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Expect Quicker Updates and Patches in Modern Warfare 3

by Bill Hess on September 7, 2011

Infinity Ward has built in a system to Modern Warfare 3 to administer patches and updates much more quickly to the game. Unlike previous games where weeks and months flew by while waiting for issues to be resolved, this new implementation wwill make it “much easier on the back-end” to update the game claims Robert Bowling.

The creative strategist for the game spoke about the new system in a recent interview.

“How we’ve built the game this time as opposed to in the past is we’ve made it a lot easier on the back end to update the other aspects of the game beyond just map packs…  So now as we’re advancing content and releasing new maps on multiplayer, we can also further tweak them to also be playable in Spec Ops, and then look at how we can update the game further in other ways like new modes, weapons – whatever we want to do.”  “Maybe there’s stuff we want to rebalance, Maybe there’s stuff we want to patch. We have a lot more control in tweaking the game now, outside of a patch, than we ever did before.”

If you can recall, Modern Warfare 2 launched with some fairly significant balancing issues and exploits in the multiplayer for the game.  While it took Infinity Ward some time to issue fixes for these problems in the past.  It looks like they are getting much more proactive on this front, with Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launches this November 8th on Xbox 360, PC, PS3, and Wii.

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  • WankyWanker

    Expect quicker update’s and patche’s? Hmmm … So does that mean they already know there game is glitchy, moddable, and hackable? WTF?

    I don’t want to play with “1337 haxor’s”.

  • WankyWanker


  • Wankster

    “Expect quicker update’s and patche’s”? Hmmm … Does this mean they already know the game is going to be glitchy, moddable, and hackable? WTF?

    I don ‘t want to play with “1337 haxor’s”.

    • Cool dude

      HAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!! soo ttrue right?

    • Zzz

      It’s called being smart. This game will have millions of man hours logged into it in the first day of release. Glitches are an inevitability.

      I love how the BF fanboys are so desperate/idiotic that they’re now trying to use “we’re going to be patching our game” as an insult.

    • Drake

      zzz is such a cod loving fanboy, he doesn’t seem to understand that a game’s not suppose to be plagued with bugs that need constant updates or perhaps like most cod fanboys they confused skills with exploits *quickscope* if it wasn’t for aim assist they can’t even shoot straight. NO game is free from bugs but that doesn’t justify any imbalance in cod games that need constant updates, they’re just lazy and released an unfinished product.

    • Zzz

      Calm down buddy it’s just a game. You haven’t even played it yet so stop being ignorant.

    • phillz91

      @abc and thal
      I love the ignorance of some people. catf15h didn’t need proof to say that modding is easier than fixing glitches, ‘cus he shouldn’t need to. Since your argueing your point quite aggressively than you SHOULD have an understanding of what goes into this stuff. If you did than you would know that modding is exactly that, modding an engine that has been prebuilt and optimised by the developers. Fixing a glitch is more in depth and alot harder as in most cases by ‘fixing’ the glitch it throws out several other things and the game needs to be tested to find these other things and the cycle repeats. If you want an example look at Blops’s Live Patch system, they brought out hastily made patches to fix aspects of the game and screwed over other ones, which meant another patch needed to be made and that is how it ended up with a version number in the 300’s and it still isn’t fixed by any standards.

  • Ps3fanboy ^^

    Does this apply to PC and PS3 as well? ^^

  • Lime

    I bet they mean for the xbox n not ps3 n pc. Either way, they’re still gonna be lazy like always. They are liars and will say anything to get people’s hopes up for this game. How about less talk, more show. All they’ve shown is MW2.

  • Bacon

    Omg this feature automatically makes me want to go get the game (notice the sarcasm)

  • thal

    Haha classic.if you read between the lines there saying, sorry we took a dump on millions or gamers on MW2. We took your money then failed to patch anything but 1887s and the care package glitch. We were much to busy sorting coke off hookers thighs to patch things like danger close, commando lunge, the rock glitch on Fuel, balance issues on the guns…..

    • Ihatelisps

      Why is it that everytime I get into reading any game article its negative comments thrown back and forth, is this what gaming has turned into, my game is better than yours or your a noob get out of the lobby. Back in my day it was respectful competitve gaming back on the sticks of Mortal Kombat, hell even Pac-man. Now all I see even on Elder Scrolls articles is, oh Fallout is way better or Dragon Age owns this game. I mean really all games have bugs and issues, this is just something they can adjust on the fly without having to patch the game like Halo: Reach does. Also fanboys who cares get some sun and play football thats what I had to do when I was a kid cause video games didnt even exsist.

