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The Dark Brotherhood Returning in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

by Bill Hess on February 4, 2011

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim has certainly been getting a lot of love from the fans of the game, but Bethesda has been leaking information ever so slowly.  Having touched the cover of Game Informer, the game is now making it’s way to a Dutch publication, Power Unlimited, where the magazine details that the Dark Brotherhood will be returning in Elder Scrolls V.  According to the preview, the ominous guild of assassins will play a part in the upcoming RPG.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the next installment in the award-winning Elder Scrolls series. Skyrim is the follow up to the 2006 Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and the next game from Bethesda Game Studios, creators of the 2008 Game of the Year, Fallout 3.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is scheduled for a November 2011 release on the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3.

Source: Power Unlimited

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  • HerrDerr

    Um, why is the picture for this article from an Oblivion thieves guild quest instead of a Dark Brotherhood quest?

  • The Future of Sega

    Those graphics fucking suck. It must be the pc version since pc and 360 do not have the graphical or technological prowess as PS3. Only cheap people buy 360s and PCs. :-)

    • BBB25

      Wow…I’m amazed! I suppose educating you is pointless…oh well, **sigh**. Well, have fun being retarded!

    • Ajifoster3

      PS3s graphics are Sh*t when it comes to PC,as in they are made to be better.

    • The Future of Sega

      26 people will never understand the power of PS3 graphics.

    • philip

      ps3 fan boy go suck dick your views on different consoles is that of a 10 year old

  • Carnagethedark1

    Dude ur a fucking moron first off thats a picture from Oblivion wich is a PS3 game 2nd yes PS3 is leading in graphics right now but eventually pc will surpass it 3rd im a PS3 fanboy and i own this game on the PS3 its not the best when it comes to graphics but it came out in 2006 what do u expect next time know what the hell ur talking about u make the rest of us look bad idiot

    • BBB25

      Ummm, hey…the fellow who posted this picture did in fact have a moronic moment, but not for the reason you think. This article tells us of the return of the Dark Brotherhood. Seeing that there are no screenshots on the Dark Brotherhood of Skyrim yet, he tried posting a picture of a quest in relation to the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion. I don’t see the problem in that. But here’s where things get slightly moronic…this picture has nothing to do with the Dark Brotherhood. This pic is of a Blind Monk located in The Temple of the Ancestor Moths, from the quest “Turning A Blind Eye”…a Thieves Guild quest. An honest mistake in my opinion, one that no one should rant about. Another thing, I wouldn’t say Oblivion IS a “PS3 game”. The game first arrived on the PC and Xbox360…fact. So to end my little reply, I would like to end with a quote, “know what the hell ur talking about u make the rest of us look bad idiot.” Ironic isn’t it :) Periods and quotations anyone?

    • The Future of Sega

      PS3 owns PC. Thumbs up.

  • Leignheart

    for one i just want to tell everyone, that both the future of Sega and carnagethedark1 are both total fucking morons. with the future of sega being the bigger retard of the two. hes a total fucking moron for saying the ps3 is the best thing you could play a game on graphically or technologically, seriously? what a fucking moron. and then you got carnagethedark1 who calls him out on it, but is still also another fucking moron, saying still the ps3 is the best. i own everying, computers, ps3, xbox, wii, whatever, and the difference between xbox 360 and ps3 are unnoticeable, graphically, and a fucking midrange computer beats the ps3 and xbox both graphically and technologically you fucking uneducated pricks. my computer takes the playstation 3 and FUCKS IT IN THE ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!! my video card alone has more power in it than 12 ps3s. god i hat unintelligent people who know nothing about anything. but then again, im talking about someone so stupid they couldnt even tell that that was a screen shot from the previous game. whatever, i digress.

    • BBB25

      The world is full of them. What to do? What to do?

    • Carnagethedark1

      all i sead is right now the PS3 is the best when it comes to graphics then i stated that the pc will beat it someday and who cares if u got a graphics card 12 times better then a PS3 wich i highly doubt cuz for the time being the pc is yet to put out a game tha compares to the PS3 graphically so dont call me a moron when u apparently cant read or spell u fucking retard and no shit its on pc thats where the game started at then x-box then a year later PS3 I just stated that its a PS3 game meaning its also on the PS3 man i hate retarded ppl

    • The Future of Sega

      The PS3 has bluray douche. And graphics are 10x times better on PS3 with better aliases, frame rate, & memory. Pcs are inferior to PS3 in all aspects. For those who are too cheap to afford a PS3 a PC is the 2nd best option. Thumbs up.

