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Don’t Feed the Uncharted 3 Trolls

by Ethan Powers on October 26, 2011

Don't Feed The Uncharted 3 Trolls

To comprehend the true value of this Uncharted 3 review written by Eurogamer’s Simon Parkin, you must first do two things. First, you have to actually read the review. Yes, the entire thing, not just the few paragraphs that happen to catch your eye. Second, you must play Uncharted 3. It is a phenomenal, medium-progressing work, yet many industry consumers who have an evident superiority complex must learn that even the biggest AAA titles such as the Uncharted games have their flaws.

Parkin gave Uncharted 3 an 8/10, a great score that any developer should be proud to boast about, especially considering it is coming from a publication that is quite stingy when it comes to giving out high review scores.  While Parkin praised the gameplay and the overall immersive experience that Uncharted 3 provides, he also laid-out a thorough and thought-provoking critique on how the game rarely lets you deviate from the scripted cinematic sequences – and he’s 100% right. Parkin writes:

“Mistimed leaps are given a gentle physics-defying boost to reduce the staccato rhythm of having to restart a section. It’s entirely understandable given what the developer is attempting to achieve – an unbroken flow of action that leads to climax – but, at the same time, beneath the spectacle there’s a nagging feeling that your presence in the scene is an irritation rather than a preference.”

‘Parkin laid out throught provoking critique on how the game plays out’As soon as the review was published however, the user comments section unfortunately revealed the gaming community for what it has too often become. “Trolls”, “fanboys”, etc. The medium, perhaps more than any other, is now littered with consumers who feel as if they need substantiation on their $60 purchases, and it is that hefty price tag which may explain why gamers in particular simply cannot resist the urge to bash opinions that conflict with their own. Players often come to gaming websites and publications specifically looking for a review that will affirm their decision to throw down that $60, and when they don’t find it, the trolls emerge from the woodwork.

Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek articulates this idea further as it manifests itself in other forms of media as well:

“The technical term for the phenomenon is confirmation bias, where individuals seek out information favoring their already established opinion. Confirmation bias is a massive problem in today’s politics, as evidenced by the existence of deliberately liberal and conservative leaning networks like Fox News and MSNBC, and there’s reason to believe today’s highly personalized marketing by the video game industry has trained an audience to seek intense validation for their expensive purchases.”

Similarly, Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe offered his take on the current state of gaming fanboyism:

“Eurogamer’s conclusion/criticism about games that are super heavy on the ‘experience’ at the expense of the ‘play’ (like they claim Uncharted 3 is and like- by my own admission- GOD OF WAR 1 is***) is wonderfully thought out and presented and the only reason it’s been labeled ‘controversial’ has nothing to do with the review itself and everything to do with the sad state of game consumers who have been so effectively conditioned by a number of the gaming press/gaming PR machines that these gamers leap to a title’s defense-not that this gem of a game needs defending- without even being open to the reviewer’s criticism (be it valid or not). That’s tragic. What’s even more tragic is I would argue the games medium itself has been damaged by this practice. Irrevocably? No. But it has taken its toll for sure.”

Kirk Hamilton from Kotaku illustrated the importance of reviews like Parkin’s, reviews that challenge the pre-conceived notions of a game and highlight previously unnoticed aspects:

“Personally, I think that we need more reviews like Simon’s—well-written, well-argued opinions that I might not agree with, but which take the time to articulate something about I may not have noticed. I haven’t played Uncharted 3 yet, but many times, I’ve read criticism of games that I love, criticisms that have led me to acknowledge flaws that I hadn’t previously noticed. Awareness of those flaws doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the game; if anything, it enhances my understanding of it. In fact, that very thing happened to me with Uncharted 2, based on a similar criticism to the one that Simon made today about Uncharted 3″ … “It’s one thing to needlessly troll readers with deliberately contrarian arguments and criticism. But it’s another thing entirely to cleanly articulate and support an honest opinion, whether or not people find it agreeable. That’s the sort of work that critics should strive to do.”

I think it goes without saying that at least 1/3 of those seeking out gaming reviews never even intend to read the actual article. Instead, they go straight for the numerical or letter-based score hoping it will give them the justification to go to the store and pick up the game. This methodology undoubtedly explains the increasing popularity and exposure of weighted average sites like Metacritic, for example. Consumers too often consider game reviews to be straightforward buying guides, and this simply shouldn’t be the case. A game with a disappointing score should not necessarily discourage gamers from opting to add that particular game to their library. In turn, a game with a great review score should not automatically warrant a purchase.

