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Fable creator worried for future of the PlayStation

by Bill Hess on June 12, 2012

Peter Molyneux is worried for the PlayStation brand, and unsure of the company leadership that is guiding their hardware development.  In a recent interview with Games Industry, Molyneux spoke about Sony’s recent troubles, and how these might end up hurting Sony’s PlayStation brand in the long-term.

“Sony has always had a very strong first party line-up, which I think is incredibly smart.  They’ve got good developers.  They’ve got some very talented developers.  The way I always feel with Sony is that if they double down on those first party developers, give them the headroom to be inventive and be creative, especially when it comes to any next generation platform, then they could pull lots of rabbits out of the hat,” Molyneux told the publication.

“What I worry about, with their corporate pressure and the pressure on costs, I worry about the ability to do that.  I just don’t know where they’re going in hardware terms.  They had the Move, but it wasn’t as early as the Wii and it wasn’t as innovative as Kinect.  They seem to be third in line at that race. ”

Molyneux recently left the Lionhead Studio that is under the Microsoft umbrella of developers, and this year contributed to E3 2012 as a pure spectator.  When watching Sony’s press conference at the expo, Molyneux claims that he was waiting for Sony to bring out this “magic rabbit out from a huge hat”, and obviously that didn’t happen.

Say Something

    Yep probably won’t be a ps4 I’m sorry Allen

  • njb

    Fable 3 & kinectamals. Please ur opinions are no longer valid to me.

    Fable 3 is just dumb, the menues r just over enginered, interacting with npc’s is now 4 buttons and its mostly farting. Combat is too easy, and the gun is the only good weapon. Fable 3 should be better but fable 1 & 2 r just better in everyway.

  • Allen

    Yeah, a M$ developer is concerned for Sony…Well buddy i’m concerned for your weak kinect and every fable game that’s on PC.

    Just because a few million idiots are out there doesn’t mean M$ will do good next gen. Sony is in a great position and as long as we got backwards cap & release next gen sooner than M$ will fail hard.

    Come on, in 3 years the only good games you got were Gears and what a old dried up Halo?

    Kinect innovation, fking laggy misreading command garbage. Sony needs to have more Move sets to demo at shops – show the high tech 3D quality that it is. Compare all 3 and many people have and Move wins hands down.

  • hoppsy

    I shall wait and see what hardware is like next gen regardless, the first party line up is always right up there with importence for me so unless the ps4 is completely out matched i’ll probably stick with sony

  • Frank

    Uh oh, the most overrated developer of this last gen is concerned about a company still in the business? He’s a joke. Created one great game, one good one, and an awful one yet his voice is still somehow relevant.

  • Rick

    Yeah, this guy should shut up, let’s hear from some important developers like zipper…

  • Im ignorant like Allen


  • Facelord

    Molyneux has never made a truly classic game. Sure, some of his games are nice but if you had me make a list of the 250 greatest games I can think of Fable, Black & White and Kinectimals aren’t gonna be listed. They’re fine games, just not innovative, groundbreaking or legendary in any way. The fact that Molyneux, a man whose ego and voice are far grander than his actual output, is being given so much attention is unreal. If I ran a news site and he specifically contacted me to try to make a statement, I’d either turn him down or post his statement and then rip it to shreds with a few paragraphs of critique toward the GALL of this man. I’m kinda ashamed to want to be a game designer within the next few years with men like him holding that career position.

    Literally the only thing he said regarding Sony in this post(besides the compliments that totally fit them) is that Move is inferior to Kinect and the Wii remote. With the PS4 Sony will almost certainly have a new Eyetoy and Move support, rendering the competing products kinda redundant.
    Kinect is about as innovative as gaming with only a capacitive touchscreen, meaning Kinect gaming is about on par with smartphone gaming.
    The Wii Remote is fine, but it’s like a VHS to the Move’s bluray. I don’t dislike the Wii Remote(other way around, the Wii was my console of choice until Nintendo pretty much dropped support of it) but Move is clearly better. You’ll get the best of both worlds with Sony’s next platform(if those leaked images showing off the Orbis’ Eyetoy peripheral end up amounting to anything).

    He pretty much just stated some factual things about Sony that are positive and tried to make them sound as bad as he could without outright insulting them. Molyneux is an imbecile, a total joke, should be laughingstock in the game industry.

  • idiotmyshkin

    Funny, I was worried about the future of Fable…

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