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Fans get upset with Battlefield 3 Premium Content for August

by William Schwartz on August 24, 2012

DICE has finally revealed the premium content for Battlefield 3 in August. Getting so close to the end of the month, many were wondering what DICE had up their sleeves for their premium subscribers this month, and when it would arrive. As it turns out, none of it is really related to actually playing Battlefied 3 (aside from the double XP). While many had hoped for exclusive in-game items or map variations, here’s what you can expect in the coming days.

This bonus content drop from DICE isn’t really what fans of the game signed up for when enrolling in the Battlefield Premium program. The early access to new content that is scheduled to arrive shortly should put out the fire from most fans, but it definitely would have been nice to see something else that kept players engaged in the shooter while waiting for Armored Kill to arrive this September.

If you want to check out the 100’s of pages of comments from disgruntled Battlefield fans, head to the official announcement over on the Battlefield Blog.

Premium Video – Armored Kill Gameplay

Release Date – August 29th

Accessed from Battlelog Premium Video Section

Armored Kill Gameplay

Premium Bonus Content – Exclusive Artwork

Release Date – August 29th

Accessed from the “Bonus Content” section of Battlelog

BF3 Artbook

Premium Event – Community Map Concept

Event Starts on August 31st

Create a map in Battlefield 3

Here’s a chance to pitch your great map idea to DICE, and have it judged by the creators of Battlefield 3. If your entry is selected, you’ll win a lithograph signed by the team at DICE.

Premium Double XP Event

Starts on August 25th

Premium Double XP in Battlefield 3 will run for 156 hours after fans shared the Battlefield Facebook page with their friends to run up the tally.

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    haha! suckaz!

    • HighGuy

      Oh Battlefail fans, when will you learn that EA just wants your booty hole…nothing more.

      • The Duke

        Let me guess, COD much?

      • wicked

        Obviously you wish you were part of the game or you wouldnt be reading articles about it and trash talking those that are better than you

        • Cool dude

          Say that to allen.

    • FantasicSam

      This is a big time letdown. Cmon DICE do you really think this is what BF3 fans paid for?


    I didn’t pay for Premium. I love Battlefield 3, one of the best FPS ever. But the close combat maps sucks donky ass, why would I pay for a service that would give me that garbage? I just want Armored Kill, I can smell the combat already.

    • Cool dude

      I LOVE BF3 but the best FPS ever?

      Saddest thing Ive ever heard from a gamer… Ohh wait, Allen is not even a gamer.

    • RROD$2PLAY

      One of…ONE OF…Oh that’s right. Retarded, blinded fool. Nevermind Cool Dude…”it’s okay..okay?”. Fking Retard. Oops did you hear that?

      • Cool dude

        Reading is different from hearing retarded fool.

  • wtf

    Lmao,good thing i only gameshare DLC.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Lol! Battlefail sucks who cares about this damn game? Can they please release more articles about important fps like black ops 2,rainbow 6 patroits,and halo 4

    • wicked

      FUCK COD


    wow thats lame.

    Still im only excited for armored kill.

  • Lalo300zx

    I hate cod, but this time around they actually gave the community free maps, while dice has given nothing.

  • nanotech

    tiger wood land -RUS. rocks/ navy blue digital USA. snow/ @ least I rock em

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