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Halo 4 has Unicorn Armor

by William Schwartz on August 20, 2012

If you thought some of the deviations from the normal Spartan armor sets in Halo 4 were strange, this latest exclusive armor from 343i will blow your mind.  Introducing Unicorn Armor.  In the Halo 4 Limited Edition Console SKU players can unlock the Fotus armor.   As you can see in the image above, the Fotus armor is adorned with a giant horn on the helmet.

You will need to purchase the Halo 4 Limited Edition Bundle from Microsoft to get the exclusive armor and other digital goodies that come with the console.  To match the horned armor set, 343i has also thrown in an exclusive Unicorn Emblem to be used in-game, an exclusive gun skin for the Forerunner Light Rifle, a Promethean Crawler Avatar Prop, and a Fotus Armor Avatar Costume.

The Halo 4 Xbox 360 320GB console bundle isn’t cheap.  Priced at $399 this limited edition Halo 4 Xbox will release alongside Halo 4 in November and comes with two wireless controllers, a black headset, a copy of Halo 4, the decked out console, and of course the digital items mentioned above.

Halo 4 is due to release in early November exclusively on the Xbox 360.

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  • Cool dude

    Cool :-)

  • Mycroducks

    I think it’s awesome. It looks like the Guyver suit!

  • HighGuy

    Well this makes a lot of sense. If you’re making a game for 10 year olds, you might as well throw in Unicorns. COD RULES! Out!

  • val

    so COD has this too?


    Fking lame. So far away from orig. Halo, it’s not even Halo anymore. Just an old dried up piece of crap, old pieces of crap are all the exclusives Xbots get these days. That and laggy kinect garbage.

    Oh and dance central. You can be that greasy kid all by him self at the arcades that thinks he’s cool because he can play a dance game. No…you still can’t dance dude.

  • Joe

    Hopefully you can stab people with your horn. That would make for some crazy assassinations.


    looks like a dinosaur

  • SentryEclipse

    Hwy look its Megatron



  • Cool dude

    Allen is so desperate lol.

  • Brandon

    Just looks like Hayabusa to me. Pretty neat!

  • Joe

    Dude, Master Chief looks like fucking Sauron! SAURON!!! That’s so badass!!! XD

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