canadian proxy but I didn’t see any of the ads you were mentioning. I’ll keep an eye out for it, but in the meantime, I removed one of the squares and replaced it with a tower size ad, and hopefully that’ll stop at least one of them for you.

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      I dont see it anymore so whatever you did was greatly appreciated. I can understand the revenue that comes does support the site so if it happens again ill resort to the us of an ad blocker

  • xL337x Revenant

    Ill I might pick this up if Crytek took the wheel, but Homefront one was interestingly ok but not my cup of tea compared to COD or Battlefield, if they get it right it might replace Call of Duty out of my shooters list.

  • Frank

    If excecuted well, this could be huge. As said in the article, the first sold well, even though it wasn’t that great. With crytek developing this, I’d actually give it a go. Crysis 2 was amazing, sadly it’s online was DOA.

  • Roach

    I’m meh. Far Cry was amazing, but Crysis 1 and 2 felt like beautiful mediocre games. We’ll see, perhaps they have what it takes…

  • lcard

    I friggin hope so!! The first one was wiggity wack!!

  • cheesewaffle1

    Homefront was shit, you do the same meaningless tasks over and over and the multiplayer was choppy and had shitty connection 24/7. I would never buy a game such as Homefront 2, Crytek cannot revive this mistake.

    • Cool dude

      That was THQ’s mistake cuz their ran by baboons who dont know how to manage their company. However I trust Crytek more than I trust any other company because of the amount of costumer-staff communication Ive had with them in crysis 2. Theyre dedicated.

  • Eroc

    They do need to step out of the modern or near-modern shooter, a deus ex hr inspired shooter is what I needs. Instead of just upgrading weapons and camo kits you also upgrage body augmentations, jump higher, run faster, kick thru walls, improve body armor that makes you slower or use light materials to speed around assassin style, or whatever else you can imagine. It would be a fresh take cause this ‘everything comes after cod’ is bs, so lets go way out of cod’s border in the 2100 future. If you got a game studio or just too much money please make a shooter like this, you got atleast one copy sold

  • F3ck

    Homefront was terrible, not just a bad game – almost unplayable.

    If you’re over 16, have played anything other than CoD/BF, and have any idea what you’re talking about – then you hated this piece of shit too.

    Among the worst games I’ve ever tried to play, but – even after I tolerated the absurd dialogue, empty, predictable story, and perhaps the stupidest AI in the history of NPCs – I could not get over what a horrible port it was. The sticky aiming/gameplay was a pure nightmare.

    An unintelligent, boring, poorly built game designed with the sole purpose of wowing you with that Red Dawn bullshit and making ya $60 poorer.

    Fuck this game…its creators…and all of its fans.

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