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Get your fill of Diablo 3 Wizard “God-Mode,” because Blizzard is in the process of fixing it

by | @AttackFanboy | on July 24, 2012

User reports recently surfaced on Blizzard forums that a glitch in Diablo 3 specific to the Wizard class enabled a god-mode of sorts that rendered the character invulnerable in any mode for an unregulated amount of time.

It appears however, that Blizzard has now been made aware of the fact (probably due to every gaming outlet and Diablo 3 player openly discussing it) and are currently in the process of releasing a patch that will effectively end the invincibility for those players brave enough to risk their accounts to try it. But hey, spending hours upon hours searching for and stocking up on the right set of gear to easily play your way through Diablo 3 is just as fun, right? Well, at least it was fun while it lasted. Here’s the official forum statement made by Blizzard:

We are currently rolling out a hotfix for a recent bug regarding invulnerable Wizards. We will continue to carefully monitor this issue and welcome anyone with information about bugs or hacks to submit a detailed report to our Hacks Team by emailing, or by completing the Hacks Report web form. In your correspondence, please include any steps necessary to replicate the issue as well as any additional details you are able to provide.

So those of you with the gall to attempt such a feat and who are not intimidated by the Blizzard banhammer, you better hurry up and clear your schedules.

Source: Diablo 3 Forums

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