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According to independent research the Xbox 360 is as reliable as the PS3

by Bill Hess on July 27, 2012

The Xbox 360 got off to a rocky start this generation to say the least. Many accused the company of rushing their product to market, which resulted in an unprecedented amount of console failures. Subsequent hardware iterations by Microsoft to stave off their growing rate of failure for early model Xbox 360s seems to have worked. That is according to recently conducted independent research by one website that polled nearly half a million users, asking them a multitude of questions about the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii consoles.

Their research shows that since 2009, Microsoft’s failure rate with those polled, has dropped to parity with the PlayStation 3. While both consoles see a sub 10% failure rate (for those polled), they are both still slightly higher than Nintendo’s Wii. Though other statistics point to the Xbox 360’s propensity to fail more than once, once the failing begins. Numbers between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are fairly similar when it comes to looking at a first failure, but after that the Xbox 360 looks to be the weaker of the two consoles when it comes to the liklihood of that console failing again ( and possibly again & again & again).

As far as hardware iterations are concerned, both Xbox 360 and PS3 saw significant improvements to their failure rates as new hardware was released. The Original PS3 was by far more unreliable than the new slim model. While the original Xbox 360 Core System saw a failure rate within polled users of over 50%. You can check out all graphs and data on NoFussReviews.

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  • bigjershby


    thats the only reason i laugh when people say the ps3 failed this gen and say xbox didnt…….really? what a fanboy u must be i think to myself

    not only does it get millions of sells from that rrod bs but it broke records for being the most unreliable console ever thats the definition of a fail my friends look it up lol


    Actually sure the “independent research” shows the 360 is finally now in line with PS3, it also shows just how piss poor it’s been since launch.

    57% failure rate on 360 in 2009 with still a 18% failure in 2011. Do I need to remind you that the industry standard is 3%?

  • Raven

    Sony really lucked out, millions probably switched to ps3 after an rrod

  • J

    As an owner of an Xbox 360 and a disgruntled, yet continuing, Windows user, I have learned over years of experience to WAIT A LONG TIME to buy a Microsoft product. NEVER get it when it first ships. This is Bill Gates’ legacy.

  • J

    Raven, Sony didn’t luck out, they’re owned and operated by Japanese people. Ever notice how there are more Japanese designed/engineered cars on American roads than of the American variety? They have an honor system that compels them to do it right the first time. And IF they screw that up, they’ll fix it REAL quick

  • Raven

    Sony does provide quality products, I was just pointing not all experiencing rrod bought an xbox again, many switched to ps3 or avoided xbox all together.

    Though I do drive a Japanese car, I’m not a big fan of where your going with the antiamerican comments…

  • Underworld

    Agree with ya, Bigjershby.

    I have both consoles and enjoy both. But 360 is only in front in sales because it launched a year ahead and had a horrible failure rate, which meant a lot of people buying a 2nd or 3rd 360. I had to buy 2 myself.
    You can’t get any bigger of a fail than having a 54% failure rate!

    Not a 360 hater. It’s just the truth.

  • bozmanbeyond

    I caused mine to rrod without enough venting but was lucky to be working in a certain place at the time and did a swap. My brother on the other hand had his for 5 years and just last year got rrod but did the fix him self and it runs like new now.

    Lets just hope they get it right next time out.


    Or let’s hope you are smart enough to avoid Xbox next generation.

  • djgood

    I HATE RED RINGS OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • djgood

    I HATE RED RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just Say’n

    Well i still have my first one, from day one. Only thing happen with mine is sometimes the disk tray acts like there’s nothin in. Just says open disk tray, after a couple of times it works lol.

  • Just Say’n

    * nothin in it *

  • Cool dude

    Lets give it to all the idiot who didnt read the article


    Xbox 360 6.1%

    Ps3 5.9%


    2011 = 18.4% LOL

  • gsassassin

    My Xbox just RROD on me again; if they would have surveyed me I would have been able to speak a bit of my mind. Xbox sucks so bad; my first one screwed up time and time again and now my slim’s tray won’t open.

    Then when I was playing Reach my dog’s freaking tail hit the console and scratched my game up so bad I had to replace that too.

    I think XBox’s stratagy is that if they make something break on you enough times you will just keep buying and buying it. Get ya hooked then screw you over.

  • Balasco

    Hopefully they will take their time with quality control on the next Xbox. I have had the newest model since it came out and not one single issue. I will say that the first two I owned red ringed and MS replaced them, I did not have to purchase a new 360. Sony on the other hand wanted $150 to repair the Blu ray player in my Ps3 slim, which I did and now that one died. I haven’t gotten around to buying the parts and fixing it myself because frankly, I shouldn’t have to. I predict many will not like my comment, oh well.

  • gsassassin

    No one will like your comment because it’s BS. Did you not go to the link on this artical?

    As I said and as many will agree with, just last year 360 still had almost a 25% failure rate, PS3 has always been at least close to industry standard and you are a lying sack of crap if you deny RROD was horrible. Hell I don’t even have a PS3 and I agree that it’s way more reliable.

    And not all of use were lucky enough for Xbox to fix the fats for free. Me and my cousin both had to purchase 3 of them ea, 3rd being the slim which works fine; except now the DVD tray is screwed up but I can get by with that.

  • The Future of Sega

    Thank goodness I FAPPED!!!!!

  • njb

    i think its just pathetic.

    4-5 years to get the failure rate down, and how many revisions and models have they released? That year headstart got sales but the quality of the product suffered.

    I didnt even realise how bad the failure rate was and only now is the 360 on par with the ps3.

    over 50% is disgusting and im surprised that you can even launch or sell a product with such a high failure rate.

    Its just pathetic, how come this has never been brought into the public eye before. A current gen console that is less reliable than consoles from decades ago.

    My SNES still works and its older than me

    Corporations have to much power, selling products with deliberate design faults, paying ppl money to be bias and the amount of advertising is just too much. Honestly you cant go 5 mins without seeing 360 on the tv & internet.

    other companies advertise but not to that level.

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