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Kinect Sales in Japan are Dismal

by Bill Hess on November 29, 2011

Kinect Sales in Japan are Dismal

Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller might be selling like gangbusters everywhere else, but in Japan, the camera is selling poorly.  According to the most recent figures, the Kinect has sold only 114,000 units through November 13th, 2011 says Andria Sang in a “Year One Progress Report“.

Andria Sang’s statistics come from the latest issue of Famitsu Xbox 360 and provided the following breakdown over the months since launch.

Kinect Sales in Japan Since Launch

  • November 2010: 27,800
  • December 2010: 43,200
  • January 2011: 14,800
  • February 2011: 5,040
  • March 2011: 3,160
  • April 2011: 2,100
  • May 2011: 1,910
  • June 2011: 3,470
  • July 2011: 2,980
  • August 2011: 2,460
  • September 2011: 1,900
  • October 2011: 3,333
  • November 2011: 1,980

As expected with such a ill-recieved first year, software sales were also fairly disappointing.

Kinect Software Sales in Japan Since Launch

  • Kinect Adventure: 114,000 (bundled with camera)
  • Forza Motorsport 4: 24,900
  • Dance Evolution: 22,400
  • Kinect Sports: 13,000
  • Your Shape Fitness Evolved: 12,300
  • Dance Central: 8,690
  • Kinectimals: 5,350
  • New Brain Training: 4,930
  • Sonic Free Riders: 4,160
  • Fighters Uncaged: 3,470

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    no shit cuz there’s just aint enough space to play

    • blazeup

      is it wrong to lol at this comment???

  • kissmyarse


  • Titan

    Ha, no doubt, living spaces are half the size there, surprised sales are not less

  • Paul

    The xbox and it’s accessories don’t sell well in japan for the same reason that the playstation can’t beat the xbox in America. The Japanese like a Japanese console, just like Americans mostly like an American owned console.

    • A113N

      Paul there’s a big difference and anyone that knows anything knows it.

      Playstation 3 sells well EVERYWHERE including the US. It just so happens that out of hundreads of thousands of consoles a week that are sold that PS3 is usually only tens of thousands behind 360 in the US.

      Where PS3 is hundreads of thousands higher than 360 overall world wide.

      It’s not like PS3 is non existant in the US like you and other xbots make it out to be. It’s actually very popoular in the US and sells really well here.

      Where as Xbox is non existant in Japan because Japanese know a lump of $hit when they see one and the Kinect is no acception.

    • Cool dude

      Paul is right you know? Xbox 360 dominates NA because it is an american company….

      Pluss, no , Ps3 doesn’t dominate the whole world… but if it makes you feel better, you can just fool yourself…


    • Paul

      Thank you Allen for being an idiot once again. Thank you for not reading my comment and then assuming that you are fixing what I said. Instead of instantly getting pissed off when you see the word “xbox” you should read the whole comment. Whats hilarious is that I never made assumptions about the PS3 not being popular, because you didn’t actually read what I wrote I will copy it here, ” just like Americans mostly like an American owned console”. Notice the word mostly? Never did I say that that the PS3 doesn’t sell in the United States, but that it is a fact that the XBOX 360 outsells it in North America. Your Welcome. Please come back again if you want to be an idiot.

    • A113n

      Whatever, you tried saying the same stupid crap as most other xbots. You act like PS3 isn’t around in the US at all, when the fact is it sells about 1/2 a million a month in the US only. Hell I’ll admit most my friends have 360 but many have PS3 and here at work PS3 owners out number 360 owners so stop lying to your self.

      The Japanese market should reflect the rest of the world IMO. The % of sales in Japan is exactly where that POS should be in the entire world.

      Why go to Xbox?

      Unless you absolutely have to have it to play with a friend or for some reason must have Halo or Gears then fine.

      Other than that I have to call you a blind moron for not doing research and hell even caring about RROD. It doesn’t take much to see that Xbox 360 is the biggest scam in gaming history. All you gotta do is compare it to what else is available.

    • Cool dude

      Did you know that ALL RROD Xbox 360 models have a 3 year warranty.

    • A113n

      And all the RDOD models only have a 1 year warranty.

      Red Dot of Death

      No Red Ring, they took the lightsout. Now you get…

      instead the Open button flashing red on the Xbox 360 slim’s now warns you that the system will automatically close to not damage the console, its nicknamed the “Red Dot of Doom” or the “Red Dot of Death.”

