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New Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Story & Graphics Details

by Bill Hess on January 25, 2011

New info on the The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim story & graphics have recently hit the nets.  In this recent interview Elder Scrolls V Skyrim fans are treated to never before seen info from Bethesda.   The magazine featured producer Todd Howard and he touched on many subjects in the realm of Skyrim here are a few excerpts of the interview.

As far as graphics are concerned Howard told the magazine that Bethesda had a specific goal in mind for updating Skyrim.  “We primarily look at how we can improve facial expressions and animations, graphics-wise, the producer said.  He continued, “We are working at pop-up issues, and we want to make sure that the graphics of the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 are alike.  All three will look just as good, aside from the higher resolution and the anti-aliasing of the PC of course.”  It was also noted that the inventory menu has gotten a bit more polish, flash based previews which allow you to rotate and examine all items in the game from weapons and armor to accessories and ingredients.  This feature will also aid in puzzle solving portions of the game.

The world of Skyrim, is said to be approximately the size of Oblivion.  The world is equipped with fast travel locations much like its predecessor allowing you to fast travel to locations you have previously visited.  The game contains five major cities and 130 dungeons with each one featuring a greater variety of traps and puzzles.  Skyrim will not feature a level cap.  From the first time you visit a dungeon in Skyrim that specific dungeon will lock to the skill level you entered at.  Which will give you access to go back for level grinding and loot gathering.  The main story in Skyrim provides around 20 hours of gameplay, and side quests are said to provide “hundreds” of hours to the experience.  Dragons are NOT rare in the world of Skyrim.  Each dragon you encounter will make your character more powerful adding a piece of it’s soul to your character and unlocking dragon born abilities.

Source: NeoGaf

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  • nalyk


  • Michael Dembenski

    Its sounds fun, I am trying my best to not picture a Morrowind 2.5, even know thats what I want,

  • Jakk

    I just came

  • Dave Michaels
  • Crossleft

    I just hope they fix the loading issues that Oblivion had….really takes you out of the game when every few minutes its gotta load the area…

  • GrayHawk

    And they still have failed to remove the things that killed Oblivion for me.

    I don’t even dare mention the bugs that will probably plague this game by the thousands. I pity the modding community.

    Don’t expect me to waste my hard-earned cash on this abomination

  • Jimmy

    “We are working at pop-up issues, and we want to make sure that the graphics of the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 are alike.”
    Why? The PC is far superior, so why not make it the best to play it on rather that dumb down the graphics so it looks the same as the shitty consoles.

  • Carnagethedark1

    Just cuz there making all the graphics similar dosent mean there gonna be shitty unless ur talking about x-box 360 because PS3 graphics are amazing pc graphics suck in comparison also thats why pc an x-box 360 need multiple disk for these type of games PS3 is a blu-ray using gaming beast that can handle the best graphics then sum more all on the same disk the only thing x-box 360 and pc can do the PS3 cant is use mods but face it only pussy’s need mods

    • Jansen

      Hey man, don’t know whether you meant your comment to be dumb and you posted in ignorance but it was. You realise PS3 is a fixed component system and a PC is an adjustable setup right? Why wouldn’t you want to use mods? A mod pretty much amounts to DLC on the other systems and because it’s not one company making the decisions about what to add to the game you get such a massive variety of additional content you can add. By the way, a lot of the additional features Bethesda are adding to this game made their debuts as mods i.e. improved graphics, dragons, dual wielding, finishing moves etc. Your brain is the best organ in your body mate, don’t waste it.

    • Frank

      Dude, i’m a PS3 fanboy, but no, just no. There will never be a console more powerful then the PC. PC’s are constantly upgraded, PS3 is running on almost 5 year old technology. 5 years is ancient for computers.