  • Lolly lol lol ha

    To leignheart…. Chill x

  • BBB25

    Don’t hate yourself Carnagethedark1, that’s not cool. These days they pretty much have group sessions for anyone. Really! Have you heard of “Retards Anonymous”? You should go! Just remember, first timers have to get up and speak out to the other group members. Just say this, “Hello everyone! I’m Carnagethedark1…and I’m retarded:)” Good luck!

  • Niallmc

    “PS3 is the best when it comes to graphics”

    no just no… pc graphics are now and ever shall be much, much better

  • sterrre


  • sterrre

    LOL, sorry, too funny

  • Kieran

    Pc has the best graphics out of all gaming devices end off

    • The Future of Sega

      PS3 has the bestest graphics out of all gaming devices end of. Thumbs up.

  • LAbo

    Why are people so dumb i own a PS3 and i prefer my PC much better graphics better AA, Anisotropic filtering etc than any console, I have New Vegas on both PC ans PS3 (PS3 version was a gift) and the graphics are better on PC than PS3 clearer less jagged, better resolution (TV for PS3 and PC running HD1080i). Before people open their dumb s**t spewing mouths i urge them to do some F**KING research first to make sure they know what their saying. I hate the those to ignorant to learn something heres some news you aren’t always right.

    • The Future of Sega

      Only n00bs would choose an inferior console/pc over PS3. PS3 owns pc. Thumbs up.

  • Jon

    PS3 has best graphics it’s got a GPU thats based on a Geforce 7 chipset which IS OLD. I am cracking up here. Some people dont know what they are talking about.

  • sucmabalskyle

    oblivion was made by bethesda which primarily makes games for Microsoft consoles… hate to be stereotypical but most games made for PS3 are little animated japanese games, like mario.

  • Jay

    First of all everyone calm down, Gameboy color has the best graphics, oh and their is a game for computers that has better graphics than ps3 its called Crysis (duh) i own a Ps3, Xbox 360, and a computer. Yet i still find myself playing pokemon gold. (personally though i do like the xbox better, i didnt say that it is the best its just my opinion, but the wii cant even be up for debate, it blows.)

  • Jay

    oh Lheart and carnage, chill out, give each other a hug, kiss and make up, this was supposed to be about Skyrim, and how the guy got the picture wrong (dont worry dude i probly would have done the same thing, i just have to give you some S**t) pc does have the best graphics, im sorry, i would also like to disagree and swear at myself but its just better. Oh and if any of you want to argue about this online my Gamertag is allergy2pnut, but most people just call me “hey teammate in the corner who killed me”

    $5 says ill get sworn out by like 10 different people

  • Jim

    I think that skyrim is kwl =)

  • timm

    Please make the assassins in skyrim even MORE assassin like. Specialized “assassin skills” that can be perfected in this guild would be awesome and give me more of an incentive to become one. (How about expanded skills with duel wielding weapons? such as an assassin would be good at? Or giving an edge to assassins using “sneak” as opposed to just a normal character with “sneak” attributes thats not in the assassins guild?)

    I hope guild quests are alot longer in the new game. Nothing bummed me out more than when the Assassins Guild quests finally ran out in Oblivion.

    More specialized weapons and armor for Assassins!

    Sorry for nerding out, I loved the assassins guild the most in Oblivion and thought it was capable of so much more…

  • The Future of Sega

    PS3>PC. Thumbs up.

    • Squid

      You guys are being trolled.

    • The Future of Sega

      5 people need a thumbs down.

  • Nicro

    This game needs a underwater city and dungeon under water in oblvion was boring

  • ryan

    dont they make games for the ps3 and xbox on a pc anyway coz u have make all the graphics and everything on a computer so isnt the pc better?

    ps to jay my gamertags BELLLLBOY

  • scrollsaddict

    you guys are retarded …
    pc graphics are tonnes better but i still prefer xbox 360

    bye peeps
    peace out suckers

  • conchur

    wow !! honestly who gives a shit whats better ….=/ i have an xbox because i prefer xbox….end of…..fanboy faggots

  • xxcYyLOnexx

    i prefer xbox but thats just my opinion.

  • Umbra

    Skyrim: Game of the Year 2011

  • ryan

    i have an xbox aswell but i dont really care a gaming console is a gaming console and thats that p.s they should put a relationship level and a type of drug thing like in bioshock 2?


  • ryan

    or put some climing things in like assassins creed

  • ps3/xbox rocks

    everyone here who does not like elder scrolls are retards everyone thumbs up if you think so :)

  • RAGE

    PS3 for me, each has good exclusives though. Just wish I could get all the gaming goodness of consoles & PCs in one system… damn exclusives

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