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Halo: Reach “33 Billion Served” in just under 3 months

by William Schwartz on December 19, 2010

Halo: Reach for the Xbox 360 has been out now for a little under three months. In that time 33 Billion kills were registered in firefight, campaign, and multiplayer gamemodes.   This quarterly killing statement houses all of the statistics from Halo: Reach’s first quarter of Xbox Live gameplay in the stylized graphic above.   Most of the highpoints are noted at the top, but aside from just being pretty there’s a ton of interesting information loaded onto the image.  1500 people have already picked up the Pestilence Armor Effect, and how they did it this quickly I will never know.  It costs millions of credits, and averaging 700 credits per game, it would take you lets see :  math math math.. a long time.  The full size can be had at in case you wanted one for your wall.  You know, if you want one or something, I’m not saying I did it or anything… ok I am saying precisely that.

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