      Sure the reliance is better, but thiere is no proof that it’s better than 10% failure which is still well over 3 times the industry standard.

      Let me put it to you like this.

      Even at 10% and this is a BIG ASSUMPTION

      Xbox 360 has sold 57.6 Million units, that’s at least 5.76 Million bad consoles, which doesn’t even include the 5+ years of RROD 33-55% hardware failures.

      PS3 has sold at least 55.5 Million units, at under 3% hardware failure that’s only 1.66 Million bad consoles.

      then of course if you add RROD consoles, figure 40 million is where Xbox was before the slim was released that’s about 13.2 Million bad consoles (at 33%) up to 22 Million bad consoles.

      ha ha! that’s so damn funny. That sir is EPIC FAIL

    • A113n

      Actually that makes sense.

      If Xbox 360 overall bad consoles is 55% then 22 Million consoles out of 57.6 Million sold would make perfect sense.

      Seeing as how Xbox live only has 35 million members compared to PSN 65 Million.

      57.6 Million sold subtract 22 million bad = 35.6 Million still used….which match how many xbox live members there are!

    • Cool dude

      Did you know that “PSN” includes PSP, PSP Vita, Sony Online Entertainment and PS3??? Wow, no wonder you got 65 million Users… Fail

      For you to think that EVERY Xbox 360 console gamer goes online…. fail….

      Actually, they only removed the 3 year warranty as soon as the Slim came out…. HUGE FAIL…

      Did you also see the decline in Failure rates??

      2008 55%

      2009 33%

      2010 23% (Slim Release)

      2011 10% (Slim’s first year)

      2011 7-5%??

      Of course you cant…

      If you want me to stop talking about 3 year warranty, you ought to stop talking about RRODs…

      Direct quote. “Its the thing of the past” (Referring to RRODs and 3 year warranty)

    • Donky Dic

      Say what you want but the numbers seem to prove just how horrible Xbox failure rates were. Even the possibility that 20 million consoles overheated, damn dude.

      Ha ha!

      Hey, we can put it in the past but it needs to be loud and clear that Xbox took away the 3 year warranty just as soon as they could and it was done very quite.

    • Cool dude

      It was put up from 2007-Sept 2010… Long enough for me.

      And it wasnt done quietly…

      Anyway… wrong spelling bro.

  • Steve

    LoL Allen so mad that his precioius failstation is only popular in japan. Lets guess allen likes dating simulators and domo too probably. Must suck to only be able to afford one console and think that 5 dollars is an elaborate monthly expense.

    • abc

      ps3 is not only popular in japan. its popular in asia and the middle east. im not sure about europe though.

    • Hoppsy

      ps3 outsells xbox in europe FYI

    • Cool dude

      By 10,000 a week in holidays… IN HOLIDAYS…

      Not much, especially when you compare sales on a non-holiday week.

    • Donky Dic

      I can’t say I agree with that Cool Dude. Where are you getting your numbers from? I check vgchartz too and I don’t see that.

  • reality

    I’d rather see the Moves sales figures, especially since they already own it, in the form of the Wii! Maybe that Nyko zoom add-on could help, no determined, there’s still not enough space! Allen, will you ever get over yourself and your copy/paste comments? I’ve seen you do it before, briefly, can you try and continue doing it? We’ve all read your bullshit many many many many times before, enough already.

  • reality

    *nevermind, not determined, had to add nevermind to my phones dictionary, how fucked is that?

  • njb

    Allen is right.

    What do u expect. American electronics or.products dont sell.well because their.terrible. Apple products yes, but their made Lol

    • Cool dude

      Just about everything is made in China…..

      Your keyboard, your monitor, your seat… Even this comment is made in China…

    • abc

      the reason xbox dominated the us market because it had a year headstart and was much cheaper than the ps3. xbox live was never really a heavy factor. not all who bought the consoles bought it for online.

      the next gen will be a close match if they release it the same year. ill still go with sony as they have a lot of first party titles that will give its fanbase variety.

      im getting sick of shooters already.

    • Cool dude

      Next gen will be pretty close indeed.

