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Hardware sales plummet in June, consumers waiting for Xbox 720 and PS4

by Bill Hess on July 13, 2012

NPD has just released the video game sales data for the month of June. On the hardware side, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 dominated hardware sales in North America once again, despite the market as a whole dropping to the tune of nearly 50% year over year. Microsoft sold 257,000 Xbox 360 units during June, allowing them to hold on to a 47 percent share of the market amongst the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

According to Microsoft, these June figures mark the 16th consecutive month that Xbox 360 has held more than a 40 percent share of current-generation console sales in the U.S. Total retail spend on the Xbox 360 platform in June (hardware, software and accessories) reached $272 million, the most for any console in the U.S. Consumers spent more on Xbox 360 products than they spent on the other two current-generation consoles combined.

Whether its attributable to a rather weak game release lineup in June, or consumers just pinching their pennies as they await a long overdue next generation announcement, a fifty percent year over year drop is a pretty significant figure for all console manufacturers.

Nintendo is looking to spur their console sales with the release of new hardware in the form of the Nintendo Wii. It’s due out this holiday season, and should have a positive effect on hardware sales for the holidays. Microsoft and Sony have both still been keen on the idea of extending the current generation as long as possible. This comes despite analysts and technology officers pointing the finger at the companies for slowing sales and increased free-to-play competition.

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  • fantastic Sam

    My Xbox RROD last month, and I will play my PC until the next generation comes.


    In other words WE NEED NEXT GEN

    Also ps3 fails.

  • Gabe Collins

    I agree the PS3 did fail this generation. They made some really good games for the PS3, but they messed up at the beginning and then didn’t really improve PSN that much. They should have focused more on making PSN better and less on trying to rape people for 600 for new consoles.

  • lawrence

    The sales will be good again at Christmas, its the middle of summer and no games came out.


    You know what’s funny? Xbots act like 360 didn’t get outsold by PS3 this last year. Pitiful ignorant kids. Please take a look at year on year comparison at vgchartz…year after year PS3 kicks 360’s ass. Week after week PS3 kicks 360’s ass. And in the last few months 360 has gone from a 20,000 unit/week advantage IN THE US ONLY to 10,000 (with 40,000+ PS3 beign sold in the US alone).

    The only people that buy xbox are those too young or too stupid to know any better.

  • bigjershby

    who cares if u own both like me u know the ps3 is better as for psn at its core(online multplayer its just as good) its just as good and ps plus blows live gold out the water tbh

  • bigjershby

    what id love is for some of u to form ur own opinion based off experience………………… until i got my 360 i wouldnt have been caught dead on a site like this heres a ? how long have yall been gaming? yall know what “bad tekken” means? come on children humor me i dont expect most of u to have 20 years of core xp under ur belts but humor me….

    • Maper Syrup

      You’re right.. we dont have 20 years under our belts.. but does that make you any better than us?

      Based on your comment, your no more than an insecure gamer.


      Be quiet old man

  • y2jarmyofficial

    xbox 360 best sold console of 2011,best sold console of 2012?well halo 4 is coming out,so yeah might happen again but in the holidays,ps3 has normal days xbox gets the special days,and from my expirence i only play ps3 for exclusive,thats it,xbox live is better,need convincing,well lets look at most multiplatforms, cod sells better on 360 ,people will rather pay to play,or how about battlefield 3 anouther somewhat large game,whats platform poeple are playing in? the 360,ps3 fanboys can say all they want that psn is free,but the fact is people will rather pay to play then play for free on psn,thats the truth and nothing but the awesome truth
    woo woo woo u know it

    • Allen

      LOL wow….so BF3 only is played on 360?

      360 = 6 Million
      PS3 = 5.5 Million
      PCA = 2 Million

      Yeah…..pretty sure PS3 has a large share of that pie bro. I thought you xbots said you always sold 3-4 times more huh? Keep on trying to defend that POS and your idiotic decision to keep supporting it despite being bitch slapped multiple times with hundreads of reasons why not to. Hell there’s 300 reasons every 5 years not to support it and that’s before it’s an overheating, pay to play, lack of quality hardware, expensive upgrades, limited in almost every way no blu ray, no browser (think still right? STILL? end of console life bro). Can you guess what those 300 reasons are?

      $300 fking dollars lol

    • Cool dude

      Overheating? Xbox 360 S failure rate less than 5%

      Pay to play? XBL has 3000 games to download. PSN has 1500. XBL has 500MB of cloud memory. PSN+ has 125MB. Microsoft provides this much despite giving it to 40x more people. XBL has 6x the amount of services as compared to PSN. (XBL 75 services, PSN has 13). XBL provides a wide service for indie developers (XNA, PLAY XBLA, Provides Indie C++ XBL coding program). Faster download. Provides more exclusives on XBL than PSN/PSN+….

      Lack of Quality Hardware? Like what?

      Limited features? Flash Expandable harddrive? Flash enhancing performance? (Cache memory), Direct play (No install needed), Games runs faster on a DVD than Bluray? Multitasking? (Cross game chat, Music playing, Game playing, Background download all at the same time) Ps3 only does background download. Built in Mic jack on the controller for cheaper headphones?, N wifi enabled? Touch enable eject button and switch? Backwards compatibility? Full voice command on dashboard?

      No browser? Dont worry, the much faster voice enabled console integrated browser is coming late this year for Xbox…

      Ohh yeah… what happened to Surface Live? Ohh wait, your wrong? FAIL!

  • bigjershby

    im insecure about some things like most people but game related please

    im nowhere close to old lol but time gets use all in the end

    tell urselfs xbl is better if it helps u sleep at night but i use them both all the time so what would i know right?

    my problem is the retarded fanboyism (not a word) of some of u….get ur heads out of yalls asses and stop pushing opinions like they r facts cuz alot of u wouldnt know and thats the problem

  • Rick

    Ha, Sony kicked MS a$$ last gen, Sony selling a few thousand more units worldwide this gen is a complete fail

  • bigjershby

    to clarify my comment about pushing ur opinions i mean for example “gears is better then god of war” when in fact u havnt played both to know…………

  • NJ

    I think we are getting to a point where nearly everybody who could potentially buy a console has already bought one. I’m certain that the next xbox will be out oct/nov 2013 and the ps4 won’t be far behind.

  • Maper Syrup

    Wow, idiots… idiots everywhere…

    Geek wire bases their numbers on ALL the OFFICIAL QUARTERLY reports given out by Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft THEMSELVES. While VG chartz gets data from estimates and numbers from shops directly.

    Geek Wire report, Bloomberg sources: OFFICIAL EARNINGS

    VGchartz: Estimates that adjusts totals ever week.

    Again, who do you trust?

  • bigjershby

    users guide of the internet


    1)never trust anything u read on the internet


  • Cool dude

    Ok, you said not to trust anything on the internet.

    Does that mean I should trust what you wrote or not?

    Paradox O.o

  • bigjershby

    i didnt make he rules when i first got a pc i had AOL 2.0 and every1 said “look out for viruses and dont believe what u read”

  • Allen

    @ Cool Dude

    Now that surface functionality has been confirmed with 360 you can bet your ass that a subscription service will be required. Windows Live, Xbox live and either Surface live or an increased Xbox live cost associated with it. That one I will bet you on.

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