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iPad, iPad Mini rumored for Summer 2012

Apple looking for a smaller version of the retina display to compete with lower priced tablets

iPad Mini rumored for Summer 2012

by | @AttackFanboy | on April 17, 2012

Rumors out of China are suggesting that Apple may be readying an iPad mini to keep competitors at bay.  Following last year’s release of Kindle Fire, the market has proven that there is certainly a demand for lower priced tablets.

The rumors suggest that Apple will scale down the current iPad offering, launching the “mini” between $249 and $299.

Multiple technology analysts have already chimed in the possibilities of a smaller tablet out of Apple, and think its a good idea from the business perspective.  According to Japanese News Site Macotakara, “Apple is working with LCD suppliers to get a 5-inch panel with a pixel density high enough to be able to call it a Retina Display.”

While these “mini” rumors are still just that, it wouldn’t be far fetched for the company to be working on a smaller tablet at a lower price point to rival its competitors.

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