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Jak and Daxter, Cole McGrath join the fight for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

by Ethan Powers on July 15, 2012

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale may very well be an unabashed Super Smash Bros. clone, but Sony and SCE Santa Monica are at least ensuring that none of your favorite PlayStation characters and franchises are left out of the fight.

It was announced today during a panel at SDCC that Cole McGrath of Infamous and Jak and Daxter will be joining in on the skirmish when PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale hits stores on October 23.

You can see from the reveal trailers below that Jak and Daxter will primarily utilize the heavy weaponry of Jak (you can catch a glimpse of the Gyro Buster and Mass Inverter in action in the trailer) while getting some help from Daxter’s shifty maneuvers. Cole on the other hand, will most likely be one of those characters that players will spam in every multiplayer match you find yourself in. His powerful lightning attacks will undoubtedly make him a threat regardless of his distance from opposing players on the map.

Check out the two character reveal trailers for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale below:

Jak and Daxter Reveal Trailer – PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Cole McGrath Reveal Trailer – PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

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  • GreenRings

    Leave it to Sony to copy Nintendo once again. I am unimpressed by the lineup of characters for this game. I was thinking about getting this, but I’ll just wait and play the new smash bros when my girlfriend gets her Wii U.

  • ragglefraggle1

    to be honest, it does feel too much of a SSB clone. I at least hope they make it a bit more mature.
    BTW GR: The wii U itself is a hypocriticle copy, considering in wii’s time nintendo was adamant the future of gaming was not in HD or power.
    BTW#2: How could you be dissapointed with sony’s character line-up in its all star game that contains it’s all stars.
    Seriously, did your mum whack you on the the head again before you typed that comment :)


    I didn’t think I would like this but the video’s look impressive to me. I like all the different maps from 2D to hellacious God of War. Cole looks invincible.


    Maybe it is a SSB clone, at least this one won’t crash n lag like SSB.

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