‘A game with a disappointing score should not necessarily discourage gamers from opting to add that particular game to their library’Video games, like most other mediums, are wholly subjective experiences that are either enjoyed or hated based on the personal preferences of the individual gamer and there are a number of factors that play into a reviewer’s time with a particular game. A successful game review gives the reader more than just the dry facts of what the game offers. Rather, it provides them with a thorough and colorful description of the personal experience that the reviewer endured during his or her encounter with the game, and certain in-game moments can lead them to formulate an opinion that is in opposition to that of the general public which typically has had much more time with said game.

Here’s the bottom line. When you come across a review that conflicts with your own personal opinion of the product and you suddenly find the urge to leave a satirical comment about the publication’s preferences or a biting remark about the reviewer’s mother, think: “Can I pose a more thoughtful and profound rebuttal rather than just toss useless and idiotic insults?” The answer is almost always a resounding “yes.”

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  • Douchebagsareus

    I’m not a TROLL, I’m a Ogre!!

  • nick

    Everyone hates Eurogamer.

  • Dovahkiin

    I’m buying Skyrim, regardless of review scores; because I already know it will be amazing.
    Games that are part of an already great,established franchise are worth the purchase 90% of the time.
    Thumb this up if you are getting Skyrim.

  • bozmanbeyond

    I think its a requirement to be a Troll to get the job of a Game Reviewer. Some of things they put out makes you think that in their past life they were once Trolls. It gives them the ability to criticize some really good games and make them seem bad or imperfect.
    I think we need a more mixed type of reviewers out there then these so called professionals to get a better prospective of the games. I’ve run into too many games were the professional said it sucks and it turned out to be a better game then what they claimed. I agree some reviews are just way to long to read. I rather read the short comments that site members leave. To me they are the real reviewers, the nonprofessionals the ones who pour hours in to playing a game and not just a run through of it like a reviewer does just to rush and get their bogus and super critical reviews out in time for the press release.

    As for Uncharted 3 I’m sure it will be a great game. I got my Special Edition for launch day and can’t wait. In the mean time I’ll play some Gears and romp a bit in BF3.

  • Wipeout

    Eurogamer secret code name is eurogay

    • abc


  • onvrequaker

    trolls are not persons who disagree with your opinions, trolls are persons that make you disagree with their own opinions

    • nick

      Trolls are people who say dumb things specifically for the purpose of making people rage. Trolling is akin to griefing.

  • Bacon

    None of these current gen games can out perform what uncharted 3 has done

    • Cool dude

      The game hasn’t released yet. It has done nothing currently. Let do ALL the talking next week. But I really wish that this game would do good.

  • Bacon

    Bacon is a prime example of the kind of person mentioned in the article.

  • piñeraconchetumare

    this is the reason why i hate reviewers like jim sterling….i do read reviews but reviewers like him seems to hate gaming they often make emphasis in what the game did wrong even if its just a little thing

  • Heard it here first

    8 Isn’t bad. but I just don’t get how a game this revolutionary, ain’t getting as good reviews as Uncharted 2. I get it hasn’t made as big a leap as Uncharted 2 did from 1, but the sand effects and animations, not to mention GREAT ACTION and wonderful set pieces, make this a game something no other can touch. Ah well, I understand the reviewers, and none of the scores are bad by no means, but when I get the game this Monday at 12:00, I’ll make my decision on IF the game is as good as these reviewers say….. or don’t say.

  • meeeee

    I think everyone’s missing the point. The problem is, an 8/10 isn’t a 8/10 nowadays. Only shit games get 8 out of 10 and crap games get 7. Very few go lower than that anywhere.

    So, saying a game is a 8/10, by todays standards, it’s like saying it is really a 3/!0. A mediocre game. Clearly, something’s wrong with the game (or the reviewer things so) but that does not mean the game mediocre (as that score implies).

    • nick

      8/10 these days isnt mediocre. an 8/10 would be like a 6/10 in the movie industry. Not perfect, but not BAD.

  • Underworld

    No fanboyism here, the uncharted games are simply a masterpiece. And from what I’ve seen of 3, it’ll be just as good.
    Now of course the games have little flaws. Every game does.

    But why focus on such tiny flaws, instead of focussing on all the great things?

    Great fun story, fun gameplay, beautiful environments, excellent voice acting, characters you actually care deeply about, awesome graphics.

    I suspect Uncharted 3 will be a 10/10 for me. Or at the very least, a 9/10 :)

  • LOL!

    Uncharted 3: Drakes Perfection > Eurogamer

    Uncharted 3 is just too much for Eurogamer to handle.

