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New The Last of Us cutscene introduces a “friendly” NPC

by Ethan Powers on July 13, 2012

Back at E3, few other titles, if any, impressed and wowed us as much as Naughty Dog’s new endeavor, The Last of Us. The gameplay demo provided action-oriented thrills and the blending of cinematic with gameplay, elements that the Uncharted developers have pioneered. Today at Comic-Con, Sony released a new cinematic that introduces a new NPC for The Last of Us, who although grumpy, is seemingly willing to help you navigate the plague-decimated city.

The beginning of the scene features our first audio of the “Infected” which seem to emote a loud, horrifying growl/howling. Protagonists Joel (player controlled) and Ellie manage to take refuge in the shack of an ornery old man named Bill. Clearly, Bill and Joel have a history together, as Bill speaks about “owing him something.”

What’s most important to take away from the new cinematic? The fact that Ellie is a complete badass and someone that you’d certainly like to have around in the event of a zombie apocalypse. What other teenage girl is willing to shout obscenities at a man three times her age while he’s pointing a machete at her?

Check out the new cinematic scene from The Last of Us below:

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  • bigjershby

    i wanted to not be a lil girl about this game but fuuudge this is going to own!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NJ

    Looks like GTA will have some competition for GOTY next year. It’s games like this that make me so happy I own a both major consoles.

  • bigjershby

    i wont have my xbox much longer myself my brother wants it for his hew place hes getting unti he gets his pc fixed and i got a doctor bill so i need alil money atm

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