  • Jimmy

    You think “PS3 graphics are amazing pc graphics suck in comparison”.
    That is the kind of comment from someone trully ignorant to technology. With Intel, AMD, and Nvidia cranking out processing and graphics chips on a scale that would make the technology from 6 months ago seem obsolete, how can you not see that an up to date PC would have the better hardware to run games on than a 5 year old console?
    And I’m not too sure why you think that because the PS3 has an inbuilt Bluray drive, that makes it better for gaming… That truly makes no sense. You think PC owners can’t buy Bluray drives for their PCs? Personally, I run everything off my hard drive anyway and see no need for any kind of disc.

  • Zaporop

    AWESOME! MORE INFO! I cannot wait for this game! :D

  • Carnagethedark1

    If you know anything about PS3 they havent even touched half of there graphic possibility’s and already puting out games that are to big and graphicly advanced for the x-box 360 have you guys not played Gran Turismo 5 or God of War 3 wich both have sum of the best graphics I have ever seen in a game and im not trying to tottaly bash on pc I kno they can update there graphic card an update there programs i have done my fare share off this for other games usually mmorpg’s like WOW and Diablo 2 that u can only play on pc the fact is yes PS3 is starting to be and older system but i still prefer gaming on a console with a controller vs a keyboard exspecially the PS3 because its still pumping out games with the best graphics can actually play games in 3D and oh yeah it update’s there hardware all the time so its up to date with the lastest technology besides the fact they havent updated java in a while other then that i cant complain it can also download content from the Internet faster then most pc’s if not all

    • 360 User

      ps3 doesnt upgrade hardware, only the hardrive it still uses a old graphics card and all a ps3 is, is a worn out pc. you dont think its possible to make a pc that can play 3d, i mean 3d is popular at all anyways its just something companies like sony thinks people r gonna like. you can use controllers on pc. no offense but a pc is THE BEST gaming console. upgrade you graphics anytime, upgrade any hardware anytime. and you wont have to keep buying “NEXT GEN” game consoles everytime because my Dell inspiron from 1998 is runnin with 10 gigs of ram and graphics card on steroids and is still better than you meas-silly ps3. oh no offense to other ps3 owners im just stating something

    • Duke

      Graphics arent everything, also its impossible to update hardware without going into a store and paying for it, you mean the software is constantly being updated. Its download speed depends on your own internet connection and so it doesnt download faster on PC, PS3 or 360, it all downloads at a speed depending on how good your internet connection is. I do agree that GoW3 has had great graphics, infact i believe its graphics are the best in video game history, GT5 had frame rate drops and some bad bugs. But its not all about the graphics of a game, to be a great game it has to have

      amazing graphics
      great gameplay
      fantastic story
      last a long time
      have long lasting appeal (makes you want to come back for more)
      great characters
      hardly any bugs

      Gameplay is actually the single most important feature for games, i mean you dont see people complaining about the graphics when they play new mario or zelda games, people just love the game, characters, good graphics are just nice to look at and are a bonus.

    • roflcoptersslol

      Carnage is a fucking idiot. I am a huge 360 fan, mostly because I can’t spend $1,000 on all the upgrades my computer would need, and its abundant (more so than people who have top of the line pc’s, xbox 360 is more plug-n-go. Good for us average highschoolers). But I’ve seen kids playing on their SEMI-rigged computers and was blown away. I have no idea of the specifications, but I can’t enjoy xbox the same anymore. PC’s are highly capable machines, and they will ALWAYS be better than consoles (in the foreseeable future, ie until we got future-hologram-mindfuck stuff lol).

  • Jake

    wow carnage you are ignorant. ps3 may have ‘better’ graphics, but it doesnt have the gameplay. graphics isnt everything. just look at the sales of the xbox. alot more than ps3. its all about gameplay. so question is, would you play the most sh**y game in the world but has good graphics?

    • Frank

      The reason why 360 has more sales then the PS3 is because it launched a year earlier at $200 cheaper, not because it’s better. Also because of the RRoD. I myself bought three before going PS.

  • Dylan

    PS3 is alright but if you have an alienware computer the PS3 doesnt even compare to it

    • Jimmy

      “Alienware” has nothing to do with how good a PC is.
      PCs are not about branding. Most PC gamers will build their PC themselves to custom integrate the exact components they want, not let some retailer decide for them.