  • Zentrix

    You guys didnt even read the article. Everyone hates eurogamer? Yea go fuck yourself

    • abc

      you should take your own advice

      go F..U..C..K YOURSELF

    • Douchebagsareus

      Why don’t you both just get it over and do each other, you TROLLS


    not trolling but just curious how did this compare to gears 3 in terms of…

    1. overall game review average

    2. game sales

    3. awesomeness?

    would be interesting to see

    • asdf

      QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Go shove your precious Gears 3 into your ass. Uncharted 3 is more technically demanding than Gears 3 the sand effects the water effects and the fire effects in Uncharted 3 are all fucking FLUID. Uncharted 3 scored 10 in the graphics department in IGN while Gears 3 scored 9. Uncharted 3 got a perfect 10 on IGN whilst Gears 3 scored 9. Uncharted 3 scored 94 on metacritic while Gears 3 got a 91, Uncharted 3 got a 94.39% on GameRankings whilst Gears 3 got a 91.95%.Uncharted 3 is more than a game it’s a blockbuster film.

      Uncharted 3 looks phenominal on 3D Gears 3 on the other and was a mess jaggies everywhere.

      Uncharted 3 > Battlefield 3 > Gears of War 3

    • doesitreallymatterwhatconsoleihave

      When my mom used to say, “i’m not being nosy but…” it meant she was getting ready to be nosy. The same holds true for “I’m not trolling but…”

  • Xjokerx

    EG gave it a 8/10 because the game is too linear,they gave an 8/10 to gears 3 for the same reason.well if a game is too linear i dont give a shit unless the gameplay is verry fun like gears of war and Uncharted that i would beat the SP over 5 times,but i understand and respect that reviewr.good criticism makes for better games.

    • Scott Andrechek

      I haven’t read the review (though perhaps I should) but if the main reason is its linearity then that’s a bit senseless. I wrote this a while ago ( and it seems that people don’t mind linear gameplay as long as it’s fun. Is Uncharted 3 fun? Objectively yes, personally that’s for you to decide.

    • doesitreallymatterwhatconsoleihave

      I like linear. “Wander around” games like GTA and Fallout 3 lose my interest because they don’t seem to progess or have a point. I do however love oblvion and plan to get skyrim.

  • JR

    The bad points in his review were aimed at cinematic games in a general sense, rather than the actual game, as such, his review is flawed. Drake’s presence in a scene is an irritation?? What? I don’t recall that being a criticism towards Uncharted 2. Seriously… and Jaffe, another editor who fails to see the flaws in his review…

    I’m not saying the game’s perfect, but come on, stupid criticism…Maybe he (and the writer of this article) should take up reviewing bad reviews, rather than games. He’s got caught up in expressing his concern towards cinematic games, which has nothing to do with Uncharted 3 specifically, that he overlooked his own flaws.

  • Anon

    JR, clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about. When the reviewer says that Drake’s presence is an irritation he is saying that the Uncharted games are more like interactive films wherein the player is restricted to a tight script with pre-defined cinematic sequences.

    And further proving that you don’t know what you’re talking about: “He’s got caught up in expressing his concern towards cinematic games, which has nothing to do with Uncharted 3″. Uncharted 3 is very much a cinematic game. Maybe you should play it.

    • JR

      Anon, YOU clearly have no idea what you’re talking about… it was never a criticism for U2.

      Why is he moaning about cinematic games in a general sense on an Uncharted 3 review? Just because Uncharted is cinematic, it doesn’t mean he should complain about cinematic games genrally. Criticism should be aimed at the game specifically. And you didn’t fully quote me. I said it has nothing to do with U3 SPECIFICALLY. Next time you quote somebody, read the whole thing first. Idiot.

      Parkin even moans that as “an expression of what video games could be, U3 is shallow and narrow”. Since when was there a definitive expression on what games should or could be?

    • Anon

      Lol you are a moron JR. He is complaining about cinematic games on an Uncharted 3 review bc U3 is the magnum opus of cinematic games. That is why it is wholly relevant to the game review. Also, he says it’s narrow bc at times, it is in fact narrow especially when there are moments when you can only play certain scenes one way.

  • gunstar

    has nothing to do with the review itself and everything to do with the sad state of game consumers who have been so effectively conditioned by a number of the gaming press/gaming PR machines that these gamers leap to a title’s defense-not that this gem of a game needs defending- without even being open to the reviewer’s criticism (be it valid or not). That’s tragic. What’s even more tragic is I would argue the games medium itself has been damaged by this practice. Irrevocably? No. But it has taken its toll for sure.”

    what a sad state of gaming these irresponsible bloggers has done to gaming.

