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Two new Halo 4 enemies outed via…toy box?

The “Crawler” and “Watcher” enemies revealed in an unlikely place.


Two new Halo 4 enemies outed via…toy box?

by on May 14, 2012

It’s no secret that the Master Chief will be up against brand new enemies in Halo 4. When you drift aimlessly toward a mysterious planet possibly inhabited by an ancient race of ultra-intelligent beings, you have to expect a few surprises. Thanks to Xbox Skyer, you now have two less surprises to worry about.

The above image, courtesy of a Halo-series McFarlane toy package, shows two new enemies that will appear in Halo 4 – the “Crawler” and “Watcher.” Though we really cannot make a ton of inferences based on the image alone, it does give us a good idea of what each enemy brings to the table. The Crawler looks like some sort of demonic dog with a crystallized head and almost looks as if it is covered in white-hot, molting metal. The Watcher on the other hand, looks to be an all-seeing beetle of some kind, though it’s tough to presume what its primary attack will be.

Are both of these creatures a part of the Forerunner race? 343 Studios did mention that the new breed of enemies will work together to attack you, so a fleet of Watchers giving away your position and a pack of Crawlers ready to maul you may in fact present a formidable challenge. Hopefully, all of the game’s new enemies will be detailed in full come E3 time in just a few weeks.

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