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Crytek didn’t get their idea for the bow in Crysis 3 from The Hunger Games

by Bill Hess on July 25, 2012

The new Composite Bow is one of the new weapons in Crysis 3 to go alongside the drastically changed landscape of New York City.  Taking to a hunter theme, Crytek has been keen on the bow since pre-production of Crysis 3, simply because it’s a good fit for the atmostphere that they are trying to create.

In a recent post on the Crysis 3 Blog, Crytek discusses the Composite Bow, and shows off a bit of concept art for the game.

“The bow and hunter fits as a combination of two existing archetypes we could point to. Think of it as a combination between the films “Predator” and “Rambo”. From what we remember, there were some deep discussions about what would make the ultimate hunter weapon to compliment the already existing and well-recognized Nanosuit. Countless different weapons were discussed, sketched, talked about, and thrown around. The nature of designing a game is a dynamic and unpredictable one and eventually the bow made its way in as the premier hunter weapon in Crysis 3.

Crysis 3 Bow Concept

There are some who think the idea came from “Hunger Games” or some of the other games that are now using it in their design. Our timing was simply impeccable with what has happened recently in pop culture that is currently surrounding bows. What is certain is that we have the sleekest, sexiest, and most futuristic of the bunch. We can’t wait for all of you to get your hands on it!”

Crysis 3 Lighting Gallery

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  • Akavir

    Yeah, because anyone who uses a bow is totally copying the Hunger games. (sarcasm)

  • ihatehippsterscoppycat

    i just want to let u know i hate you

  • Paola

    Get used to THG fans pointing fingers at you. They did it with Battle Royale (which came out almost a decade earlier) they did it with Deadman Wonderland (which came out 1 year ealier) and now they do it with you. Just remember, they’re the only ones who actually copied their shit from other people.

  • theguy101

    yeah its definitely the other way around