  • Quark

    The problem is not criticism on the game. No game ever made perfect, and will never be. However, you have to see the achievements overall. Uncharted 3 is far far better game any thing compared. Eurogamer’s hate towards PS3 is not hidden though for those who visit their website often. See their campaign of face-offs how they subjectively try to downgrade PS3, and they are keep doing thing. People who onwn both consoles, like me, think why the heck is wrong with Eurogamer? why this stupid face-offs campaign???? They game Batman Arkham City 9/10 where as people who played they know it is over rated. The problem is Eurogamer has a very negative journalism style.

  • NJB

    You cant say Uncharted 3 is “Linear”.

    The Single player maybe, but the Multiplayer no way.

    That is why Uncharted 3 has so much appeal and replayability.

    Im lovin the new Upload and edit feature along with the Facebook features.

    • Dovahkiin

      Multiplayer is almost never linear.
      Being linear isn’t always a bad thing; but I prefer
      The freedom of games made by Bethesda. Skyrim FTW!

  • reality

    An 8/10 is a pretty good score.1-4 is horrible, 5-7 is mediocre, and 8-10 are really good/must buys. So I ask, what in the hell is the big deal about some reviewer giving out a good score? Why are you guys getting butthurt as if it got a 4? More importantly, if someone bases their purchasing decisions off other peoples opinions and not playing the game for themselves, that is extremely sad, and they deserve what they get.

  • reality

    Regardless of what is said in the review, how is an 8/10 trolling? Seriously, is trolling now considered someone not liking something as much as you? That is exactly what this seems to be. You’re all mad because you think its a 9/10 or 10/10 (which no game is perfect) game and some reviewer gave it a respectable 8. I think its time to grow up.

  • reality

    @Qu(rest is cut off by time stamp) Have you played Arkham City? That game is by far the best superhero game ever made, rocksteady completely captured the Dark Knight, they made Gotham how it should be with great detail and grittyness. Graphics are top notch, gameplay is fluent, voice acting is spot on (Penguins accent threw me though), bursting at the seams with villain cameos. You need to explain why you think its overrated because its not.
    I’m gonna go ahead and say you a) haven’t played it, b) don’t like Batman or comics, or c) suck at the game so you hate it.

    • Dovahkiin

      Well said.

    • ragglefraggle1

      everything made by marvel & DC is overrated nowadys is overrated. is it original? no. is it predictable? yes.
      all it is, is a 3D version of the ps1 batman & robin game.
      OBVIOUS SPOILER: Batman will beat joker, penguin, freeze, etc, they will escape from prison (AGAIN) so we’ll get another game of the same.
      Games like that don’t compare to real original titles

  • Raven

    Just watched Adam sesslers video on g4 fighting back against all the negative comments about his 4 out 5 score for uncharted. Pretty funny stuff, he gets fairly worked up, but has some good points on rating scales.

  • reality

    @Rav(rest is covered by time stamp) The guy uses a 5 scale, that alone says he has no idea what a true scale is. A 10 scale is the best and most accurate as to the simple separation of shitty, average, worth your time, and must own games.

  • reality

    Really?! Raggle I can guarantee you haven’t played Arkham City by what you said. You know that Battlefield, MW3, Uncharted, MGS4, Street Fighter super turbo deluxe edition, are all unoriginal and are derivative. Battlefield is on its what its 5th iteration? Same shit every game, you get a gun, limited health and you shoot things. Uncharted 3 is more of the same. God of War 3 was more of the same. See the trend I’m displaying? Your overly simplistic view is faulty and applies to every single game. As far as comics go, its called the status quo. See Batman, who’s parents were gunned down in front of him, swore never to kill or use guns, thus the reason why Joker and all the others break out. That and the fact that the target demographics for comics are 5-18. It’s all about the experience. The fact that you bring up a shitty game like Batman and Robin, in a light suggesting its better than Arkham City or anywhere near it, proves you don’t good things.

    • ragglefraggle1

      Those games you metioned, I havant played. but story’s are different, characters are different etc. I understand originality if difficult nowadays, but batman is still friken batman. its easily predictable, plot is scarsly different from any previous rendition.
      Other games go is some cliche plot, but done there own way. Marvel & DC copy themselves, & thus we have about 20 or so films, same title, same story = dead originality

  • reality

    I can not believe the amount of stupidity being shown here.

    • ragglefraggle1

      ahh hypocrisy at its best :)

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