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Infinity Ward to ring in Next Generation with Call of Duty

by William Schwartz on January 18, 2012


According to a recent job listing by Infinity Ward, the developer responsible for the Modern Warfare franchise, they are searching for a senior animator with “an interest in working with next-generation technologies.”

Depending on how the next generation console releases pan out, this could put a next-generation Call of Duty title on store shelves by holiday 2013. Which goes hand in hand with “reasonable” predictions of when the next generation consoles will arrive.

That is considering that Activision doesn’t shake things up when it comes to the development cycle of the franchise. As it stands, Treyarch is expected to release a rumored sequel to Black Ops in 2012, but after that it’s a shot in the dark to guess where the franchise will head from there.

There are currently a lot of developer fingers in the Call of Duty pie. Sledgehammer and Raven Software both aided Infinity Ward in the development of Modern Warfare 3 after a legal mishap in 2010 left the developer with only a portion of its staff responsible for earlier games.

What better way to kick off a new generation (from a sales perspective) than to have the world’s number one selling gaming franchise available at or near launch.

While this is completely speculation at this point on our part, the job listing is real, and you can find that here.

Thanks Rob, for pointing us to the listing.

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  • Heavenswarrior121

    Lets go baby! Brand new engine and all hopefully! If this is true modern warfare 4 or what ever the new cod title might be is going to kick ass again! It should break mw3 record because its so great

    • Allen

      Call of Duty on a new console sounds awesome. But Battlefield on a new console sounds even better!

    • Cool dude

      Aww man! 64 player bonanza!!!

  • 1verce

    nah, i wnt treyarch

  • blazeup

    i’m not sure how i feel about this…….nevermind


    New consoles most likely means new engine. Awesome.

  • Dovahkiin

    They should actually wait longer than a year to release the next COD game for once,

  • counter troll ops

    @ 1verce im with you IW drops the ball to much like black ops more im sure even if the new consoles are out they will still make a watered down one for 360/ps3 hell the wii even got mw3

  • Bacon

    I also prefer treyarch since they try to fix problems as fast as possible instead of the “other” developer where they do the “oh it’s still not fixed, well F*ck You!”

  • Bacon

    So it requires new consoles to finally make a new engine??? Or is it the same with just a bit of updates and have people think its new O_o

  • Bacon

    @Allen I agree, next gen console would have bf with 64 players while the other game would still have the most 24 players lol

  • That Guy

    maybe they might actually put physics in the new engine. doubtful but i remain hopeful!

    • Josh

      Doubtful but hopeful forsure.

      Gotta love the ‘Point Click Kill’ lack of physics COD has at the moment.

    • That Guy

      im hoping that was sarcasm…

  • Cool dude

    Hopefully this new engine is improved and wont be used for rehashes again. Like this gen -_-

  • njb

    to be honest i dont care about the graphics in a Call of duty game, I like games that have different or never before seen features. Loads of games dont have a graphical edge but they beat any game hands down content and feature wise. and then their are the few games that do everything rite.

    They need somethin new. TDM is cool for a bit but then it gets old. You might as well just play some unreal or quake if you like pointless and fun gorey kills.

    New never before seen or tried systems, features and modes are welcome.

    And like you lot say 64 player matches would be nuts, it can be done now just hardly any games do it.

    Resistance and MAG on console push the boundries by gettin 60 or 256 players in a game LAG free. Homefront isnt the best lookin game but 32 players in a game.

  • njb

    What i would like to see is a community like the Demon’s souls or White Knight Chronicles ones but for a TPS or a FPS.

    Stats are ok but their are not really any decent in game CLan systems. Only game i have played that has a great Clan, event, tournament and championship system is Metal Gear Online.

    a clan tag isnt really enough, Elite isnt much different to other stats pages on games websites and battlelog is good. but maybe more in depth features like Ladders and official ranked matches between clans or freinds is needed.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Only thing cod needs to do is make new engine,add more Players to the team,way better maos then mw3,and fun new creative Perks and thats about it,

    They can always add more and more guns with no problem,but they have to permantley take out last stand,final stand,gay beat sensor,and that radar trackin bull shit


    persistent factions make any game better. Cod with persistent factions would be crazy.

  • That Guy

    just thought of this…. more players means larger maps. larger maps means more production time. its releasing on the same schedule so its not getting larger maps. meaning its gonna be even worse spawn killing or the same player count. just better graphics…. wonderful.

  • Tuck

    I’m guessing their working at a release of mw4 with xbox 720 2013. Ps3 will of course get a port, but that’s going to do some serious damage to sony

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