  • yungmez

    I still don’t understand why people come on MW3 articles just to talk shit….. lol makes me know that this game is going to be great cuz all I hear is hating IMO thank u mr bowling

    • Blake

      @yungmez You should also be happy that these people will now be playing battlefield 3 as these are the same newbs we CoD fans have all hated when playing MW1 & 2..

  • Mike

    What ever happened before the Internet and patches were available? Well I will tell you what, they tested games and didn’t need patches. Games are all about deadlines these days and just throwing out any old garbage


    Idk why this site dosent have this up yet, idk if its official but sure 100% looks like it does. MW3 PRESTIGE EDITION! wow……


    My bad i found out that video is fake, but damn that sure did look real. Got me really hyped

  • thal

    @ Blake you should be happy me and my two friends are buying BF3 and because we all have 3.0 + KD and we only play TDM. And no we do not sit in corners.

    @yungmez I don’t see why COD fans give Duty a free pass when it comes to there screw ups. Were you happy with the level of patches and balances with MW2?? Because they’ve already said the whole West Zepella thing distracted them and they didn’t have much post launch support. Were you happy with the level of patches in Blops. 9 months after release and second chance is as broke as it was on day 1!!!!!! Then Treyarch puts out a Express Playlist, no ghost, no second chance. But its all the game modes. Come on everyone plays TDM or Dom.

    Fanboy = Blindly following something without any criticism

    • pat kolp

      tha, the only reason you probably have a 3+ kill death ratio is probably because your one of those kids who dashboard when you go negative in team death..your probably trash bro.

    • Ihatelisps

      For a pointer it shouldn’t matter what perks they are running or if their corner camping your good or your not, fighting these problems are easy and yes TDM and Dom are the top 2 played modes cause its mostly all about killing, and thats why people who play objective game modes have better win/loss ratios, but have 0.95 to 1.75 is because in the end Winning is more important competitivly than K/D. Look at MLG for example they play to win not how many kills can I get. Everytime I go into DOM, B hasn’t even been captured and everybody is just killing eachother its more like TDm but with no limit and long timers.

  • catfish

    You guys are a bunch of idiots. Do you really think any game to this scale can come out without any glitches. Do you think BF3 will be glitch free? Your ignorance to what it takes to produce a game of this scale is screaming from your posts. The fact that IW is being proactive and has improved how patches get rolled out is a positive thing. Why everyone fails to mention that I dont know.

    And @thal – really? 3.0k/d. Great for you man. Keep on thinking that is important if it makes you feel better.

    • Zzz

      Top class post mate.

    • Drake

      They PROMISE to patch it quicker which isn’t saying much because we don’t know how buggy the game is, this assurance by IW is just a way to keep the cod fans in line. FYI bf3 WILL have less bugs because they are offering public betas, when was the last time cod had a public beta? NO one said bf3 is free of bugs but cod fanboys have to be all defensive, how bout saying most cod fans are worried because activision didnt really put in much support for both mw2 and black ops other than overpriced map packs post launch.

  • thal

    @catdouche 3 + is important if ur a pure TDM player. The fact u think ur KD means nothing in TDM screams ur an dumb a*s. It means nothing in objective games.

    I don’t think a game will be glitch free but I do expect them to patch it as quick as they can. Took them a year to patch the rock glitch on Fuel!!!! A freaking year bro. Do you think that is acceptable?? They haven’t improved anything yet, the game nor any patches are out yet. Actions speak louder then words and there actions on MW2 said screw ur patches.

    And BF3 will have far less glitches. You know why? I better tell u. They not only have had an Alpha test but will have an open beta this month to test for imbalances and glitches. What is MW3 beta? COD XP? Gears 3 had a beta so did Uncharted 3. Good devs = beta.

    • Ihatelisps

      I want you to go patch any one thing and see how easy it is, go ahead try. Its millions and millions of 0100011101010 to fix one tiny thing, which takes ‘Time’.

  • thal

    I’m 31, and I’ll leave a game if there is a bunch of lag. But this isn’t about my KD. I only posted it because someone said COD haters are newbs. In BFbc2 I’m barely over 1 because I PTFO in Rush. No TDM in BF.

    @Pat Kolp people the dash board stats are whack. It isn’t there true KD. Ur probably trash bro

  • thal

    This isn’t about a players KD its about IW trying to patch there game better then MW2

  • thal

    The insult is there post launch support on MW2 sucked.

    Robert Bowling came out and said this months ago.

    So right now we have a badly supported MW2, this is a fact. A poorly patch blops. Second chance never fixed. Lag and bad hit detection never fixed, facts

  • newagewolf

    i love COD but MW2 support was just bad it add some game killing bugs and game balancing was bad like one man army WTF and some over powerd guns even with this i still add fun with it why have that im hopeful for mw3

  • Bacon

    I guess in this generation, we the gamers that pay for the game instead of them paying us to be testers and report any bugs


    I’ts Great to finally see some COD Fans defending the game. Because all i see on mw3 thread are haters.
    I have never posted so much in one forum. I just felt the need to defend COD games from all the Battlefield community.I don’t understand why they go out of their way to find something they hate and post.

