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Early Nintendo 3DS Adopters Complaining of “Intense Eye Strain”

by William Schwartz on February 27, 2011

Over in Japan the Nintendo 3DS has just launched. The first glasses free 3D device launch has not been without problems. Hundred of thousands of the device have already been sold and as the install base has just rapidly exploded, one concerns that many had about the device are starting to become a reality.  There are thousands of people complaining about severe eye strain when using the device, only after a few minutes of using it.

It wasn’t long ago that Nintendo issued a statement regarding prolonged exsposure to the 3DS 3D features.  It looks like they may have been correct, at least for some people.  The Nintendo 3DS will be coming stateside on March 27th, 2011.  Start your eye calisthenics early to avoid strain the future.

Source: Sankaku Complex (NSFW)


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