  • Dylan

    This does seem like its goin to be really good

  • Source

    @14 360user
    o really? Now i would fvcking love to know how you pulled that off with a Dell from 1998. Perhaps its all new components inside of a dell case but other than that your full of it…pre ddr memory, agp port graphics, non supported processor sockets, typically one or two ram slots. The cell phone beats that PC…literally.

    Three things you gotta think about.

    One: PS3 has fixed hardware.
    Two: There is no memory/processor intensive OS overhead taking resources(Windows)
    Three: Microsoft’s API’s (Direct X) are nowhere near as low level and hardware efficient as compared to what you can program with on a console.

    Thats why my PS3 graphics are still kicking over 90% of PC’s on multiplat games. Not to mention Sony first party games that actually take full advantage of the PS3 go evenfurther…I.E….SPU accelerated post processing, AA, Physics etc.

    GoW3 and Killzone 2 are both quoted at pushing around 50%, you can watch the developer diaries and see they haven’t even maxed out the memory, and both those games look better than anything i have seen on PC minus the resolution but resolution isn’t everything, its nice but not everything. I would prefer having the proper use of MLAA (not that AMD sh1t), physics based soft particles, high precision motion blur, depth of field, AO, highly interactive environments like snow that actually leaves tracks and falls around the characters legs, nice 3d water simulation (although Crysis did do great on that) etc…over just a higher resolution.

  • Source

    Also what OS are you running? 7 ultimate? Because thats the only OS thats going to support 10GB of RAM and i know you ain’t got that on a 1998 system or a 2008 system for that matter

    • Jimmy

      Doesn’t have to be 7 Ultimate, as long as it’s a 64bit OS and processor.
      Although 10GB is a bizzare amount of RAM to have in any system… I think he may be talking out of his a5s a bit there. If you are running dual channel memory, more likely to be 4GB or 8GB, or 16GB is a viable option these days and tripple channel either 6GB or 12GB, or 24GB if you have 6 DIMM slots with 4GB in each. …but 10GB? Hmmmm.

    • Marx

      This is incorrect. Interactive environments depend entirely on the game, not the console. :/ PC can and will have higher resolutions due to screen size, multiple screens, top of the line graphics cards, etc. I built this pc for under 1000 and it can still own PS3 and 360. I’ve tested it, believe me.

  • Source

    That is true but in this day and age everything should be at least 64 bit…assuming your post Pentium/Athlon XP. Anyway the guy would have to be running a more premium version of Windows 7 since i think Windows 7 32-bit is maxed at 4 GB. It may have changed by now. I would like to see the specs on that PC He claims to have.

    • Jimmy

      All the 32-bit versions only allow a max of 4GB ram (2^32 = 4294967296 bytes /1024 for KB, /1024 for MB, and /1024 for GB = exactly 4GB). But all the verions of Windows 7 and Vista except for the basic version come in both 32bit and 64bit versions for exactly the same price.

  • Jonathan

    I really hope Skyrim has depth of field built in. Honestly, the one graphic enhancement that would have made Oblivion look a millions times better would have been the addition of a dynamic depth of field… sadly, you can only incorporate this through a process of glitchy mods.

  • NuckenFutz

    Hey, Carnagethedark1, are you a freakin idiot? Do you have any idea what the PC is capable of? You obviously have only used low performence PC’s because they can do SO much more than any console out there.

  • that guy

    What they need to add to this game is an underwater city or quest when u swim underwater in oblivion there is nothing plz bethesda change this.

  • Delutional

    I hope it runs a lot better than Oblivion / Fallout does on Xbox 360

  • Machine

    i think pc have best graphic, i have pc and xbox 360. pc have much better graphics. xbox 360 have more dark screen bettre than ps3. but if you wanr buy pc,xbox 360, ps3 only for gaming. i hope you will buy xbox 360 or ps3. ps3 is best for gaming free internet free online game. i have xbox 360 and pc, dam i should buy ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!

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