    Anyways Here’s to MW3 *cheers*

    • catf15h

      agreed jack.

  • thal

    @ Ihatelisps that is there job. To fix code. Sit on there add no physical labor involved and fix there game. See that’s what they get paid to do. I can’t stand people that make excuses for poor developers.

    And MLG mainly play objective games because it takes team work and great gun skill.

    But if you play objective games, bro your on the wrong game. BF is for objective players. Conquest is Dom and Rush is like search just way better.

    • catf15h

      Thal – seriously dude. You are once again screaming your ignorance to making a game to this scale. Have you ever tried to program anything other than hello world. You’re making yourself look real stupid man. (or bro as you would put it). I don’t think your brain can even fathom the possible permutations and variables and and the ‘wtf’s’ that can come from programming a video game. Get over yourself bro.

      To say that they are lazy,poor programmers is no where near intellegent. Good luck dude.

  • thal

    @cat there is one guy that needs to get over themselves its you and ur uppidy smartest guy in the room posts. If I scream ignorance you scream arrogance. I job is performance based. And Treyarch performed poorly. So what do you call someone who doesn’t put out good work at there job???? I really want to know.

  • abc


    you sir are an idiot. if people can mod games and really do a great job at that dont you think these “programmers” can fix glitches? you are so stupid and blind. heck mw2 has been hacked like sh!t and infinity ward didn’t even do sh!t about it. they even blamed the psn for that. face it idiot activish!t doesnt care for the community that made them. they only care about the money. for the billions that activish!t made out of the cod series why hasnt there been any dedicated servers? are they really that greedy? have you even played cod 4? because in my mind thats the best cod and after that all cod were sh!t.

    majority of people who hate on cod were former cod supporters. most of them paid for the game. they know that they spent 60$ and they expect to get something new, something that would make them say that they’ve spent their hard earned money right. i was one of those supporters. after i played mw2 ive said to myself that that will be my last cod game that i will buy until activish!t get their sh!t together and do something right.

    so go on keep justifying that cod is great and doesnt need major changes. keep defending the game your mom will give you for Christmas while i go buy bf 3 and uc3.

  • catf15h


    Why did you stop at c – couldn’t make it any farther down the alphabet. Please copy/paste where I stated that COD doesn’t need changes. …. Exactly – that statement doesn’t exist.

    And just so you know – anything can be modded. It is virtually impossible to make anything mod proof. The reason that a game like cod was so heavily modded is because it is soo popular. Why would someone want to mod a game that no one plays? Same reason that most viruses,worms MOSTLY affect Microsoft Windows. It isn’t because ‘windows sucks’ its because everyone uses it. If everyone used linux or mac os then those would be the OS’s most affected by that sh1t. Don’t blame your lack of intellgence on my ‘arrogance’ Why don’t you go get a job with some reputable company and be a senior programmer for some aspect of a game and see what happens. OTher than the fact that you’ll get fired for being imcompetant – you should at least get a new perspective on what it takes to do this. Instead of blaming a game company for any flaws in the code – why not blame the little kids out there exploiting this sh1t. Why not blame Microsoft for detecting a modded game and banning that xbox from it’s LIVE system faster? The answer to the problems of modding is with the console and service owner aka Microsoft – not the gaming company (to an extent). Again – you go work for a company and show me how you’ve made your sh1t mod-proof and i’ll buy it. Until then dont talk about sh1t you know nothing about.

    • captainkrumble

      great comment! You must feel really smart now. Most games get modded devs can’t help it but CoD will get modded and they’ll make the game fun when i got MW2 i got bored of it after a few days then my mate invited me to a game of Global Thermonuclear War with super sprint and super jump and it was really fun.

      don’t think i’m some kind of Battlefield Fanboy because i’m not i vary my games atm i’m playing space marine its on of the funnest games i have ever played

  • thal

    Why would he get fired for being incompetent, all he has to say is…. But sir programming is hard there are millions of 1101000010101 its hard to fix one tiny thing. And then he gets a free pass on why he’s a fuck up. Your logic turned back at you. Right you can be incompetent and still be a programmer. Atleast you can still put out a COD game and get a free pass

  • abc


    catfilth is saying it is easier to mod than to fix glitches. he doesnt even have proof of that. he spits out utter nonsense to make himself look intelligent but his arguments make him look like a turd. he even tried to bash me. i just laughed at that turd.

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