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Halo 4 unveiled at Microsoft E3 Press Conference

by Ethan Powers on June 4, 2012

Following a short live-action teaser, Microsoft kicked off their E3 Media briefing with the return of Master Chief in Halo 4.

The Chief was pitted on what was presumably a Forerunner planet, and was quickly up against a host of new foes including the Crawler and Watcher enemies leaked before.

The short demo ended with the Chief overwhelmed by Forerunner enemies, but not before he sported a laser weapon with Forerunner technology, utilizing it the only way he knows how: to blast away hordes of aliens.

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  • The Future of Sega

    Great…another Halo 2.5 game. -_- *smh*…Here are some recommendations if they want this game to be great.

    1. Get rid of the Cortanna hooker look. It is unnecessarily and a played out gimmick that sex sells.

    2. Have Cortanna lose weight. Jesus Christ who ever programmed her obviously has a fat obsession because she looks FAT as hell!

    3. Controlling spaceships

    4. Fighting in space

    5. Manually landing spaceships on planets

    6. Developing portals to travel through

    7. Less geekish and more ferocious aliens.

    It’s obvious that this game is catered to kids so I will babble no further. I gave up on this series after H3….Good luck Halo 4.

    • Maper


    • The Future of Sega

      Two people are scared to accept the truth.

    • Maper

      Its not really the truth but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

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