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iPad 3 Rumored for March announcement by Apple

by William Schwartz on February 9, 2012

According to one rumor, Apple is getting set to reveal the iPad 3 in March.  Sources at AllThingsD claim that the company will debut the successor to iPad 2 at a specially timed event in the first week of March.  The event is assumed to be held in San Franciso, but nothing has been confirmed as far as location.

So if this holds true, when will you be able to get your hands on an iPad 3?  It’s unclear, but previous announcements like these would see the next generation device hit retailers about a week or so after the announcement.

Numerous reports suggest that the next generation iPad will be similar to the iPad 2, but with a much faster chipset, and a better GPU.

Apple has declined comment on the rumors of the announcement, but with it slow close to the rumored date, we’ll likely find out soon enough.

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  • That Guy

    and yet another product put out every year with only slight changes to make a maximum profit. #ihateapple

  • iamatarget

    I had to get my son an iPad 2 for school, and I must say I hate it. No flash means many websites are useless. Open practically any program and it tells you to go to the itunes store. And its not intuitive, you have to learn how to use it. I went to a store and said to their ‘genius’ I need a cover for a five year old to take it to school, and was promptly told they only have the one because they listen to what people want and that’s it. Let’s not get into how overpriced it is, conditions for the Chinese factory workers or Steve jobs.
    This has to be the ultimate fanboy product, can’t say there’s anything I’m passionate for but these guys make me fucking spit.

  • That Guy

    yet another product thats put out yearly with only a couple changes to rake in more cash. imatarget i agree with you totally. you pretty much just described every apple product.

  • That Guy

    im pretty sure i just double posted but i cant see my own comments…

  • Allen

    ipad and really iphones; macs are totally a fad. Everyone thinks they are cool if they have iphone or ipad. Freaking rediculous; I do like my wife’s ipod touch and my work did just give me an iphone but really when you compare specs/capability PC’s can do what Macs do for 1/3 of the cost, sometimes 1/4.

    When it comes to phones I say Androids are better

    When it comes to ipod’s there really isn’t anything that can touch them, Zune is a piece of $hit

    • That Guy

      i agree.

    • That Guy1

      i agree

  • That Guy

    my comments wont show up…

  • That Guy1

    appearently i got banned or something because my comments as that guy wont post…

  • That Guy

    what… sorry for all the spam. all of my comments werent working until now.

  • William

    Sorry That Guy, error on our side. Your comments got trapped in the SPAM folder for some reason.


    I’m getting a galaxy tab 7.7 in 2 days and the main reason I chose it instead of waiting for the ipad 3 is because it has expandable storage and its smaller screen size is better for me. Also you can pretty much get any app for free but it will take them ages to jailbreak the ipad 3. I personally think the ipad is better idk why everybody hates it. Its like their jelous or something

  • Bacon

    So what is a good tablet out right now? Was gonna get the ipad2 but read in previous comment about the flash so that got me questioning my decision

    • Allen

      iPad isn’t a bad one, wasn’t trying to say that, but it is part of the fad. The only thing I like so far about ipad is the wifi version. I just don’t see the point in paying for a data plan service; especially on a tablet; wifi is everywhere. Ipad is one of the few that do have a wifi version.

    • That Guy

      android tablet. galaxy is my favorite.

    • Cool dude

      Good advert from that samsung galaxy. I saw quite a few and it made me hyped for the device. But ill buy Ipad 3 when it comes out.

  • That Guy

    @cool dude why?

    • Cool dude

      i want to try it.. why not?