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Diablo III Real Money Auction House Goes Live

by Bill Hess on June 13, 2012

The Diablo III real-money auction house has gone live in the Americas.  This now allows players to buy and sell items for real world cash.  To access the real-money auction house, just log-in just as you would to the gold auction house and then click the tab that shows your region’s currency.

Blizzard has implemented a handful of security measures that arrive with the auction house features.  Players that want to use funds in their account to buy and sell goods will need a authenticator tied to their account.  For players that choose to use PayPal options, there’s another protection measure in place with the SMS Protect Service.

At launch, Blizzard has also limited the real-money trading to equipment only.  That means you’ll find weapons, armor, and other gear, but no gems just yet.  Commodity trading is due to arrive on the auction house in the near-future.

Blizzard has cleared this hurdle relatively quickly, as Diablo III launched less than a month ago.  The next major milestone for the best dungeon crawler of 2012, is PVP.  Which is also scheduled as a free update at an undisclosed date.

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  • Vaughn Brigham

    My question is this… I have been a loyal diablo fan from the begining! I bought the Diablo 3 game the first night it came out and had to start playing on the Eroupe server even though I live in the states Because the US one was down!. I put all my gaming time on that server because of the problems with Blizzards server. No falt of MINE! Now I read that I can not sell and the currency market if I live in the states! Please tell me that you did not do that!!!!! Acording to what I seen in the action house, its seem like the fair price for unike items is going to b 300 gold being = to $3.00 bidding price. At that price I am sitting on $500 worth of items. I did this by playing all hero clases and have 3 in nightmare and the rest ready to cross over. So you see I have a lot of time spent on this game and saving the items in prepreation for the actions!!! Now tell me I don’t have to start over again! These are Blizzaers mistakes and I realy would not like to be the one to pay for your mistakes.. :) If this is true be refund my monie and i will call it another wash for the little guy.

    I’m not pissed now now but if this is true I will be pist and I may make a big stink about it.

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