  • Titan

    Ps3 does not dominate Europe and where are all these us sales? The majority of people I know bought a ps3 as a blu ray player. Ps3 has a much smaller gaming community in the US, maybe not in your area, but overall a lot smaller then xbox.

    • A113n

      Middle East and Europe are tied in to vgchartz numbers but typically PS3 sells up to 100,000 more units per week in that area than Xbox.

      Quit lying to your self. You Xbots keep hidding behind numbers until you lose again then all we here is.

      Sales don’t matter.

    • Cool dude

      Typically??? Im sorry but your wrong. Yes, Ps3 outsells Xbox 360 in Japan and the middle east. But not in a large margin in Europe. Quite close actually.

      It only sells that much in EU and AP/MEA because of the holiday season. Usual weekly difference is about
      10,000-20,000. Which is not much now because that Black Friday sales of Xbox 360 in NA just re-absorbed all that lead and gained some more gap.

  • Charcoal_Man

    Not surprising since the xbox doesn’t sell well there. And do to the fact they would would have to take their
    entire living room just to play it.

  • Titan

    I’d like to hear one reason why sales in Japan would benefit a US gamer, just 1 reason.

    • Cool dude

      Well…. you can play a one bar connection in Call of Duty….

    • Asia

      Jen Hawkins / As funny as it was to say, ‘Can you yeaaer me?!’ in a Welsh accent down the headset during frequent cut-offs, I am looking forward to having strong and clear chat. Hopefully some of the connectivity issues that have been springing up of late with party chat will be fixed as well.

  • Paul


    Thank you once again for proving to everyone that you are an idiot. That is all I have to say to you, plus if I write something like “PS3 is awesome!”.you will reply with “You stupid Xbox fAnboy”. You sir, are an idiot.

    • A113n

      No what you said and the way you say it makes it sound like PS3 is non existant in the US when it’s actually very popular, it just so happens to get outsold by Xbox in the US only.

    • Paul

      Did I say the PS3 was non existent in the US? No, I didn’t. You just assume it says that. Maybe you should read my comment like 7 times so you can understand it. I can’t believe how stupid in real life you actually are. I am actually starting to feel bad about calling you names because you are probably a real mentally handicapped person.

    • A113n

      Okay Paul, let’s keep up the name calling. You fking pus infected dangling butt hair. At least I can be original you piece of $hit.

      here’s your comment, for your dumb fk ass

      “The xbox and it’s accessories don’t sell well in japan for the same reason that the playstation can’t beat the xbox in America. The Japanese like a Japanese console, just like Americans mostly like an American owned console.”

      So you are saying American’s Don’t like Sony because they are Japanese? So you are denying that PS1 and PS2 are still to this day the most popular consoles in history? So you are saying that last gen when the first XBox was here and sold like only 25 million compared to Sony 150 Million that the American’s didn’t like it?

      Go fk your self.

      Many of my friends are on PS3, more of them on XBox 360. but here at work PS3 owners heavily out weigh 360 owners so you need to just STFU because you are the dumb fk.

    • Cool dude

      Are we talking about your Workplace or worldwide???

  • Heard it here first

    This proves every Japanese 360 buyer, now has a Kinect.

  • reality

    Ever stop and think the 3yr warranty was removed because the RROD (the reason why the 3yr warranty even existed) is no longer an issue? Go to any store and tell me what model is available brand new, I’ll answer that for you, the slim line, you know the model that doesn’t have a RROD problem. Also, the slim will never RROD because it has a safety feature that shuts the system down before it gets hot enough to do any damage. So, do you understand now why there is no 3yr warranty anymore? Even the PS3 has a 1yr warranty, unless you spend what, $55 for an extension!

  • reality

    If you’re gonna talk shit, know what you’re talking about first, research is your friend.

  • Wisdom

    JUst to inform anyone who doesn’t know, the xbox 360 is no longer sold in japan i think they pulled it for good 1 and a half years ago. You can only buy used ones and kinects here now. And I beleive the world wide selll rate for concoles goes wii, ps3, then xbox 360. Even though 360 is 2nd place in america in europe we like wiis and ps3 better same with the asian market. This happens with many microsoft products. Japan loves apple products and there is a stronger mac presence there then most country’s compared to japan. Also if you think windows phone 7 does not existent in america ( only 2% market share) it basically does not exist in asia. Microsoft is only an extremely strong company in america. the only international products the do very amazing are there office suite.

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