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Holy Tweet: Halo 3 outsold every big PS3 exclusive…combined

by William Schwartz on June 9, 2010

Aaron Greenberg took the opportunity to gloat over NPD data today via his twitter account.

Just in from research team (NPD): Halo 3 has outsold Resistance 1 + 2, Uncharted 1+2 , Killzone 2 and God of War III COMBINED….wow


That’s actually pretty incredible when you think about the quality of some of the games in that list.  The tweet was short and sweet so no actual figures were released, maybe Aaron will update with more info soon.  I’m curious to see a breakdown.

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  • fr0sty

    Every big ps3 exclusive? what about mgs4, gran turismo 5 prologue (outsold forza by a long shot, so much for it being a “demo”), heavy rain, infamous, MAG… you’re leaving out some pretty big names. Especially since the first 3 Gran Turismo games have outsold every MS exclusive combined, without even including the last 2. Way to try to spin it.

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