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Forza Horizon looks like a Forza game

by Bill Hess on June 2, 2012

Microsoft will double down with established franchises at E3 this year.  The recently unveiled Gears of War: Judgement, and Forza Horizon, are two titles that are known certainties for the console maker to highlight at E3 2012.  While we’ll likely hear a lot more about the feature set for Forza Horizon at E3, the first set of screenshots has arrived for the racing title from UK Studio,  Playground Games.

If the name doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because its not.  Turn 10 has relenquished the wheel to the new developer who will head up development duties on this non-numbered Forza spin-off.  This first set of screenshots was uncovered earlier today on Forza Life.

Forza Horizon Screenshots

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  • njb

    A forza spin off. Wtf. Y?

  • Matt

    lol this game fails hella
    that “viper” isnt aviper u noobs its the new porsche cayman rsr only t10 would make a stupid mistkelik that gran turismo is better in every aspect than any forza of its times including this piece of poo gran turismo has wayy more cars + tracks + higher fps + better graphics + cooler cars + realistic physics (i heard they actually tested the physics with NASA + day/night rain/sun dynamics. forza is shit compared to gran turismo haha next year forza maybe… not!!

    • Valhalla

      Thats not what the critics said…

    • Calibre

      Gonna step in the deep end without checking in on this one….but that looks like a viper to me……
      Matt, how old are you?
      NASA? Pfffft…..tell your dad to stop feeding you this garbage.
      Moral of this story is STOP HATING. Go enjoy GT5. I’ll be on Forza. Simple.

  • Calibre

    Oh, and check your post before you hit submit next time….you should use some full stops or commas. Oh, and close your brackets too….not to mention your spelling errors. Ah, screw it….get your dad to type it out for you.

  • jake

    this game will be a huge hit. why? because there is absolutly nothing like it nor has there been anything like this in the gaming history with realistic physics+open world+different terrain etc.
    i love forza and always wanted them to do a open world game like this! i cant wait for it to come out!

  • Valhalla

    Ahem… Anyone saw the best rated racing series of this generation dialouge

  • njb


    Calm down.

    Everyone knows how good Gran Turismo is but you just had hissy fit.

    Forza is kl, i like it but when i play GT5 it doesnt compare. I thought the split screen would be better in forza, and only 2 AI as well. Plus the side mirrors and the rear view mirror dont have any use, they are blank. Forza is kl but it has a long way to go before it starts to get as varied and big as GT.

    An open world Forza, so it would be like a NFS underground 2 but with more realism.

    • Maper

      I think you can compare GT5 and Forza to an extent but theyre not in the same genre of real sim racing.

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