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Killer Instinct update adds new free character

by Jonny Hercock on January 3, 2014


Killer Instinct has received a rather large patch, almost 700MB in size. The full list of update details can be seen over on the KI forums. The biggest addition to the free to play brawler is that there is a new free character; Sabrewulf. It should be noted though that Sabrewulf, seen above is not being made free alongside Jago, he’s replacing him. This means that Jago is no longer a free playable character. Here’s a brief summary of the rest of the patch notes;

General Fixes

  • Players will now have access to play regardless of what USB port they plug a controller into.
  • Sign-in changes via Kinect will no longer erase save-data
  • Players will be able to disable toasts from the option menu (under display options)

In-Game Updates

  • Character Select option added to the pause screen of local versus
  • Command List corrected and updated
  • Game will now pause when the controller for player 2 is removed
  • Accessory menu screens updated and patched
  • Added access to the MELD from the pause screen
  • Replays library will be cleared since executable has been updated to a new version number
  • Jago’s equipped accessories now display properly while in dojo mode.

Killer Instinct Ranking-Points

Online Updates

  • General fixes have been implemented to ensure the proper user-flow for people wanting to play exhibition matches with friends.
  • RANK events (Rank-up/Rank-down), display notifications to both players prior to the start of the match.
  • The rank point distribution method has been updated (see the tables, right.)

Global Fixes

  • There were several instances where SHADOW MOVES we’re un-breakable after performing an instinct.-mode cancel With the current fix, SHADOW MOVES will be fully intractable after an instinct-mode cancel.
  • Players can now adjust block height during instinct mode activation.
  • There were several instances where certain moves labeled as “ENDERS” where unbreakable.

Is any of this good enough to make you start playing KI? Let us know in the comments section.

Say Something
  • logik893

    I have yet to download KI. I know it’s a free to play, but I havent been big on fighting games since my school days when Ultimate MK and Xmen vs SF were hitting. I did play the original KI on SNES, but it just doesnt capt my attention anymore. No fighting game does.

    • MDIGN

      You should try it, the game is VERY good. Undoubtedly the best fighting game since the glory days of the SNES and arcade rooms.

    • GK15

      It is a lot of fun. And only $20 for the full game

  • njb

    they should have just made it a full retail game instead of making it free and selling characters to you.

    Its a fuking fighting game.

    It looks cool and i wanna try it but i dont know anyone who has an Xbox One, surprising considering they alot of people i know have 360’s.

    • GK15

      Well they give you the option. If you only want a few characters they are $5 each, or you can buy the full game for $20.

      • DutchOven

        I agree, at $20 for the full game, no reason for a retail version, personally that’s the price point which determines whether I buy in store or digitally.

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