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Grand Theft Auto V DLC Leaked?

by Al McCarthy on November 27, 2013


Grand Theft Auto 5 just recently got its first bout of downloadable content, a small sliver of what’s likely on the way for Rockstar’s open world game.  Though fans have been digging into the game’s files following the release of the Beach Bum Pack, and have discovered some audio files that hint at content that might be on the way.

The files uncovered contain dialogue from NPCs, which includes characters discussing features like racing for pink slips, the opening of a casino, and an updated camera system.  The files were discovered when Rockstar launched update 1.06 for GTA V, which included the Beach Bum Pack.

We’ll need to wait and see if this stuff ends up as DLC for GTA V, Rockstar should be making an official announcement of what to expect in due time.

The YouTube video below details some of this content found in the GTA V Leaked DLC Files.

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  • Facts First

    Rockstar needs to release the “Make this game not suck” pack.

  • Wizard of Peace

    Loved the game, but i will not be buying DLC. Why? Well new consoles and more games are out. In spring even more games will be coming out.

    • Seth Allen Macias

      new games are almost always coming out. by the logic of not buying dlc becuase of that then in 2299 there will be new games still coming out most likly so i guess should start saving lol. but your probly saving for something specific and i hope you get it and enjoy it with all your heart :)

      • Wizard of Peace

        Ya, new games for Spring, plus some games for 3DS that im getting for Christmas. BTW my name is also Seth haha :)

    • TPE

      Games will always be coming out idiot.

  • Jesse Nitschke

    I think I’ll go back to playing saints row 4 again if dickstar doesn’t release any story mode dlc heists.

    • Dyno

      Gotta agree. Not a fan of GTA V online and am only interested in DLC if it’s single-player related.

  • SomethingInc2010 .

    When I updated to the beach bum pack my level 62 character was deleted. What an improvement!

  • Name

    They should make a trucker dlc set in 1975

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