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Metal Gear Solid V might be sold in two parts

by Bill Hess on March 29, 2013


Hideo Kojima’s publicity stunt for Metal Gear Solid V has gotten to be somewhat confusing. First it was two games: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Following Kojima’s GDC presentation we learned that Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are Metal Gear Solid V. And while the promotional stunt may be over, it appears that these two titles may still arrive separately.

“It’s a two-step process to game design, and together these things will comprise MGSV”

“So we can’t comment just yet on how these things will be distributed and sold, but what we can say is that The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes will be two parts of a whole. And Ground Zeroes will come first. It will kind of be Phantom Pain on a smaller scale. So it’ll be open world, but not quite as big as Phantom Pain. So it’ll allow the user to jump in, learn how to sneak in real time in that world, and then later on, after they kind of get used to that, then Phantom Pain will come along and they’ll be thrown into this huge, gigantic open world. So it’s a two-step process to game design, and together these things will comprise Metal Gear Solid V.”

So Metal Gear fans could be in the can for two purchases when its finally time for Metal Gear Solid V to release, but it looks like Konami is waiting to break the news for the time being.

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  • Facts First

    Why get one bucket of milk when you can get two? Judging by the PlayStation fanboys on this site, they’ll buy anything from Sony, and with Metal Gear 5 they take x2.

    • adamostrong

      There are definitely allot of PlayStation fanboys on this site and they like to talk trash but when it comes to actually buying all those games Sony publishes, sales say otherwise.

      • adamostrong

        I take that back, it sounded more shady than I intended.

  • XbotAllen

    Who is this Facts guy? He speaks the truth! Milk it Kojima! Milk it til its dry, then leave those fanboy carcasses to rot.

  • PSuser

    3 Xbox fanboys all saying something about Playstation fanboys on an article about a multi-platform title that is published by Konami….. I’m sensing some retardation here..

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